Star-clicks is a trusted pay-to-click platform which makes the idea of online money making a lot easy.

The pay-to-click (PTC) platform has been around for over 10 years, making it one of the most reliable players in the PTC industry.

Although Starclick’s free plan comes with a rather paltry earning potential, you’ll likely make success with the platform’s fee-inclusive packages.

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Besides being an easy-to-use and legit PTC platform, Star-clicks boasts a pretty number of attractive features including the support for several payment methods and the availability of a referral program.

As an avid lover of platforms that let you make money from clicking ads, odds are that you’ll want to learn more about Star-clicks. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely find this post handy for what you need to know about the PTC platform.

How to Sign up for Star-clicks


At the point of Star-clicks registration, you’ll have to select either of two account types –Publisher and Advertiser. Ultimately, the account type you’ll find suitable depends on what you want to do with Star-clicks. You may want to publicize your product on the platform or simply tap into the platform’s monetization opportunity.

While the “Advertiser” account type lets you publicize your product on Star-clicks, “Publisher” gives you a pretty shot at making money on the platform.

To dive into Star-clicks’ registration, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the official website of Star-clciks via this link.
  • After landing on the site’s homepage, navigate to the menu bar and tap the Sign-up button there.
  • The page that emerges next is the registration page where you have to choose one of the two account types –“Advertiser” and “Publisher”
  • After specifying your choice of account type, you’ll be provided with input fields. For your sign-up to be successful, do well to supply all the required personal information.

Making Money with Starclicks

Starclicks Reviews is legit or scam Registration Login

Making money is most likely the reason why you want to sign up for Star-clicks. While it should interest you that making money with Star-clicks is very possible, the idea might not turn out as exciting as you may have thought.

For the most part, what you must know is that Star-clicks offers three membership packages, notably Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. Silver is the free package while the duo of Gold and Platinum are paid for.

Expectedly, the paid-for packages will avail you the opportunity to earn pretty well on Star-clicks. But if the free (Silver) package is all you can opt for, note that you won’t have access to HTML code ads. With this, your only chance of earning is to click ads for which you earn as little as $0.01 per click. What your earning potential implies is $1 per 100 clicks. And frankly enough, having to give 100 clicks in return for a paltry $1 is no child’s play.

The Silver (base) package would not seem like an attractive monetization option especially if you’re hell bent on making decent money very quickly.

To boost your earning potential, you definitely need to upgrade to either of the fee-inclusive packages. For example, the Gold package lets you earn between $0.70 and $1.40 from clicking ads daily. This, clearly, is a better earning potential compared to the $0.04-$0.12 earning potential available in the Silver (free) package. Also, the fee-inclusive packages are an opportunity for you to access HTML code ads.

Interestingly, HTML code ads are another way of making money on Starclicks. Provided you’ve got a blog or website and upgraded to a paid-for package, you’re well in the position to make money from HTML code ads. Placing the ads on your website is all you need to monetize them.

We might not be in the best position to tell if Starclicks’ monetization opportunity is befitting enough. But digesting the information we’ve provided about the platform’s monetization opportunity, you should be able to deduce if it’s really what you’re looking for.

Advertising on Starclicks –Is This a Good Idea?

Earlier in this review, we clarified that Star-clicks offers two account types. If you’re choosing the “Advertiser” account type, you’re perhaps convinced that advertising your product/service is all you need Star-clicks for.

We are not in the best position to tell if advertising on Star-clicks is really worth it. But before you opt to advertise on the platform, you must note that majority of the people using the platform are not there to see your product/service ads. As a matter of fact, they only want to click ads and earn as much money as they can.

It doesn’t seem like you’ll get reasonable traffic from placing your ads on Star-clicks.

How to Create a Verified (Publisher) Star-clicks Account

  • Visit the link here to access the official website of Star-clicks
  • Select the SIGN UP option on the homepage
  • You’ll find two SIGN UP buttons –one for the Publisher and the other for the Advertiser
  • Since you’re opting to use Star-clicks as a publisher, click the PUBLISHER SIGN UP button
  • Fill in your details in the input fields provided
  • Click the Submit button

At this point, you’ve created a Publisher Star-clicks account. You’ll have to follow the instructions below to get the account activated:

  • Select the Send Activation Email option in order to get your activation link delivered to your email
  • Subsequently, select Activate Account Now
  • A login page emerges next and requests that you input your email address and your password
  • Once the login is successful, Star-clicks will let you access your account dashboard
  • For the verification process, you’ll have to navigate to the left-hand corner of your account dashboard and select the Phone Verification option
  • The emerging page requires you to specify your country and input your mobile number (this is the phone number you’re using for the verification)
  • To get your verification code delivered to the provided mobile number, simply tap the Send Me Verification Code option
  • Input the code in the input field tagged Verification Code
  • To complete the verification process, select the Verify button

Star-clicks Referral Program

The referral program of Star-clicks is a specialized way you can make money on Star-clicks. If you fancy the idea of marketing the pay-to-click platform to others, you’re pretty certain to make money each time your referral signs up for the platform and upgrades to the Gold and Platinum packages.

The breakdown of your referral earnings is as follows: $0.08 when a referral signs up, $5 when the referral upgrades to the Gold package and lastly $10 bonus when the referral upgrades to the Platinum package.

Why Star-clicks Is Not a Scam

There’s certainly a good deal of evidence that substantiates the legitimacy of Starclicks.

If you’re worried about Star-clicks’ legitimacy, you’ll likely want to know if the platform is duly registered. You’ll also want to know if there’s any information about the brain(s) behind the platform.

Luckily, Star-clicks is a registered company launched as far back as 2008. Under the management of a duly registered British company, Easy Logic UK Limited, Star-clicks has been operating smoothly for years. Also, veritable information about Starclicks’ owner(s) can be found at the bottom of any page of the Starclicks website.


There’s no denying that Star-clicks is a legit pay-to-click platform but if you must make any reasonable success with the platform, you really need to upgrade to one of its fee-inclusive packages

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