Tiktok Launches Anti-bullying Feature

Tiktok have joined Twitter as one of few social media platforms to sport an anti-bullying feature, the company has announced.

The video-sharing app whose major users are below the age of 20, have seen calls in recent times to amplify, tighten and enforce regulatory rules that would mitigate or outrightly prevent the verbal abuse of these young ones.

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In compliance with this warnings and pleas, Tiktok has launched a feature that will urge users to reconsider sending a post as it might contain words that are abusive and could violate TikTok’s community guidelines.

Creating a safe and positive app environment that allows creative expression to thrive is our priority. We’ll continue to strengthen our safeguards for users, build tools that provide people with more control to shape their experience, and keep listening to feedback from our community and experts,” the official statement said.

Other platforms like Reddit also boast a similar feature.

Scientists Invent Camera That Can be Swallowed To Find Tumours

Scientists, researchers and doctors in England have colluded to create an ingestible pill-sized camera called PillCam. The tiny camera will help doctors find bowel tumours without the need for invasive medical procedures involving the use of tubes.

The invention, encased in a pill for easy ingestion, will be trialled on 11,000 patients across the British colony spread over 40 areas of the country.

Every year in England, we diagnose around 42,000 people with bowel cancer, that’s more than 100 people a day,” says NHS clinical director for cancer, Professor Peter Johnson, who expresses optimism that the technology can save lives.

We think that this camera test might be a better option than waiting for a normal colonoscopy,” he added.


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