Spyic Review 2021: All You Need To Know Before Using It

Spyic Review 2021

Searching for excellent and reliable spy apps these days whether for Android or iOS can be tricky given the fact there are so many out there.

With commercials always looking at the rosy parts, it’s hard to know which gives the better service unless you try them out one after the other – we obviously shouldn’t do that, its clearly waste of time and money.

In this review I will analyse Spyic cell phone spying services and conclude if it’s worth all the hype or just an average spy services provider.

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 Spyic Overview

Spyic is a remote surveillance and control program. Majority of users are parents looking to keep tabs on their children. It can also be used for employee supervision purposes. The service allow monitoring of all activities taking place on the targeted Android or iOS device.

Think of it as a digital baby sitter if you like, it can be used to monitor the activities on a targeted device from anywhere in the world provided there is consistent online access.

With currently over 5 million users worldwide, Spyic is no doubt the leading brand in the cell phone monitoring business. Being able to render its service effectively without requiring root or jailbreak of the targeted device makes Spyic a much better option over competitors.

How Does Spyic Work

Spyic uses a web-based tracking system. This means that you can track your targeted Android or iOS device from any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world by simply logging into your dashboard with a browser.

This removes all the stress of using an app and having to install it on every device you want to use to access your dashboard.

How Is Spyic set up

Being a web-based tracking system, set up is quite easy to set up, and no technical knowledge is required. Just sign up, and follow some the simple setup guide. Although, the process of setting up Android and iOS devices is a little different.

For Android devices, physical access to the targeted device is required. A 2MB app will be downloaded and installed on the device, and you can choose stealth mode to make the app completely invisible to the phone user. After installation, log in to your dashboard remotely, and you’re ready.

For iOS no physical access to the targeted device is required. You just have to confirm the iCloud details of the targeted device, log into your dashboard and you’re ready to go.

Spyic Features

Spyic currently have over 25 features supported on its service a few of them are listed below:

  • Call Logs

The service gives users access to call log details on the targeted device including timestamps to who is calling and when. It is also designed to show people frequently contacted on the device being monitored, and info such as names and numbers of the contacts are displayed.

It’s real useful for a parent that needs to know the kind of people their child has been talking to.

  • Messages

Spyic gives users complete access to text message or iMessage on targeted device. You are able to read sent and received messages, including the deleted ones. Multimedia files sent with messages can also be viewed and downloaded if needed.

  • Location

Of course what’s the use of a surveillance system if I don’t have access to location. Spyic gives real time location info on the device being monitored using the phone’s inbuilt GPS. All tracking activities are totally discreet so, the cell phone user doesn’t know he/she is being monitored. 3D street view is also supported for increased accuracy.

  • Geofense

Spyic let’s you mark out forbidden zones on the map on your dashboard, this gives you an alert whenever there’s a trespass in reality. It’s a safe and reliable way of knowing if your child is going to areas that might bring potential harm to him.

  • Key logger

The service supports an amazing feature know as ”key logger”. This feature records all key strokes made by the keyboard on apps on the device. This way nothing of your child is ever hidden from you, as you’ll be able to see everything he’s typed, if he has a problem he shared with his online diary you would know. It is also used by firms to have access to login credentials of an employee.

Pricing And Affordability

The price for acquiring Spyic is somewhat fare, and so, you won’t have to spend a fortune before you can use the service. Subscription plans for each OS is structured in such a way that you’re able to save money when you subscribe for longer periods. They have a return policy, so if things goes south, you can cut your losses – I doubt it will though.


On final analysis, Spyic merits all the hypes it’s getting. Compared with other phone monitoring services out there, Spyic gives maximum value for money. I suggest you give it a shot.


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