Remitano Review –How To Open Account, Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies On Remitano

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Welcome to Network,In today’s episode on digital currency review, I will be offering detailed information/guide on  and How To Open Account, Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies On Remitano website without stress.

Remitano, a widely known cryptocurrency exchange platform, is a brainchild of Babylon Solutions Limited –a Seychelles-incorporated company. Among the players in the cryptocurrency exchange sphere, Remitano happens to be one of the most-trusted options for peer-to-peer buying and selling of Bitcoin without any hassle.

Besides its multi-country support, Remitano is admired for availing users a number of exclusive benefits including 24/7 online customer support, a simple user interface and less expensive fees. Frankly, Remitano thrives on the strength of a management team generously dominated by banking experts with remarkable experience in Agile Software Development, Payment System, E-currencies and financial products. As we speak, Remitano’s crypto exchange service is supported in no less than 30 countries inclusive of Nigeria, Australia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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This article is a comprehensive review of Remitano with special emphasis on how to open an account, buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform.

How to Open an Account on Remitano

Remitano, as mentioned earlier, is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform widely used by people across the world. If you’re keen to conveniently trade on this platform, it’s advisable that you register as a member. Below is how you can attempt the platform’s registration process:

  • Visit Remitano’s official website through
  • On the site’s homepage, toggle to the top right-hand corner and click the tab with three white horizontal lines
  • On the emerging page, click the Login/Register button and comply with the subsequent instructions in order to become a Remitano member
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How to Buy Cryptocurrencies on Remitano

Remitano is such an exchange platform that paves the way for hassle-free cryptocurrency transactions. Thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface, buying Bitcoin on Remitano seems extremely easy. Provided that you have your national fiat currency intact and have duly passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, you’re pretty sure of buying or selling cryptocurrenies on Remitano.

You may follow the steps below in order to purchase cryptocurrencies (Ripple, USDT, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoin) on Remitano:

  • Visit the official Remitano website through
  • On the site’s homepage, navigate to the list of sellers and select your desired seller
  • Then, fill in the amount of coin you intend to purchase from the seller
  • Provide your wallet address in the respective field
  • To set open your trade with the seller, tap the option <<Buy BTC/ETH/BCH/USDT/XRP/LTC>>
  • On the emerging trade page, you’ll find the seller’s payment details
  • Copy the said details, set up Internet banking and use INSTANT TRANSFER in making payment for the coins purchased
  • With that done, look for the option <<I have paid seller>> and click it
  • Wait for the seller to verify the payment

How to Sell Cryptocurrencies on Remitano

Remitano – United States Peer To Peer Buy & Sell Bitcoin Exchange?

Just as buying cryptocurrencies is damn easy on Remitano, so is selling your Bitcoin to buyers on the platform. You may follow the steps below in order to sell cryptocurrencies (Ripple, USDT, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoin) on Remitano:

  • Visit the official Remitano website through
  • Navigate down to the list of buyers on the website’s homepage
  • Select your preferred buyer from the list of buyers
  • On the subsequent page, you’ll find your trade information with the proposed buyer. Likewise, you’ll find the details of the buyer
  • Enter the amount of BTC you wish to sell in the required field
  • Click the Sell BTC button after providing all necessary transaction details
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We hope this honest review of Remitano has satisfied your search for how to use the platform for your peer-to-peer crypto trading. If you however require more enquiries about the crypto platform, you may visit its official website.

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