Remita is an electronic payment medium supported by a vast number of Nigerian organizations, companies and businesses for the receipt of payments.

If you’re in one of Nigeria’s FG-owned parastatals or agencies, you’re very likely to have had an encounter with Remita. Probably for the payment of levies, fees or other charges, you may need to use Remita while transacting with certain Nigerian organizations or institutions.

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Most, if not all, Nigerian agencies/parastatals –at both state and federal levels –adopt Remita for the receipt of dues, levies and other forms of payments. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), for instance, adopts Remita for the receipt of payments pertaining to its call-up letters.

Moreover, Nigerian financial institutions –particularly commercial banks –accept payments via Remita. This is why you may have to approach a nearby dedicated bank for your Remita payment after having generated your Remita code.

A Remita code –as will be exhaustively discussed in this post –is a kind of code that lets you process payments through Remita. While this post guides you on how to generate a Remita code, you’ll also find out how to make Remita payments both online and at a bank.


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How to Generate a Remita Code Online

There isn’t any need stressing that many organizations and institutions across Nigeria allow you to make payments through Remita. While it’s very essential to generate a Remita reference number (Remita code) for such payments, it’s quite unfortunate that organizations/institutions don’t deal out Remita codes. You’ll definitely be required to generate a Remita code by yourself.

The procedure for generating a Remita code isn’t difficult but it requires internet connection. Put simply, you could be recommended a specific platform or website in order to generate your Remita code. That website –or online platform –may belong to the institution, corporate body, business, etc., you intend to make a payment to (via Remita). You’ll therefore be required (on the website) to provide some important details before you can eventually generate an RRR.

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Once you’ve fetched the RRR, you can choose to make your Remita payment either online or through a bank. If you prefer to make your Remita payment via the bank, you’ll have to comply with the instructions for doing so. But before that, what do you think an RRR is?

An RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) is a kind of 12-digit number that you generate in order to perform a Remita transaction at a commercial bank or online. Whereas it is not all in-bank or online payments that require RRRs, Remita payments necessitate generating them. After fetching an RRR ahead of a Remita payment, you should note down the RRR (number) before heading for the bank.

Making Remita Payment at a Bank: How Is It Done?

To make a Remita payment through the bank, visit a nearby commercial bank of your choice and follow the instructions below:

  • Pick up a teller at the bank
  • Fill details into the teller as you’d normally do in the event of a fund deposit. The details you have to provide are date, your name (to be provided as depositor’s name), the amount you’re paying, account name (this should be the name of your payee), phone number and account number. Note that the RRR you generated earlier is what you’re required to fill into the account number Although a 12-digit number, the RRR will be used in place of the normal 10-digit account number. You can fill the first 10-digits of the RRR into the 10 boxes (for account number) while keeping the remaining two digits outside the boxes
  • Submit the teller over the counter and wait for your payment receipt

Making Remita Payment Online

Paying online is definitely your alternative to the rather stressful task of having to visit a Nigerian bank for your Remita payment. After generating your Remita code as required, simply note down the RRR or copy it. Then, follow the instructions below to make your Remita payment online:

  • Head over to the website of Remita via the link
  • Toggle over to the pay invoice option and click it
  • Fill in the RRR (or paste it if you already copied it)
  • Select pay invoice and wait for Remita to take you to the payment page
  • On the payment page, you’ll have to supply your debit card details as follows: payer’s name (as seen on the card), card expiry date, card number and the final three digits on the rear of the card (this is also known as the CVV number)
  • With that done, you should comply with the subsequent payment instructions and print out your payment receipt
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Other Things You Need to Know about Remita Payment

  • It is important to print out your Remita payment receipt regardless of whether you made the payment online or at a bank. This is because you may have to present the payment receipt to a particular organization/institution as evidence of your payment. Also, it’s possible for your Remita payment to fall through whereas your bank account has been debited for the payment. If you made your Remita payment at a bank, do well to keep the bank-issued payment receipt with you. However in the case of an online Remita payment, there’s always the assurance that you’ll find the payment receipt in your mailbox
  • While generating the RRR for your Remita payment, endeavour to provide an active email address. The reason for this is that whatever email you provide during RRR generation is where you’ll receive your Remita payment receipt
  • It is very possible for you not to find your Remita payment receipt in your email. If it’s mandatory for you to present the receipt, the best way to go about retrieving it is through the Remita website. What you’ll do here is to simply resend the payment receipt. Later in this post, you’ll find out the instructions for resending your Remita payment receipt
  • If your Remita payment is intended to help you register for a particular organization’s/institution’s scheme online, you may have to verify your payment at the organization’s/institution’s online portal. Under this circumstance, verifying your Remita payment is very important irrespective of whether the payment was made at a bank or online. Where your Remita payment isn’t successful yet, you’ll likely find it difficult to carry out the online registration. Advisably, pay attention to the payment instructions on the institution’s online portal. You can as well reconfirm your payment by using the re-query button, if provided
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How to Resend Your Remita Payment Receipt

Before heading to the Remita website (in order to resend your payment receipt), do well to keep your RRR with you. Below are the instructions for resending your payment receipt:

  • Click the link here to visit the website of Remita
  • Locate and click the option for sending invoice receipt
  • After that, you’ll have to input the email you provided initially at the point of RRR generation
  • With that done, you’re very likely to have the payment receipt sent to the email again


Remita needs no introduction as a widely accepted payment medium in Nigeria. As such and while dealing with a Nigerian federal/state establishment, you may be required to make your levy payment via Remita.

Hopefully, this post has successfully walked you through the process for generating a Remita code as well as how to make payments through Remita.


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