Showmax Review 2020 –Overview and How To Download Movies On Showmax

Showmax Review –Overview and How To Download Movies On Showmax

Welcome to Mitrobe Network, this is a complete Showmax review including Showmax  movies and  How To Download Movies On Showmax.Showmax is a video-specific platform and it offers a great mobile app for easy download of movies and series episodes.

If you’re always willing to download movies that you can watch offline afterwards, Showmax is one of your surest options.

Prettily, Showmax comes with a decent number of benefits, some of which save you the headache of incurring excessive data for the download of your desired movies. If you have been looking for how to download movies using Showmax, rest assured that this review article will serve you in the best capacity.

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Largely, this article is a comprehensive review of Showmax, emphasizing the pros and cons associated with Showmax as well as a detailed step-by-step guide for downloading videos with Showmax.

What Are the Pros of Using Showmax?

Showmax Review –Overview and How To Download Movies On Showmax

Possibility of specifying video quality –through the Showmax app, you’re able to modify video quality prior to the download. This way, you can safely avoid incurring excess data when you prefer just low or standard quality for your movies. If your smartphone has a relatively small screen, you may prefer downloading in standard quality, hence cut back on data usage.

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Possibility of simultaneous downloads –this, of course, is one great benefit that should capture the fancies of those who download movies a lot. Prettily, Showmax allows you to download as many as 25 different movies or your favourite series episodes simultaneously. While using the Showmax app, you needn’t wait for one download to finish before starting another.

What Are the Cons Associated with Showmax?

Showmax is such a great platform for the download of your favourite movies. While the platform provides an excellent app for convenient download of movies and series, it’s quite unfortunate that it comes with a few downsides. Nonetheless, the pros associated with Showmax fairly outweigh the cons.

What then are these cons?

    1. The Showmax app isn’t available (for the download of videos) on computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc. You can use the Showmax app only on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets


  1. Videos downloaded using the Showmax app will be deleted automatically after 30 days. In other words, Showmax videos are available for offline viewing only within a 30-day period
  2. You can’t access your Showmax videos if you don’t sign into your account. Literally, this means you’re likely the only one who can access your Showmax videos. To let others see your Showmax videos (after opening the Showmax app on your phone), you either have to remain signed in or let them know your login details.

Steps for Downloading Movies on Showmax

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  • After downloading and installing the app, launch it and sign in with your Showmax account details
  • Select the content (such as a movie or TV series) you wish to download
  • Hit the in-app download button –this button is a cloud-like symbol with a downward-pointing arrow
  • With the above done, your download is certain to begin in no time and you’re then free to watch the downloaded movie or series offline within the Showmax app

How to Locate Downloaded Videos within the Showmax App


We strongly believe this review article has exposed you to everything you wish to know about Showmax including how to download videos with the Showmax app. Although Showmax is associated with a few cons, its interesting pros clearly outweigh these cons.

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