Last year, I think that was on October can’t really remember the date, I went shopping @ ShopRite, I visited the cosmetics section, and my eyes caught on a very nice branded lotion called “Bronzetone”.

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The fact that the lotion looks attractive and beautiful made me fall in love with it at first sight, so I picked it up from the shelf, read the ingredients Content and found out it’s main ingredients is just Honey, and cocoa butter and come with UV protection.

Bronze tone ingredients: Stearic acid, cocoa butter, glycerine, honey extracts and citric acid.

So, I decided to check where it was manufactured behold it was manufactured in Abidjan City in Côte d’Ivoire by Np Gandour

I was alittle scared, because this company mostly uses hydroquinone in almost all their products, and I’m not a fan of hydroquinone, though it’s used to treat skin issues such as melasma, dark patches, scars any discoloration of any kind, but it must be used under the perscription of a dermatologist.

Then I took a proper look at the product pack and saw where it’s written “Hydroquinone Free”, well I was still doubtful, because I don’t really trust their brands (I’m Soo sorry to say this).

So, I kept the product back in the shelf and Continued with my shopping.

So, later this year, I saw a friend of mine, staying in Abuja for years, she came to Lagos for a little vacation,

And she paid me a visit, it was a surprise, to see her all glowed up and beautiful, I was like “wooow you look really beautiful” what’s your secret? She laughed Soo hard and with little hesitation, she said “I use Bronzetone and it’s serum together with it’s soap”.


I was like what? Really? I saw that product and never bought it, cus I was scared if it Contains Hydroquinone, but she assured me that It doesn’t contain Hydroquinone.



I was motivated and inspired, so I decided to try it out, just for reviews, already I used Lemonvate tube gel for my face which contains Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C read up it’s Reviews HERE

So on my next shopping i bought the lotion, (Bronzetone) and I have been using it for two weeks now, I think it’s time to give my own Review about this product.

This product is specifically meant for individuals with dark or ebony skin, looking up to tone up their skin alittle.

If you’re somehow fair in complexion, this lotion is a no, no, no, for you, don’t even think about it, you may likely darken if you eventually use it.

My skin tone is light chocolate and after using this product for two weeks, my skin tone changed alittle to light brown chocolate. (Which I’m still ok with).

This lotion will give a creamy glowing chocolate skintone just like the picture below


Another good think about this lotion is that, it keeps your skin well hydrated all day, with it’s Chocolate fragrance, which makes me wanna eat it, it really smells Soo good😍😍😍😍.



The cream texture is alittle bit thick, but ensure you use good exfoliating soap (eg: balck soap) to properly exoliate your skin, to avoid clogging your skin pores.

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It also has a soap, which contains honey, cocoa butter and apricot seeds, the apricot seeds present in the soap serves as an exfoliating agent which exfoliates the skin.

But from my own point of view the soap, dosnt exfoliate well, get yourself a real organic black soap, and use it together with the lotion, you’re really gonna enjoy it.

The serum is alittle bit runny in texture, with the same Chocolate fragrance scent, just like the lotion, the serum Contains same ingridents with the cream, but I know it’s gonna be more potent compared to the lotion, mix half bottle of the serum to the lotion, to enjoy the full glow.🙂🙂



Product Description

Bronze Tone is a moisturizing formula with cocoa butter and honey extracts. With UV Protection, it removes undesireble spots and leaves your skin soft and glowing andgivesit a radiant bronze complexion.

Main Ingredients: 

cocoa butter and honey


Where can I get this Lotion and it’s set,?

You can get on jumia  CLICK HERE  or any reputable shopping mall nearest to you, like ShopRite.

My Rating:
I will rate this lotion 8/10,

Note: The result may vary, because of skin differences.


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  1. Hello bro, emmanuel here.

    really liked this article cause am looking forward to start using this cream.

    i have a few questions though,

    1) Am fair in complexion naturally but i got dark as i was growing up, can i use this cream to achieve it?

    2) do i need to buy only the cream or the cream and serum? and please explain the use and difference of the two.

    3) what do you mean by exfoliating soap?

    thanks for this and hope to get your reply soon.

  2. Hi,which is better lemonvitae and the Bronzetone.please help with the information. I’ve got an uneven skin I’m dark in complexion

  3. I am chocolate in complexion so I used carowhite nut when I noticed dat os is bleaching me I stopped it.. So since then I av a bleach burn on my face.. So i want to ask dat can I use all the bronze tone product including d bsc to correct my face color

  4. Hello, I’m dark in complexion,can this cream rapidly tone me to a light brown skin or just tell me the result it’s gonna give me

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