is a service for making money through URL link shortening. Prettily, it has been described as the best-paying URL link shortener.

You may have come across or used several URL link shorteners but it’s possible that they haven’t got the features you’re looking for.

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Besides allowing you to monetize link shortening, Shrinkme boasts a decent number of features which you’d like to enjoy.

This post is an honest review of and therefore, it succinctly spells out the pros and the cons associated with the link shortening service.

How to Sign up for Shrinkme

Signing up for Shrinkme isn’t any difficult. All you need is accessing its signup page via the link here. While on the page, you should provide all the required signup details. With that done, you’ll be sent instant approval email.

Basically you get started with in 3 steps, the screenshot below will explain better;


What Are the Supported Payment Options?

Shrinkme offers a pretty range of payment options with each option having its minimum payout. Below is a list of Shrinkme’s payment options and their minimum payouts:

  1. Payeer ($10)
  2. Paytm ($5)
  3. PayPal ($5)
  4. PhonePe ($5)
  5. Bank Transfer ($20)
  6. Bitcoin (0.0005 BTC)
  7. UPI ($5)
  8. Ripple ($15)
  9. Litecoin (0.03 LTC)
  10. Skrill ($10)

While Shrinkme’s payments are made after members’ requests for the payments, Shrinkme offers a decent rate between $2.50 and $22. Put simply, you stand the chance to earn as much as $22 for every 1,000 views that your shortened link generates.

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However, you should note that Shrinkme’s rates vary by country publishers as outlined in the table below:

United States$10$9
All-country deal$3$2.75
Saudi Arabia$6$6
Russian Federation$2.60$2.50
United Kingdom$7$7
New Zealand$6$6

Shrinkme’s Tools for URL Shortening

Shrinkme does provide a decent number of URL shortening tools that you can conveniently access after signing up for Shrinkme. Following your signup, the URL shortening tools you’ll find in your dashboard are as follows:

  1. Full page script
  2. Quick link
  3. Bookmarklet
  4. Developers API
  5. Mass Shrinker

How to Make a Withdrawal on Shrinkme

  • Explore the Menu of your Shrinkme account
  • Enter Settings and then Profile
  • Select Withdrawal Method
  • Select Withdrawal Account Detail
  • Tap the Submit button
  • Return to the Menu
  • Under Menu, select Withdraw


Note: You must have earned at least $5 before you can initiate a withdrawal on Shrinkme. Meanwhile, Shrinkme delivers your requested payout within 24 hours. The delivery time may vary depending on the payment option. In the case of PhonePe, you could get your payout within 2 hours.


About Shrinkme’s Referral Program

A referral program is something many prospective Shrinkme members would be looking forward to. With such a program, it is meant that you can make money by referring people to Shrinkme. On each of your Shrinkme referrals, you’re entitled to a commission of 20%.

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Frankly, referrals are a great way you can make money on Shrinkme in addition to the shortening of links.


How to Refer People to Shrinkme

You can easily refer friends, relatives, etc., to Shrinkme and make money in return for your referrals. Interestingly, Shrinkme pays you as much as 20% of your referral’s earnings. Here’s how you can refer others to Shrinkme:

  • Head to the Menu tab of your Shrinkme account
  • Under the tab, select the option Referrals (Doing this lets you see your referral link)
  • Copy the link and share it to your social media handles or anyone you wish to refer to Shrinkme

Pros of

  • You can select from a good deal of payment options. There’s a high likelihood that you’ll find a payment option that is best suited for you
  • You only need as little as $1 to sign up for Shrinkme
  • Shrinkme’s threshold for payment withdrawal is relatively low: you really don’t have to wait for too long (probably to have sufficient earnings) before you can initiate a withdrawal
  • Shrinkme does offer a referral program which is an additional way to make money with the link shortening network
  • Shrinkme lets you monitor your real-time performance
  • The link shortening network allows you to make withdrawals daily

Cons of

Shrinkme may have proven to be an excellent link shortening network for making money but also, it does come with its own downsides. Some, if not all, of these downsides are actually the end result of the mixed reactions observed among Shrinkme users.

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Some of the cons associated with Shrinkme are as follows:

  • Shrinkme does not permit its users to use another link shortener for a Shrinkme link
  • Users of Shrinkme (for link shortening) are required to activate their browsers’ Flash and JavaScript
  • Shrinkme cannot be used for links pertaining to faucet traffic, PTC and adult content


There’s no need stressing that is a great URL link shortener with high-paying potential. But before you sign up for Shrinkme, you have to be sure that you can comfortably comply with Shrinkme’s usage rules.

One of the rules is that you cannot use Shrinkme for adult content. Meanwhile, failure to comply with Shrinkme’s usage rules can result in the banning of your account.

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