Startups in Nigeria? 10 Nigerian Startups To Watch Out For In 2020

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Startups in Nigeria  simply refer to a  newly established business. Starting up a business presents a lot of risks and challenges to everyone especially young entrepreneurs, but generally, it provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to express themselves through the product they built and also network with like minds in the field. However, they are still few important reasons why some startup fails.
It is no longer news that new businesses require a great start. For this reason, techcrude has designed the following top 10  Nigerian startup to watch out in 2020 .
With that bee said, lets get down to the bras tacks,Startups in Nigeria? 10 Nigerian Startups To Watch Out For In 2020

  1. EDEN

Give your office a more defined and better look with Eden startup. Eden comes with lots of amazing services like regular scheduled cleaning hours both daytime and night time, they help with IT support like WIFI network management, A/V, conference room setup and even computer troubles.
They also sort out anything involving handyman services like painting, cabling and many more services. With Eden startup, you can save time and money and enjoy a comfortable workplace.


The ULESSON is a superior academic achievement and mastery startups in Nigeria. It is an education product that is very useful for student, the product helps students to get good results in courses like mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry for senior schools and it helps in preparations for WAEC, JAMB and NECO exams.
This startup helps you get high-resolution video lessons easily at low data costs. It also has a vast library of video lessons, quizzes, and exams by academic experts to make learning more effective.

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Gradely is a good startup  in Nigeria for children,which enables them  to be prepared for future examinations to guarantee their success. Gradely focuses on helping children learn and using technology to build them academically.
Gradely is a good startup to give your child a competitive edge in school, it helps improve your child’s academic performance in class and globally.


Overwood capital is an investment startups in Nigeria that provides a safe, high yield investment. They focus mainly on fund safety, they are sure and guarantee fund safety as their most important principle.
They help their members get to make more money by; pooling funds together with investment at a minimum of NGN100, 000, then they negotiate their investment products in our market and select the best product for their investment pool. Overwood capital is the best startup for new investors.


A ReQuid technology is a good startup for agro investment. They manage all investment portfolios with the option of liquidating at any time.
ReQuid technologies give up to 60% cumulative returns on all your investment annually and watch your wealth grow.
With ReQuid technology you do not have to worry about having funds because you can start an investment with as low as NGN5000. ReQuid is the best investment choice for agro investors.


The is an investment startups in Nigeria that helps you access multiple investment opportunities.
It also creates a flexible payment method for people outside Nigeria, allowing you to make payments from any country without boundaries. With, you can earn high yield interest of up to 18% on investment and 22% on agriculture.


Bamboo is also an investment startup that allows Nigerians to grow their money without having to worry about the currency fluctuation.
It provides a platform that allows Nigerians access and makes investments in the foreign and local markets.
Bamboo is a top 10 best investment startup though it is majorly on foreign markets, it gives Nigerians the opportunity to invest and grow money.

  1. CHAKA

With Chaka, you can invest in global stock with any amount of money no matter how little. Chaka has no investment barriers, they trade and invest in over 40 countries giving access to stocks listed both locally (Nigeria) and foreign (US) stock exchange.
Chaka is locally regulated through a locally licensed brokerage firm that’s fully registered with Nigerian stock exchange and it is also internationally regulated through a US brokerage firm (FINRA).


Vinsighte is a digital health startup that makes you of modern and improved technology helps live a better and more comfortable life.
They have guiding aids that sense obstacles ahead and alerting visually impaired members.
They also have other important products like smart reading glasses that help visually impaired users in reading conveniently by converting the texts in the book to audio words for easy accessibility. The vinsighte is a good startup for people focused on eye treatment.


If you are running a transport business then wemove is the best startup plan for you. They offer whatever type of vehicle you need whether if you are moving people or goods.
They have a growing variety of vehicles to choose from and the bargain is according to your budget with a very flexible and convenient payment rate.


There are so many other startups in Nigeria you can be a part of in 2020, apart from leaning and more, startups are easy money making techniques you can try out yearly should you have the funds.


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