Social Studies Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Social Studies Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students.

SUBJECT:      Social Studies      


  1. Social studies examines man in his physical and social environment as well as the effects of science and technology on him. (a) false (b) true (c) often
  2. Man uses _______ and ________ things in his environments (a) man-made and natural (b) artificial and natural (c) physical and social thing
  3. Social studies is related with the following except __________ (a) political science (b) chemistry (c) sociology
  4. All of these are the different ways of learning social studies except _______ (a) textbooks (b) listening to radio and (c) writing to news paper
  5. How people can co-operate together, reasons for paying tax, reasons for obeying law, how to live in peace etc. These are _________ of social studies (a) areas of coverage (b) reasons (c) all the above
  6. The two types of environment are (a) physical environment and social environment (b) man made and natural environment (c) none of these
  7. One of these is not a features of physical environment (a) forest (b) weather (c) mountains
  8. Physical environment consist of high land and low land. (a) true (b) false (c) none of these
  9. Iron, gold, salt, tinore, columbite, coal, crude oil, limestone etc are called ________ (a) natural elements (b) natural resources (c) physical environment
  10. __________ is not a types of settlement (a) urban settlement (b) rural settlement (c) houses
  11. A place with buildings where people live is called a _________ (a) residential homes (b) settlement (c) houses
  12. The natural and artificial problems affecting man and animals in their environment is referred to as ________ (a) environmental problems (b) earthquake (c) pollution
  13. Which of these is natural environmental problem (a) deforestation (b) earthquake (c) pollution
  14. Which of these is an artificial environmental problem (a) sewage disposal (b) erosion (c) drought
  15. One of these is not a cause of environmental problems (a) nature (b) incessant down pour of rain (c) none of the above
  16. Loss of life and property, degradation of environment, loss of agricultural land. All these are called ______ (a) purpose of environmental problems (b) effects of environmental problems (c) causes of environmental problems.
  17. The social group is made up of __________ and _________ group. (a) primary and secondary (b) elementary and complex group (c) no idea
  18. Family, kinship, peer group, age grades etc are _________ social group (a) secondary (b) primary (c) primary-secondary
  19. The bilateral and unilateral are of ________ (a) family (b) kinship (c) agegrade
  20. Riot, fighting, social instability, lack of peace etc are effects of _______ (a) conflicts (b) problems (c) discrimination
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SECTION B – Answer any three Questions

1a.     What is social environment?

  1. List two examples of primary group
  2. Mention 3 functions of a family

2a.     What is conflict?

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  1. State five effects of conflicts
  2. Enumerate 4 resolution of conflict

3a.     What is safety?

  1. List 4 safety measures in the home
  2. State 4 safety measures in school.

4a.     What is environmental problems?

  1. What is environment?
  2. Mention 5 natural resources found in Nigeria

5a.     What is settlement?

  1. Mention 5 environmental problems
  2. Mention 2 types of settlement and give a brief explanation on each


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