Reasons Why People Chose the Android Phone over Iphone

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Reasons Why People Chose the Android Phone over Iphone

The debate on which is more preferable in android phones and iphones is the biggest issue of discussion among people on social media platforms today. This argument often arises as there are differences between the apple Smartphone and the android Smartphone; these differences are in their mode of operation, style, battery capacity, picture quality accessibility, cost, size e.t.c. Here is how to insert sim in techno spark 4 phone, it might be of assistance to trouble souls.
Today, Android Smartphone now come in improved, beautiful and well designed forms. Here are some reasons why android smart phones are more preferred in markets today over the iphone.

1. Cost
the cost of a gadget is the first thing to consider while purchasing a product. The prices of acquiring an iphone are very expensive unlike android. Android smart phones are cheaper ranging on the quality of its features. With cash as little as 15,000 to 20,000 you can comfortably get an android but getting an iphone would cost you about 140,000 for the one with low features. In other words android are improving in designs at less price unlike the iphone that’s really sophisticated and expensive.
2. Memory
When it comes to memory space, the android phone is more preferable because they come with inbuilt memory and you can increase them by getting removable storage like your memory cards but in the case of the iphone, they come with inbuilt memory approximately 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and this cannot be increased because there is no provision for external memory card slot on the gadget. Most people who want more space for their hit shows, movies, and games should go for the android.
3. Battery capacity
the battery capacity of Smartphone is another reason why users prefer androids over iphone. Lately, the android phones are developing rapidly hence, improved in their battery as well for instance an android e.g. Samsung has been able to improve their battery capacity to about 4,100 mAh while iphone is at 3,046mAh. This means the android phone improve every minute trying to get better versions of operating system and improved battery so users can have full day usage without charge. This upgrade is not only for Samsung phones but other android like the Google pixels, xiaomi, huawie and many others have better battery capacity.
4. Easy to use, weight, screen size
the android interface was created in a way that it could be easy to use even without the aid of a manual. The android is simple and straight forward but the iphone is quite complicated with things like apple id, siri, app store, icloud with ordinary people find very hard to decipher. This apple features are not easy to access and it hard to get an average person to understand all these protocols so they prefer to go for the one they can understand. Another factor is weight, androids are now created to be so light, android weighs lesser than iphone you can have an android in your pocket and still feel light. The screen size of android is wider which gives amazing movie and gaming experience.
5. Phone availability
android smart phones are more available to users because a flagship of new and rebranded androids are produced yearly , this gives users opportunity to choose their preferred spec among a wide variety made available but apple releases a new brand yearly maybe consisting of two phones. There’s a long list of android phones created and more are still coming with improved system. The huawie Smartphone have currently developing phones to use the proposed 5G network.
6. App store vs. Play-store
androids have a wide range of accessibility to Google and its benefits. For instance, the Google play store allows users to download their favorite apps free or at low cost and with android, you really don’t have to download all the time because files can be shared among android and applications can be transferred easily which allows an android user access a wider app coverage . The Google now available on android which has been improved and allows Google access a third-party website and this gives the users wider access to everything on their device , but the iphone is restricted downloading apps from appstore at a high rate .

Conclusively, iphone and android are different in various ways, iphones are great phones notwithstanding, they come with great technologies and sophisticated interface and their style are different plus they operate with IOS. They come in better versions today such as the iphone X and iphone Xi. But when you are looking for pocket friendly and easy to use phone to purchase, try android.

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