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Before I drive you into what Seminar Marketing is and how to get many attendees pay for your seminar let me answer a question one of my students in my Mentorship program on Seminar Marketing asked me

Why do some seminars pull in a lot of crowd while some struggle to get a few?

The short answer is Effective Seminar Marketing.

The long answer is what you are about to find out in this great article. 

People who are good at seminar marketing always have people trooping in and paying upfront for their seminars while others have to practically beg prospects with low fees to attend.

Johnmiracle Ejikeme

The strategies towards Seminar Marketing that I will lay out in this article will guarantee that you do not waste money on seminar advertising again.

Remember on my previous post I featured an Unemployed Nigeria graduate who makes over N200k monthly due to his seminars online and offline, here is the link How an unemployed graduates makes over N200k from Information Marketing

With what I will teach you, you will discover how a single classified advert can be used to bring lots of people to your seminars not to talk of when you now decide to run bigger adverts.

Due to the depth of this study, I won’t just jump on it like that. I have to look at some major factors that would determine if people would really be interested in rushing to your seminar or not.

Without wasting much time, let’ me educate you on Seminar Marketing, and how to get people to rush to attend your seminars.

What is seminar marketing

Seminar marketing is professional strategy used for marketing seminar with the aim of acquiring more attendees. Today seminar marketing is widely used in professional networking circles, and in marketing situations to help educate consumers about specific products or services.

Benefits of Seminar Marketing for your Business

There are many benefits of seminar marketing but I outline just a few.

Establishing yourself in the Marketplace

Being able to get your name out there, especially if you are new business in the field, is one of the biggest benefits hosting a seminar has for you. There is no other promotion than word of mouth and holding a seminar gets your name in front of the consumer’s eyes in a number of ways.

Lead Generation

Holding a seminar for your business can also help you generate more leads for your business, and it also allow people to get up close and personal meet with you.

Public Speaking

One of the most overlooked benefits to you when you host a seminar is that it improves your public speaking skills, am quite sure you know that public speaking is a high income skill of it ‘s own, and of which you can get paid to speak for seminars.

Why seminar marketing works

Before you start to plan your seminar and try to make it work, you need to know what makes a seminar work.

Seminar marketing works for one reason at they deliver a word of benefits to consumers. And if you want your seminar to work, you have to know those pros and how to provide the seminar attendees the information they need that made them attend your seminar.

The biggest benefits attendees will be looking for when they attend your seminar is information and you must make sure that you give it to them in full.

Johnmiracle Ejikeme

You cannot ask people to come to your seminar and then simply tell them how much you want them to buy from you. You need to tell them why they need your product or service, and how it’s going to benefit them.

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Perquisites for Effective Seminar marketing.

What is Your Seminar All About?

I will like to start with the words I stumbled upon which says

“If the product is hot, it needs only a little marketing”

Well, even though that was true some years ago, it no longer holds right now.

Do you know why?

It simply because in today’s market, there is so much competition and there are lot of better products than yours outside there. This means if your seminar marketing is shallow, forget about it.

Listen to what Brian Sher said in his powerful book titled “How to make money out of thin air.”

He said the first commandment of marketing is this; “If you know you are not very good at marketing, simply employ someone who is and do it fast!”

Brian Sher

This brings us to another question: “How marketable is the topic you have for your seminar?”

Let’s face it. If your seminar topic does not interest a lot of people, then go back and work on that first. :

If you want people to rush to your seminars, then you must be sure that the topic is hot…really hot! When I say hot I mean of value and high in demand.

So, before you start spending money and time on adverts for your seminar, ask yourself these 3 major questions.

  1. Is my seminar topic hot and marketable enough?
  2. Is my advert copy for the seminar powerful enough?
  3. Do I know the right place to advertise to the right people?

Even though there is much to these three but if you miss any of the above 3, you would be I trouble.

Meanwhile, I can’t be giving out examples of hot seminar topics that you can work on because I have talked about how to figure out great TOPICS that are in High demand in one of my recent Books which is titled THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO INFORMATION MARKETING, so if you have difficulty in conducting a market research to find seminar topics (determining what people want) then read through this book

Use the contact form to get it.

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Where Do You Find Your Market?

A lot of people do not know where to find prospective clients that are looking for the bait (hot topic) they have. You can imagine someone who organizes a seminar on “How to Start a Mini-Importation Business” who now goes to distribute his seminar flyers in Schools where the percentage of the Business Oriented people is only 5%.

Okay, it is good that you now have a seminar topic ready but you should also shout loud that “Where do I find my market” What this means is that where would I have to spend the least amount of money to get the greatest results?

For instance, I wanted to organize a Blogging seminar in my area but I discovered that the people there do not have interest in it (How do I Know? From their way of life and by conducting a trust test.

With all these in mind, let us go ahead to discuss 5 major ways to reach your markets before we go and discuss how to create the adverts to be used in reaching the market

5 advertising ways to reach your targeted audience.


The handbill system is cool and cheap especially if you are not organizing a big seminar where you have to reach out to people beyond your area. Handbills are cheap and can only be used when you have a very clear idea of where interested prospects can be found.

If you do not know exactly where you can find people who will be interested in your seminar, don’t use handbills but if you are sure that the people you are looking for hang out in some hotels, go there and give them your handbills.

If they are in a particular department or in a school, go there to give them the handbill. However, handbills only work very well if the adverts created on it are catchy. We would discuss how to create catchy adverts in the next section.


The posters system is another good system but you also need to know where to paste the posters so that your message can effectively reach your prospects. Depending on the size of the posters, they are definitely more costly than the handbills. Another thing about them is that people tear them away too often. That is why I suggest that you have to use the posters with another medium like handbills so that people don’t just forget about the adverts immediately they see it. Under the section on creating adverts, I will show you what your handbills or posters should be able to quickly achieve as soon as the prospect looks at it.

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If you are willing to cause some hell of noise about your seminar in your area, then the radio is a way to go about it but the funny thing is that it is expensive.


I have never used the TV but I know it is good only if you are holding a great seminar.  As you already know, the costs are high but you must know the kind of people you want to reach and research if they are watching the television station you have chosen to advertise in. another area you must be careful of when talking about TV shows is the timing. Most people go to their work and they only have time for TV in the evening while the younger ones at home prefer to watch movies and music.

This is another cheap and affordable means of advertising your seminars but as usual, not all seminars can be advertised with banners. The seminars you can advertise with banners are the ones that require some few words of advert to attract prospects.

How to Craft Very Effective Seminar Adverts

Now, it does not matter if you are using a handbill, posters, banners etc to advertise your seminars. The truth is that you are going to advertise using WORDS!

This simply means your ability to use great words to influence the prospect would make people rush to your seminars. This might look stupid but when done very well, it works like magic!

And that is exactly what copywriters do. They are able to creatively use words to influence and sell because “Words are Spirits” or don’t you believe that?  Okay. If you do not believe, have you ever seen someone crying before just because someone said some words to him or her? Okay, what about ladies who practically give everything they have (body, money, clothes) to a guy simply  because of some sweet words?

Now that is exactly how the words in your adverts are supposed to work wherever it is read or heard. But most adverts suck. That is the truth. Let me quickly say this: if you do not know how to create powerful adverts or you do not have the patience to learn it,

DON’T ever write one. Instead, contact me to do it for you, or hire or persuade someone skilled at it to do it for you. A lot of people think marketing is all about placing adverts. Some people think it is about selling a needed product/service but the truth is that marketing is a combination of all these things.

Well, don’t panic  if you don’t know much about copywriting. I have simplified a step by step process and the best practices with examples on how to craft a very effective seminar advert using copywriting. Read this Copywriting Skills.

Putting seminar marketing into action

Now you have an idea of what you want to offer your attendees when they come to your seminar. But how do you pull the whole thing together. Creating seminar from crash has to pass through some planning.

Planning your seminar.

First, you need to decide what you want to promote or what your customers need most, so that you can make sure that’s what you provide them.

Remember that it need to be something of value and in high demand to your customers and not about your company, but you can still focus in on what you want to promote during the seminar.

Once you know what you are going to be promoting, and what benefits your seminar attendees will get, you can then decide ton a theme for your event.

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Seminar Presentation

What comes next after your seminar planning is seminar presentation. Outline  your report in a clear structure that includes the following:

  • Heading
  • Subheadings
  • Key  points
  • Skills you want people to take from you and
  • How you will get those point across

What you want to do is to write out the entire seminar from beginning to end, including when you will stop talking.

Timing of Seminar

Face it or leave it. It is the truth. Some people really want to come over to your seminar but they just won’t come because of the timing of your seminars.

What I mean by the timing of your seminar is the time and date that you have chosen for your seminar. Let’s take a close look at this analogy.

There are some seminars that are simply not okay for morning, afternoon or evening. How would you know? If your seminar advert is capable of pulling a lot of working class prospects (like teachers, civil servants), the fixing in the morning won’t be of help. They would prefer evening due to their working schedule.

Drawing people to your seminar

Some people will want to come to your seminar but they might not be finanicially okay. So what you do is to put something like this in your advert.  “ if you can bring in 2 (or more ) people, you will get a Free Ticket.

If your advert is powerful, a lot of people will go out of their ways to meet the demands of getting a free ticket to your seminar.

So if 5 people meet the demand and get a free ticket, that means instead having 5 attendees or less, you will be getting 15 attendees with 10 paying. Doesn’t this sound good.

Definitely not all of them will bring you prospects but if you make them an irresistible offer, they will find a way to be a great help to you.

Making More profits from your seminar marketing via the lichen’s principle

lichen seminar marketing principle

Here is another strategy, I actually learnt this from a seminar I attended, and today am passing the knowledge to you. As a matter of fact, you can even organize a free seminar (if you like ) and still make money with this usually overlooked lichen’s principle.

What does Lichen’s principle means

Lichen principle is just a biological term given to the association between algae and fungi where they both benefits from one another.

So, how is this going to work to get you more profit in your seminars?

This is how to go about it.

  • Whenever you are preparing for a seminar and you want to apply this principle, make sure you look for somebody (a merchant ) who sells some of the product people will need to practice what you will teach them.
  • Once you find that person arrange a JV with the person whereby he will bring some of his products to  your seminar venue and he will offer it  to seminar attendees through a discounted offer.

Also, you will give all the attendees a card with you signature/stamp n it that ehy can use to still get a minor discount at the merchant’s shop just for only one week after the seminar  ( this strategy is common to e-commerce shop e.g Amazon gives out Amazon gift card to discount goods sold for a period of time).

Incase you don’t understand it, I will illustrate one more time with an example.

Example of the Litchen’s principle

Let say you are organizing a seminar on How to Loose weight, you have started advertising seminars. The next thing is to go out and look for a Doctor ( to serve as your merchant)  who is knowledgeable on Weight loss programs.

By so doing, tell him/her that you will get a commission of  an agreed percentage between you both on the profits he/she will make from each sale and of which sales will be on a discounted offer.

On the seminar day, after teaching the attendee everything they are supposed to know. Tell them that you have arranged a great deal to help them Loose weight to attain a better shape, and you have arrange with a Doctor who is specialized on Weight loss to get the best materials needed at an incredible price provided they buy on that day or within one week from the Doctor.

Do you know what will happen? They will rush to buy either on that day or on the second day and you will rake in another set of profits from that avenue also.

In conclusion

Right now, take everything you have learnt about seminar marketing and use them in organizing your next seminar. Well, in whatever you do, try as much as possible to be diligent and honest.

You will make it, I would love to get some feedback on this.

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