Richest Gospel Musicians In Nigeria

You will agree with me that the present-day Nigerian gospel music industry is dominated by real gem musicians. These are musicians that are not only popular in Nigeria but have made a name for themselves in other African countries and beyond.

Their successes and achievements are owing to the fact that they exemplified unmatched music and singing talent that is nothing compared to the so-called secular musicians we have today in Nigeria.

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Their songs have proven to be soul-lifting, inspiring and helpful in offering a burnt offering of praise to God.

The fact be told, it is not all gospel musicians in Nigeria that are quite popular, however, in this article, we have listed out the top 10 richest gospel musicians in Nigeria today.

Find out how they got started, their years of experience, their music background, family, earnings and other important information you may require to know about them.

These singers and worshippers can effectively compete with the best of gospel artist in the world

Many of their works in forms of albums and songs have found their way to different charts and has won several awards across the globe.

1. Sammy Okposo –Net Worth: $800,000

this well-received Nigerian gospel musician is rated as the richest gospel musician in Nigeria in 2018 and still on top of the fold in 2019. Aside from singing he is also into music production and has made a lot of success given his years of music experience.

The Delta-born gospel musician started his music career in 1995. He has since been dishing out the best to his growing audience in the Nigerian Christian community and has managed to stay relevant, he has proven to be one of the best Nigerian gospel artists of this present time.

Several Nigerian and African churches still use some of his music during their worship. He has also been named as the best gospel music artist from the Southern part of Nigeria.

His big break came about in the year 2000 when he released his debut album titled Unconditional Love. The album contains lots of hit singles like welu welu which has found its way to many Christian gatherings and homes today.

In 2004, he put up an impressive performance at the Martin Luther King’s day celebration in the United States of America.

In 2018, he bagged the best Africa award at the SABC crown music event.

He is also the head of DX generation which is one of Africa’s most inspiring gospel music bands.

He has got so many other awards under his belt, he is the CEO of Zamar entertainment and his estimated net worth stands at around $800000 in 2019, a worth he gets from his multiple income streams of Live gospel performances, sales of music albums, and other gospel events and shows.

2. Frank Edwards –Net Worth: $600,000

The most trending gospel artist in Nigeria in 2019 is Frank Edwards. He is a member of Pastor Chris Christ embassy which happens to be one of the largest churches in Nigeria today. Interestingly Frank has featured some of the best gospel artists in the world such as Don Moen.

He is also the CEO and founder of the record label Rocktown records that managed a couple of upcoming artists like Gil, Micah Heavens, NKay, King BAS among others.

He has bagged several awards with notable ones being the best gospel music of the year, the best gospel male artist of the year and the best song of the year all these is owing to his unique and impressive musical talent.

Given his successes and achievements, the 30-year old is estimated to worth up to $600 thousand dollars in 2019.

3. Nathaniel Bassey –Net Worth: $500,000

Nathaniel Bassey is another popular and well-applauded gospel musician in Nigeria in 2019, the multi-talented artist discloses that he got his inspiration from Panam Percy Paul and that he has had an undying interest in jazz music since when he was young. He is a fantastic keyboardist and trumpeter which helps fuel his growing passion for gospel music.

The prolific Nigerian gospel singer was born in Lagos Nigeria, but his State of origin is Akwa Ibom state, he followed through his youthful music Passion and today he is recognised as not just one of the best Nigerian gospel artists but also one of the richest gospel singers in Nigeria today.

He has graced several crusades and concerts to perform and he masterminded the viral live worship hallelujah challenge. The music producer and songwriter has also served as the music director of the redeemed Christian Church of God and has worked with several gospel musicians across the globe.

Nathaniel Bassey’s estimated net worth stands at around $500000 making him one of the richest gospel musicians in Nigeria in 2019.

4. Sinach Joseph –Net Worth: $400,000

The third richest gospel musician in Nigeria on our list is Sinach, the gospel songstress is also a member of the Christ Embassy and managed by the love world records the music management arm of the Church.

The wife and mother have had more than 150 songs to her credit and she has been singing since 1989 making her one of the longest-standing gospel musicians in Nigeria.

She rose to prominence with hit singles like I know who I am, great are you, Lord, he did it again, way maker, this is your season which bagged the best song of the year in 2008.

she writes her own songs and she makes money from live concerts, music performances, sales of albums and endorsements, which explains her estimated net worth valued at around $400000 in 2019 and making her the richest female gospel musician in Nigeria.

She is happily married to Joseph Egbu a pastor also at Christ Embassy and they have both welcomed children together.

5. Eben –Net Worth: $500,000

5th on our list of richest gospel singers in Nigeria is Even verse transitions in Nigeria is Eben he rose to prominence after he sang the hit track Imarama.

He is married to another well-received Nigerian gospel singer named Jadiel who sang the song the popular hit track Heritage.

He is a great entrepreneur and man of Many assets and businesses, under his belt is the Hammer house record label and the Hammer house ventures which is fast becoming one of the best gospel talent management establishments in Nigeria today.

He was born on the 9th of September as Emmanuel Benjamin, but fans popularly called him Eben which is a colloquial form of his two names.

Eben has had roots with the winners chapel where he sang in the youth choir since 1997. He became a member of another popular church in Nigeria christ embassy in 2006 where he started as a gospel singer.

It will be impossible to name the richest gospel artists in Nigeria without making this rare gospel gem.

His performances and achievements are blueprints of his great musical talents. He earns from live shows, performances, concerts, tours, and seminars. He also makes money from sales of albums and endorsements. Eben’s net worth is estimated at around $350,000 making him the 5th richest gospel singer in Nigeria in 2019.

6. Tope Alabi –Net Worth: $300,000

If you are talking about the most relevant Yoruba gospel artist in Nigeria talk to Alabi is a worthy mention, no doubt she is the most prominent Yoruba female musician in Nigeria.

Over the years the gospel songstress and movie music composer has risen to prominence given her many years of dishing out the best of Yoruba gospel music for more than a decade now.

She came into the spotlight in 2001 with a single track titled Ore to common.

The singer is happily married to Saudi Arabi a music producer and studio engineer since 1998 and they have both welcome kids that are now grown-ups together.

She met her husband for years before they got married at a time she had to visit a recording studio in Ikeja Lagos, where Me. Soji used to work as a studio engineer in 1994.

Aside from acting she’s also a Yoruba movie actress and she and a substantial part of her earnings comes from Yoruba music recordings, sales of music albums, concerts, shows, conferences and performing at other Christian events in and outside of the country.

In 2019, Tope Alabi estimated net worth stands at around $300,000.

7. Nikki Laoye – Net Worth: $300,000

Born as Oyenike Laoye Oturu in Lagos State, but originally from Osun state Nigeria and she has a traceable lineage to late talking drum legend – Oba Adetoyese Laoye from Ede, Osun State.

Her stage name is Nikki Laoye and she is a fast-rising recording artist. The multi-talented artist is also skilled in dancing, songwriting, acting, singing and entertaining.

She is the recording artist that rose to fame with her 2006 hit track Never felt this Way before, the 2013 dance single “1-2-3”, the soulful ballad “Only You”, which was remixed later in the year 2016 where Seyi Shay was featured.

She has had a knack and passion for music since childhood, she got enrolled in the children’s choir at the young age of five.

In 1998 she became an active part of the Ikoyi Baptist church and was soon introduced to contemporary Gospel music by music director Reginald Bassey.

She has since rose from strength and today she has amassed substantial wealth from sales of albums, performing at shows and events and her estimated net worth stands at around $400,000 in 2021.

8. Samsong -Net Worth: $400,000

Born Samson Uche Mogekwu from Delta State, south-eastern part of Nigeria, he is rated as one of the best and most talented gospel musicians in Nigeria that have managed to stay relevant for many years.

His commitments and contribution to the Nigerian gospel music industry is very substantial and that has also counted towards his immense success and achievement, the Christian singer is regarded to have a net worth of $400,000 in 2019.

9. Вuсhі – Nеt Wоrth: $240,000

Buchi used to be a street boy before he met christ, the turn around led him to find a true purpose in gospel music, in 1999.

He launched his debut album, he has since become successful and has recorded lots of success and achievement from singing Jesus songs/ He is one of the wealthiest gospel musicians in Nigeria.

He makes his money from records and royalties, and performing in gospel music events, he has a lot of awards under his belt and his estimated net worths stand at $240,000 in 2019.

10. Yіnkа Ауеfеlе – Nеt Wоrth: $350,000

Although many think that Yinka Ayefele should not be classified as a gospel musician, but he makes a lot of money singing gospel songs and he has gained a lof prominence from doing what he knows best to do which is singing Christian songs in the most lively ways that appeal to majorly Yoruba audiences. He is rated as the finest Yоrubа gоѕреl ѕіngеr whо has managed to stay relevant for several years.

Although he lost his spine in a ghastly car ассіdеnt and was confined to a wheelchair since 1997, he did not allow that to stop him.

He kept on ditching out his best and that has eventually paid out big time for him, he is a proud husband and father of triplets, he is also the CEO of Fresh FM a radio broadcast business in Ibadan. His estimated net worth sits at around $350,000.

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