Tantan Token Review: Scam alerts after investigation


What is Tantan Token

Tantan Token claimed to be Founded in 2014, also claimed that it is designed to cater to the needs of millennials. To solve the dilemma within the contemporary dating scene, which was the lack of platforms, has always been its core concept.

Tantan saw and captured this opportunity. Over 1 billion users encounter each other, and 10 million matches are taking place daily on Tantan. To generate wealth for the dev team, whales, and a lucky few. Maybe you! But probably not).

How True Are Tantan Token Claims

With the ongoing rave of cryptocurrency and the defi (decentralized finance) world, it is obvious that a lot of tricky formats that look legal are now used to scam individuals of their hard-earned money due to the fact that they have little to no knowledge of cryptocurrency or defi.

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This is linked to the Telegram Airdrops, Presale Token, and ICO scams. This is basically what they do.

They create a token that is of no value under coin blockchain, and then they launch a telegram airdrop to market the token they have created, at times they go ahead to buy an ICO (initial coin offering), design a site, and start marketing and selling their token to the public promising them that they will become multi rich when their airdrop is over, and they will get listed on exchange platform so that they can then sell off their presale token for profit.

You might have to be a victim of this scam scheme, or you might have escaped it. ‘They will provide raw facts to prove to you that their token is legal, and will soon explode in the market. All Trash.

Any token that is not listed on the following top crypto market cap below is not worth investing in, and they are:

  • Coinmarketcap.com
  • Coingecko.com

Top 3 Reasons Tantan Token is a Scam

  1. Fake Partnership Claims

On their official website, they claim a partnership deal with the following big companies and market leaders:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Binance
  • Visa
  • Craig Wright
  • Warren Buffet

But then, these are false partnership claims, as their token is not even listed in finance, has no value, and cannot be traded.

2. Anonymous CEO and Team

Will you invest in a project where the founders are unknown, I guess not. The list of the team that they displayed on their official site is not traceable and has no existing profile of who they are, and that alone shows that for the fact they fight to be anonymous there’s every tendency they are up to something negative.

3. No Official Company Location

They provided no location or office or whereabouts of who they are and how to get in touch with them. And that means they are keeping no trace so as when the evil deed is done, they cannot be tracked.


70% of cryptocurrency and defi scams are linked to telegram airdrops and presale, and due to the lack of knowledge of individuals, they fall gravely for it.

If a company wants to run an airdrop they don’t use a telegram bot, rather they use their official platform.

Moreover, the risk of buying a presale token is high because the future cannot be predicted.


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