How To Create Skrill Account

How To Create Skrill Account, Fund & Withdraw From Your Skrill Account, Buy And Sell Skrill Funds In Nigeria

Welcome to mireobe network, In today’s guide I will be showing you guys How To Create Skrill Account in Nigeria, Fund it &  make Withdrawal From Your Skrill Account, as well as  Buy And Sell Skrill Funds In Nigeria without any hitch.

However, if you’re still curious on the significance of Skrill account opening in Nigeria, kindly have a look at this article on the pros and cons of skrill accounts

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If you’re familiar with PayPal, it’s very likely that you have heard one or two things about Skrill being a nice alternative to it. Here is How To Open (Verified) Cash App In Nigeria.

Well, it’s nothing short of the truth that Skrill is a great payment system you can use in place of the widely acclaimed PayPal. Interestingly, Skrill is available to about 200 countries (including Nigeria) and its online wallet is generously compatible with 40 different currencies of the world.

Whether you’re an e-commerce agent or a member of an organization that deals with foreign clients, you can expect to make a great deal of success using Skrill for international transactions.

If you’d like to learn more about Skrill, particularly how to create a Skrill account, fund the account and withdraw funds from it, do well to continue reading this article till the concluding line.

How to Create a Skrill Account

How To Create Skrill Account

  • Click the link here to visit the official website of Skrill
  • On the homepage of the Skrill website, locate the Sign Up button and click it
  • Provide all the requested sign-up details –email, password, etc.
  • Fill necessary details in the provided account creation form as outlined below:
      • Specify the account type of your Skrill wallet –personal or business (account)
      • Specify your country of residence –you should specify Nigeria in the appropriate field
      • Specify your currency. Although you’re creating the account from Nigeria, USD is the currency you’ll have to specify in the “currency” field so as to avoid being charged for transactions done in dollars. Of course, choosing USD is best for you if you’ll be making transfers in dollars but if otherwise, you may choose a different currency. Advisably, take time to contemplate the actual currency you can satisfactorily use for your Skrill transactions. This is because after creating your Skrill account, you’ll not be allowed to change from the registered currency to a new one
      • Input English in the language field
      • Input your personal details appropriately. You’ll see the fields for such personal details as First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City and Postcode (Ensure all the details are correctly entered as you could be required to provide your scanned identification and utility bill for the verification of your name and address)
      • Input your phone number in the relevant field
      • Hit the relevant box to confirm that you are not a robot
      • Hit the “agree” button to certify that you’re satisfied with Skrill’s terms and conditions
      • Lastly, click the button open account


 How to Fund Your Skrill Account

Before funding your Skrill account, note that you’ll be charged an average of 5.6% of the amount you’re uploading to the account. Depending on the platform you’re using, that charge may vary. Also, Skrill charges you 1% of your deposit in any attempt to deposit fund into your Skrill account.

With the above information noted, you may follow the instructions below to easily fund your Skrill account:

  • Sign into your Skrill account via the mobile app (provided that you’ve downloaded it) or the Skrill website
  • Input your (Visa) card details in the relevant fields and specify the amount you wish to load into your Skrill account
  • Click the button upload fund
  • Subsequently, you’ll be sent an OTP which you should fill in the form you’ll see

How to Withdraw Funds from Your Skrill Account

  • Sign in to your Skrill account via the mobile app or the Skrill website (as the case may be)
  • Click the withdrawal option and input your card details. Make sure you card details are saved instantly
  • Specify your withdrawal amount and withdraw

♥Types of Skrill Account when Opening and account

-Personal Skrill Account

Just as the name implies, this type of Skrill Account is opened by individuals that wants to keep it simple.

With the Personal Account, you can;

  • Send and receive money around the World.
  • Shop online
  • Buy Crptocurrency
  • And other basic functions.

Business Skrill Account

Unlike the Personal Skrill Account, the Business Account is mostly used by Companies to perform Online Transactions.

In addition to that, you can also carry out  large transactions with the Business Account, compared to the Personal Account.

And to apply for this type of Skrill Account, you would need the following;

  • A scanned copy of a valid means of Identification.
  • A copy of your Utility Bill, for the last three months.

Now, let us look at the Pros and Cons of opening a Skrill Account in Nigeria, so as to help you make your next set of decisions.

Pros Of The Skrill Account

As one of the most popular payment gateways in the world, Skrill;

  • Makes payment processing look very easy. It provides diverse payment options, such as credit cards, email transactions, and even cash.
  • Allows you to transact in about 40 currencies around the World.
  • Provides one of the highest levels of security and transparency, for each transaction.
  • Allows user to easily open an account at the Skrill website, while getting assistance from their customer care service.
  • Allows users to easily make cash withdrawals from ATMs.

Cons Of The Skrill Account

There are also some downsides, when it comes to using Skrill.

They include;

  • Users with inactive accounts would have to pay a fee of €3 every month.
  • Non-VIP Members are limited to a withdrawal amount of €900, while Bronze and Silver Accounts are limited to withdrawing €1200 and €1500 respectively.

If further limitations would be placed on the Skrill Account, both for Nigerian Users and beyond, this page would be updated to keep you informed.

However, if the Cons would not pose  any challenge to you, then visit the official website of Skrill  via, to create your Skrill Account.

FAQS About Skrill account

Does Skrill accept Nigeria?

Yes. It is available to use by residents of Nigeria.

How do I deposit money into my Skrill account?

You can deposit either with your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit – or with your bank account by wire transfer.

How long does it take to transfer money from Skrill to a bank account?

If you withdraw via wire transfer (SWIFT), this will take between 2 and 7 business days depending on your bank.

How much can I withdraw from Skrill?

Considering the fees, it is a good idea to keep your withdrawals to a minimum of $100.

How can I receive money from Nigeria?

You can receive money from other Skrill users either by having them send money to you directly or through a cart on your website.

Can I use Skrill without a bank?

Yes, you can but it is a better experience to use it with a bank account.

Which cards are accepted by Skrill?

Skrill accepts Mastercard and Visa cards.

Is Skrill better than PayPal?

This is subjective and depends on the use-case.

How do I get a Skrill Mastercard?

This is available to residents of Europe only.

How can I withdraw money from Skrill to Mastercard?

You can only withdraw to supported Visa cards.


Just as it is with many other acclaimed international payment gateways, using Skrill may appear complicated to you at first. Nonetheless, Skrill is not only an excellent payment gateway but also a reliable substitute for PayPal.

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