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This is about Professional Software Industry of Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°.
I spent 5 months in this professional industry . What I learned is Employees are like tissue papers here.

I joined a company on 22 July 2019 in Islamabad that was first week of my Bachelor completion. I was so excited that with in first week I got the job.

I joined that as a Junior Laravel developer but from first day Angular-Ionic projects were my tasks. Job was very tough but I made it for 3 months . Then in October there was intense cold on bike at evening as my office was 21 KM away from my residence.

In October two times I became ill due to intense cold on bike. So I decided to resign for that company.
When I placed resign email there that I leave after on month.

They converted it into termination, they called me to the office that I have no more projects for you. So you are the beneficial for us if we keep you for one month. You can leave today. That was 28 October. I left my one salary there. πŸ˜”

Then after that I got offer with 30K as a Laravel developer. But at very first day a boring WordPress project was assigned to me.And there was other interesting factors I learnt in that one day job.

  • There was no washroom in office.
  • There was no drinking water there.
  • There was no Tea etc for refreshment.
  • There was no proper time for Namaz/Meal.πŸ˜†

so I just left that at 4 pm of the same day. Then from next day I joined another shop. That was in a flat. Condition was same there too. And I left that too in 3 days.πŸ™

After that I joined the very interesting one at Rawalpindi. There I worked for about 25 days, and then they closed the company with the excuse that we wanna change location of the company.

Existing employees salaries were not cleared till the date 20 by making excuse by excuse from the last 10 days. And after closing they promised to clear all the salaries with in 3 days.

After that They gives us dozens of time lines with the differences of a day and some on the same day. πŸ˜‚ That salary will cleared tomorrow morning and after morning at evening. Khooon khushk ho gya hamaraπŸ™„

We have spent about 20 days in this frozen condition πŸ˜‚ and still deadlines are here for salaries, sometimes rumors says that they have finished the company. πŸ˜‚
I don’t know Its my bad luck or what wrong here that I faced such a bad situations in just 5 months.

What I can expect more from these industry wolfs. According to me Ideal company is who offers proper brake time, lunch and refreshment. Yes they can keep the salary low or they can include the lunch etc in their salary. But there should be proper time for Namaz and in office lunch.

Two companies I left because of this reason. and what else I learnt is working in a team is more efficient than working individually on a complete project.

Till now I haven’t worked in a team driven company. I worked independently on frontend and backend both in these companies.

I found that foreign countries based companies are too much good about employment rules and regulations.

Pakistani companies are too but are very few. And companies with 5 to 10 employees are mostly shops not companies. not all but mostly.

That was all I learnt with in 5 months.
Now again looking for a stable long-term opportunity. πŸ™„

These were just few points for newbies, that they should check and discuss everything before joining a company. Because most of companies like I experienced doesn’t share their unique and out of boundary rules at start in interview.
And point of lunch can be felt by only those who live in hostels away from home towns.

This is not a weak point.
Moreover I am not crying πŸ˜‚. Its start of my practical life I know that well. But In’sha’Allah in future I will don’t allow anyone to play more with me.

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