Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria LTD (RAGP): How it Works 2020

recharge and get paid nigeria

Have you heard of recharge and get paid Nigeria telecom business, the one business that has been turning little Joe to big Joe’s, securing financial freedom for all recharge and get Nigeria members.

I am sure you must have heard of the world RAGP which stands for (recharge and get paid) but then do you know how it works and how you can leverage this opportunity to make money every second of your life doing little to zero work.

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria LTD (RAGP): How it Works 2020 1

In this definitive guide on recharge and get paid, I am going to clearly explain everything you need to know about recharge and get paid Nigeria, and how you can make a serious profit from it.

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Even though this is your first time hearing the world RAGP if you calm down and read this guide you are going to understand everything about this business, and how to make a living with it.

With that being said let dive into the guide proper.

What is Recharge and Get Paid?

Recharge and get paid is a telecom product distribution marketing company that is a simple, reliable, and sure way to wealth creation and financial freedom.

Recharge and get paid is Nigeria owned, formed, operated company designed and aimed at helping Nigerians and Africans to create wealth by leveraging the huge and expanding telecoms industries.

Is recharge and get paid legit?

Before I drive you into how recharge and get paid Nigeria works. First, let verify if recharge and get paid Nigeria is legit, this is because no one would want to invest In a business that is not legal.

Recharge and get paid is duly registered with Corporate and affairs commission (CAC) and licensed by the Nigeria Communication Commissions (NCC).

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria LTD (RAGP): How it Works 2020 2

Also, RAGP is in partnership with the following telecom industries in nigeria such as;

  • MTN
  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • PHCN
  • DSTV
  • Startimes
  • Gotv and lots more

How does recharge and get paid Nigeria works?

The business opportunity recharge and get paid Ltd is a platform where you can buy airtime, tv subs, and through it when you are registered.

The system is very simple and 100% user-friendly, so instead of traditionally going to buy a recharge card, or actually buying directly from your bank without earning an interest (you ought to know when you buy airtime with your bank they make money through it).

You can actually do all your airtime and other transactions through recharge and get paid, and you get paid for doing so.

The recharge and get paid business is for everyone because it affects our daily living.

Do you know that as a member of RAGP whenever you recharge your phone you get 2% discount any network and 10% on data?

For DStv, govt, and StarTimes subscription you also make your gain when you recharge, you can decide to register for your neighbors, family, and friend without an extra added cost on their end of which they will prefer rather than paying commission to third parties, and you still earn.

Most people say this percentage is small, but not at all, remember the old saying

Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean.

Bet me as you continue the business you will get to a point where you will have at least 10 people under you.

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Also, it will come to a point where those 10 people under you will get their own 10 under them, not stopping there.

People under them and this give you 1000 people only in your 3rd level.

I’m not talking about level 4 to 10 yet. So only in your 3rd level, you have at least 1000 people and if each of them recharges just #100 a day then all their total money for that day is #100,000.

Therefore your own money that will come to you that day is 0.35 x 100,000 = #35,000 only for that day.

Consider that for a whole month, no weekend is excluded even at 2 am people will still use the platform to recharge their phones.

And the best part of it all is that you don’t have to convince anyone to help you do this, they will naturally do it on their own, can a day go by without one making a phone call? Of course not.

The only challenge is for you to register and get started, and you will get there as it is a life business.

Rags earning points

  • You earn 20% from your signup fee
  • You earn 10% on data recharge
  • You earn 2% on airtime recharge
  • You earn 20% (from signup fee) when you tell a friend and sign them up as a new partner
  • You earn 10% – 1% (from signup fee) when your friend tells their friend and sign them up as new partners.
  • You earn 0.35% when all your direct/indirect RAGP partners recharge airtime to the level of your own signup fee.
  • You earn 0.1% when all your direct/indirect RAGP partners recharge data to the level of your own sign-up fee.

RAGP other mouth-watering benefits

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria LTD (RAGP): How it Works 2020 3

Each signup fee has corresponding POINT VALUE (PV). Any month you accumulate (10,000PV) by team production, you earn a leadership bonus of N100,000 that month.

Your group cumulative leadership overtime qualifies you for incentive as follows

  • 25,000PV – N500,000 TRIP FUND: anytime you and your team aggregate 25,000pv by continuous accumulation of the stated PV.
  • 60,000P’V – N2,000,000 CAR FUND (small car award which is also cashable)
  • 100,000PV – N3, 000, 000 HOUSE FUND (your first house fund from the company)
  • 250, 000PV – N4,000,000 HOUSE FUND (your second house fund from the company)
  • 500,000PV – N6,000,000 HOUSE FUND (third house fund from the company)

NB: All the points that result in all these rewards come by team production and can result anytime; no flushing of points until you make it at your own time and till the last house fund. Nigeria is big. You can have downlines or better-called business all over Nigeria the power of leveraging can never be overemphasized.

How do I register for recharge and Get Paid Nigeria.

You can register in recharge and get paid either as a distributor or as a networker and you get paid either way.

As a Distributor:

Let assume you register with mitrobe network recharge and get paid team, and then you decided to be selling products to customers only without recruiting anyone, let me show how you could earn at least 120k monthly just by recharging and paying bills.

If in a day

  • 20 customers buy N1000 airtime,
  • 20 customers buys N1000data,
  • 20 customers subscribe for a cabletv and for data and
  • 20 customers pay light bill

Your daily income is

  • For airtime; 20 x N1000 x 10% = N400
  • For Data: 20 x N1000 x 10% = N2000
  • For cable: 20 x N40 = N800
  • For light: 20 x N40 = N800

Which gives you a total N4000 total profit sales daily N4000 x  30days is N120, 000 monthly.

All you need to do is to build your customer base and give them top-notch services and customer care to retain them.

As a Networker

Now to make the business more interesting and rewarding show customers how they could recharge by themselves and get their own commission if they became a distributor as you are.

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Since we can recruit an unlimited number of people who each can do the same, we are ultimately aided in the efforts of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Let me show you how RAGP can make you a millionaire.

If in a day

  • 20, 000 downlines sell N1,000 airtime
  • 20, 000 downlines sell N5, 000 data
  • 20, 000 downlines pays electricity bill and
  • 20, 000 downlines pay for cable subscriptions

Your daily passive income is:

  • Airtime: 20000 x 0.35% x N1000 = N70000
  • Data: 20000 x 1% x N5000 = N1000000
  • Cable: 20000 x N10 x 5 = N1000000
  • Electricity: 20000 x N10 = N200000

Which gives you N2,270,000 profit on downline sales daily. N2.27 x 30 days is N68.1M monthly! It is possible to achieve.

All you need to get there is get started, recruit, and build your team patiently.

6 ways to make money daily with recharge and get paid Nigeria

Now, I want to expose you to the six super ways you can make money daily with recharge and get paid, they are.

  • Registration commission
  • Direct referral commission
  • Indirect referral commission
  • Leadership bonus
  • Incentives
  • VTU bonus on airtime and data

Registration Commission

You earn 20% of your own personal signup fee. For example: if Your registration fee is N50, 000 (Platinum). You earn 20’% of that N50, 000 = N10, 000.

Direct Referral Commission

You earn a 20% direct referral commission for anyone you refer directly to RAGP irrespective of your own registration fee.

Example: let assume I referred you and you registered with N5000 (Bronze). My direct referral commission which of 20% of your registration fee will be N1000. So if I refer 10 people daily who join with the Bronze, I will get 10 x N1000 = N10, 000.

Indirect referral commission

Indirect downlines are people referred by your direct downlines up to the 9th level of your network. Your direct downline on level1. Your indirect downline starts from level 2 to level 10 and beyond.

You earn between 10% – 1% on the registration pack of anyone referred to RAGP by your downlines.

  • 2nd level 10%
  • 3rd level 5%
  • 4th level 2.5%
  • 5th level 1.25%
  • 6th level 10th – 1%

For an Example

  • Level 1: you refer Kate ( you earn 20’%)
  • Level 2: Kate referred to David ( you earn 10%)
  • Level 3: David referred Tayo (You earn 5%)
  • Level 4: Tayo referred John (you earn 2.5%)
  • Level 5: John referred ADA ( you earn 1.25%)
  • Level 6: ADA referred Yetunde ( you earn 1%)
  • Level7: Yetunde referred Favour (you earn 1%)
  • Level8: Favour referred Bola (you earn 1%)
  • Level9: Bola referred ThankGod ( you earn 1%)
  • Level10: ThankGod referred Miracle (you earn 1%)

Leadership Bonus:

You earn a leadership bonus on your team’s total monthly point value (PV) of all your partners or downlines and yours. To qualify you must be a platinum member with the cumulative PV of 10, 000PV to earn N100,000 in any given month.


You qualify for incentives base on your team’s cumulative point value of all your partners or downlines and yours. The distributor must attain the level of a platinum member before qualifying for any incentives as followed below.

  • International trip award(500,000): Accumulate overtime 25,000PV from all registered members in your network and qualify for a tourism/vacation trip to Dubai or receive N500, 000 cash
  • Small car Award (N2, 000,0000): Accumulated 60,000PV overtime from all registered members of your network (TEAM) and qualify to receive a small car of N2M cash from Recharge and get paid ltd.
  • House Funds (N3, 000, 000): Accumulated 100,000PV from registered members of your team work overtime and qualify for a house fund worth N3M cash.

VTU bonus on airtime and data:

You have residual bills, why not have residual income? You earn a commission for life anytime you or your team members (direct and indirect downlines) buy or sell airtime or data.

Profit you earn on personal airtime recharge and sale

  • Airtime – 2%
  • Data – 10%
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Profit you earn on your Team’s Airtime recharge and sale

  • Airtime – 2%
  • Data – 1%

How to join recharge and get paid Nigeria

There are different categories for registration in recharge and get paid Nigeria. There are

  • Basic member
  • Bronze member
  • Silver member
  • Gold member
  • Diamond member
  • Platinum member
  • Executive member

Basic Member – N5000

You will earn back 20”% of your registration fee that is N1,000 instantly plus 20PV. And earn up to 5th level deep of your downlines.

Bronze Member – N10,000

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N2,000 instantly plus 40PV. And earn up to 6th level deep of your downlines.

Silver Member – N20, 000

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N4, 000 instantly plus 80PV. And earn up to 7th level deep of your downlines.

Gold Member – N30,000

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N6, 000 plus 120PV. And earn up to 8th level deep of your downlines.

Diamond Member – N 40, 000

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N8, 000 instantly plus 160PV. And earn up to 9th level deep of your downlines.

Platinum Member – 50,000

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N10, 000 instantly plus 200PV. And earn up to  10th level of your donwlines.

Executive Member – N100, 000

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N20, 000 instantly plus 400PV. And earn up to 10th level deep of your downlines.

Frequently asked question (FAQs) about Recharge and get paid

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria LTD (RAGP): How it Works 2020 4

PV means point value. These are the points that come with your registration package and as well your team, for you will not only earn the referral or registration bonus from your team members.

The point value attached to the package is also received which will count for you overtime.

And when it accumulates to 10,000PV in a month, you will be awarded N100, 000 Leadership bonus for that month and should in case you were unable to get that much it will be rollover to the next month, and that how it keeps accumulating to your 6M house fund.

When you register with a one-time payment for your preferred package, you would have an e-wallet account, with your unique username and password.

You’d also get back 20% of what you registered within your e-wallet account. You can do any of the following transactions.

  • Transfer airtime & data
  • Pay for a cable subscription
  • Pay for electricity bill
  • Transfer & receive e-wallet funds
  • Withdraw e-wallet funds to your local bank
  • Upgrade to a higher package
  • Pay for new registration
  • Monitor all your transactions.

To register on RAGP you will pick a preferred plan of which the lowest plan is N5,000. Whatsapp Johnmiracle Ejikeme (+2349061741954) for a guide.


There are two ways people live in life, some live like a hunter while others like a farmer.

A hunter is someone who when he is hungry carry his gun and goes to the bush to shoot animals. If he is hungry tomorrow, he repeats the same thing.

Whereas a farmer will take little seed to farm, plant it, water it regularly, and after sometimes he harvests.

Among the two set of people who will get better result.

Live like a farmer today and get bountiful results with Recharge and get paid Nigeria.

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