Sales Letter | How to write seductive sales letter (and win more clients) in 2020

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No matter how superior your products seems to be, even if it is the best in the world. If you don’t know how to write sales letter that is just going to engage people and compel them to buy from you.

Well, you are not going to make any sales. So in this article I am going to tell you all the copywriting skills you need to know to put into consideration when writing a persuasive sales letter or sales copy.

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These are things that people or companies pay a lot of money trying to get copywriters to write a sales letter or sales copy for them.

It is a really expensive things, some copywriters do charge $1000 or more just for one sales page letter and that because they know how powerful it is.

So let assume you send a million people to your website over a year and it converts just 1% and it a $100 product.


That equals to a $1,000,000 worth of sales.

Sales letter

But what if you convert to 2%, that’s a $2,000,000 worth of sales. And that is a huge difference.

Sales copy

And that is only because your sales page converted differently because of your sales letter.

So it is super important that you know how to write sales letter that sell.

Because if you don’t know how to write sales copy that converts you are not going to make sales, no matter how superior your product is.

So here is the 8 thing to do when writing a sales copy.

8 checklist on how to write sales letter that sells

1. Grab their attention

You kind of see ads all over the world, ads on TV, ads on newspaper and magazines, ads on Facebook and other social media trying to get our attention because we are so distracted in the whole world and the last thing that we will be thinking about is let pay attention to buy from this guy product or this company’s product.

So the first thing to do when writing a sales copy or sales letter is to grab their attention by engaging them and that is called the HOOK.

So what are some good Sales Hooks?


Some good hooks are questions like.

  • Do you want to loose stubborn belly fat?
  • Free video: How to Make $100 in just 1 day.

This are kind of things that will spark curiosity, and your audience will be like

Mehn let me just check this out.

Some things that actually works really well is adding a little NEGATIVE TINGE words like.

  • Free videos
  • You don’t want to miss this…

Things like that, that really engage. That is why sometimes you stumble upon some ugly sales page that actually converts more better and you will be like.

How the heck did this ugly sales page convert.

So it doesn’t have to do with looking professional. It has to do with certain actual aspects that you have to pay heed to when writing a sales letter.

So the first thing is engagement. If you don’t grab their attention after a period of 4sec on landing on your sales page they will just bounce off and they go back to where ever they came from.

2. Why should they pay attention.

Now, after engaging them, you have to bring them in. You have to make sure they stay on your sales page to see what you have to offer.

And a way to make sure they stick to your sales page is that you keep them engage, keep them under toes, you are not just talking, mix your write up with text animations, surprise them, and the best way to keep them engaged is actually by telling a story.

And when you can create that in your sales copy. People will stay on your sales page.

The story should be of how you came from seeing the problem to finding your solution, and your solution has to be your product.

3. The Pitch

This is the next part of a sales letter that got to turn people from viewers or visitors into customers. And how do you get to do that.

Well, hopefully through your story you position yourself as an EXPERT because they saw your transformation.

Also, what you should have done is actually showing them how your story relate a lot to them.

Because if they can see their self in your eyes they will see your story, how you transform and they will know that when they buy your product they can have that same transformation.

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So beside that kind of stuff, you have to tell them that they will pay for it. So maybe your product cost $100. What you should do next is to show the real VALUE in it.

4. The Value

Let say your product is for burning stubborn belly fats. So instead for them to go to a personal trainer and pay $150 or more and having to do that every single day just to loose belly fat.

They should option for your product which may be a personal video training session every single week.

So there is a lot of things that you can do to increase value and reduce the cost prize, so that they will be like Wow, that is a no brainer to buy.

Besides that what else do you want to do?

5. The Experience

You can also tell them what to expect if they buy your product, kind off shift their mindset.

So they know how it feels after they purchase your product. It is going to be like the kind of feeling or all the things they will feel (like an experience when they by your stubborn belly fat product).

6. Scarcity

The next thing to put into consideration when writing your sales copy is Scarcity. Well, Scarcity for digital products doesn’t always exist.

Like why will a digital product run out of stock when there is non inventory.

But then, you can induce Scarcity if you are willing to actually close the sales at one point.

So maybe you are running a membership program. You can say:

You only need 100 people in because you are doing something special with them or doing a live session with them every single week.

Things like that, that have actually scarcity, you can add it to your sales letter.

7. Urgency

Another thing to put into consideration is Urgency. You can create urgency in a lot of different ways.

One way is not really having a real urgent matter. It just by saying

If you don’t take action, your life might pass you by, you might have that stubborn bellyfat for years, and maybe you may stumble upon this website to buy later and then you will finally found solution but that it has taken you so long and many things have happen that time and you were not able to live the life you love to.

8. Research competitors

The last thing you want to do is to spy on your competitors to see what they are doing. You can go ahead to Google things like:

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  • Persuasive sales letter examples
  • Sales letter format
  • Examples of sales letter for product
  • Sample sales letter to prospects
  • How to write sales letter
  • Business sales letter samples

And you will see a lot of different headlines that you can see that really works and that is going to give you a good idea.

And another great way to spy on your competitors is by going to Clickbank or any marketplace. Find in your niche, the top 3 products of your competitors, watch what they are doing, take note, see how they keep people engage, see how there headline is, see if it a video, if it a long sales page. Just see how they make you want to buy.

Because if we don’t always see we don’t always realize why we want to buy things. So go ahead check out your competitors it is a great way to learn how to write sales letters that sell.

A Food for Thought

Now this is all you need to write a persuasive sales letter, so you no longer need to keep asking “How to write a sales letter” or ” How to mneither do you need to spend bucks hiring a copywriter.

You can do it, you know your product better than anyone else, better than the copywriter, and you know what, no one can do it better than you.


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