Specta Loan Application And Interest Rate

If you are looking for where to get instant online loans in Nigeria, one of the platforms to tryout is Spectra. The Spectra loan was created to enable people to get access to loans and credit facilities with ease.

Specta has lots of loan offers, plans and packages. In this post, we will look into everything about the Specta loan including the loan application, requirements, interest rates, repayment schedule, contact details and more.

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Virtually everyone is in need of money for different purposes; you could be looking for money to pay your house/shop rent, pay your child’s school/tuition fees, start a business etc. Financial experts have noted that getting capital for a business startup is one of the challenges of doing business in African countries including Nigeria.

Irrespective of how much you need, Specta allows you to get loans quick in a matter of minutes. Also, the company claims to give out loans as high as N5,000,000 (five million naira).

Loan Offer

Specta has lots of loan offers that would interest you. The following are the available Specta offers;

  1. Personal Loan: This loan was created to help you get cash to sort out your personal financial problems and needs.
  2. Education Loan: This package is handy for any student or parent looking for money for educational/schooling purposes.
  3. Wedding Loan: Money shouldn’t be a problem for you at the period of getting married to the love of your life. This loan offer gives you cash to plan your wedding ceremony.
  4. Personal Project Loan: This offer was made for those who have a personal project such as house construction, business startup/expansion.
  5. Medical Bill: If you or a member of your family is stranded in the hospital due to medical bills, then you should consider this loan offer.
  6. Holiday Loan: This loan offer provides you with money to fund your holiday trips, travel ticket, hotel reservation etc.
  7. Rent Loan: If you are experiencing difficulty in raising cash to get good accommodation, the rent loan offer will be of help to you.
  8. Payday Loan: This loan offer was created for salary earners in mind. This system of this loan works depending on how much you earn as an employee, staff or salary earner. Also, it is a short-term loan which is valid for 30 days.
  • SpectaBasic – This offer is strictly made for employees and salary earners. Salary workers can get over N5,000,000 and pay in 4 years with this offer.
  • SpectaPrime – This package is made for people to get a share by ending money to other people.
  • SpectaXtreme – It is made for everyone regardless of work or profession. You can borrow over 2 million naira with a maximum tenor of 12 months.
  • Specta Allawee – This package provides NYSC members with cash to fund their projects.
  • Specta Quick Cash – This loan is given to individuals based on transactions.

How To Apply

  • Visit the website at www.myspecta.com
  • Check for the loan offer that suits you.
  • Click on ‘Start application’ just below the loan package you wish to apply for.
  • Enter the correct details and fill the forms correctly.
  • Your application will be checked, once you’re approved, your account will be credited.

Interest Rate

The interest rate of Specta Loans isn’t fixed, it varies from time to time depending on the loan offer you applied for. However, it ranges from 20%-30% per annum.

How To Repay

When it’s time to repay, Specta automatically deducts the amount from your monthly salary. Nonetheless, you can pay back the loan before the repayment date.

Contact Details

Specta is a brainchild of Sterling Bank Plc, you can visit any Sterling Bank near you to know more. You can contact the Specta Loan platform on 08170852815 or 08170852820.

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