How to Signup Yahoo Mail Email fast in 2021

Yahoo Signup

Yahoo Mail was launched in 1997 by the American parent company, Yahoo, as an email service provider. Today, Yahoo Mail has about 250 million users around the world. In this guide, I will show you how to signup yahoo mail account very fast without any itch.

With the advent of other email service providers like Google mail, Yahoo mail was severed in many parts of the world. They lost their popularity, hence losing their grounds a bit. Be that as it may, Yahoo mail has not lost their savour.

So if you are wondering how you can create a Yahoo Mail account, I have given you all you will need to know about that. It involves simple steps which will only take you few minutes, say 5 minutes.

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Steps to Create Yahoo email account fast

  • Open your browser and move to the Yahoo Mail home page via
  • Click the “Mail” button located at the top left corner of the page
  • On the “Sign In” page to which you will be taken, click on the “Create Account” button which is located below the page.
  • Now input your name to generate your username. Your username must be a unique one, so with the name you have given Yahoo,
  • there will be a generation of some available usernames. You may need to select from the list of available usernames.
  • Complete the following fields with the right information and click the “Create Account” button to complete the process.
  • When your registration is successful, you will get a congratulatory message acknowledging your successful registration.

Why Use Yahoomail?

Today there are many mail service providers, with Google Mail almost taking the entire cut. Even in that situation, there are still reasons users prefer Yahoo Mail. These advantages of Yahoo Mail have made it stand out over time.

-Using Yahoo mail, you can access your mail any time you want with any computer or mobile phone; all you need to log in is your login password and your mail address.

-Sometimes when you want to attach files on some mails and you cannot because the file size is beyond the permitted size. But on Yahoo mail, you can attach a file up to 2 GB.

-Yahoo also gives unlimited file storage space, unlike some email providers which designate a specific storage space for users.
For a proper organization of your mail, Yahoo mail allows you the Folder feature which can enable you to organize your mails accordingly.

Steps to Reset Yahoomail Password

Yes, it is human to forget the password to your mail. From this understanding, Yahoo has got you covered because you can actually reset it. Follow the steps below to reset your Yahoo Mail password:

  • Log on to Yahoo Mail sign-in page via
  • Enter your mail address and click on “Next”
  • Where you are supposed to input your password, click “Forgot Password”
  • Input the phone number with which you registered your account with.
  • A verification code will be sent to the phone number. You will be required to enter the code and verify it.
  • Go ahead to change your password after the verification has been confirmed.


You must be convinced now how you can sign up for Yahoo Mail fast and why you should consider having an account anyway. If you have any questions or difficulty at any point, we just a comment away from you.


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