Dating a South African man or woman is certainly not the same as dating someone from your home country. There are many romantic reasons to date a South African, but there are also practical ones too.

Amazing Reasons to date a South African

Some of these reasons include that they are not afraid of adventure and always open their arms to new experiences, while others might have less to do with romance.

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#1. Extremely friendly and welcoming people

South Africans are some of the friendliest and welcoming people in the world. This culture has made it easy for visitors to adapt to the South African lifestyle and culture. What can you expect from a typical day in Pretoria?

A typical day in Pretoria starts with fresh fruit or fruit salad for breakfast at one of the many popular spots around town. After that, go on a tour with a local guide who will tell about the history, culture, and customs of Pretoria’s diverse community.

At lunchtime, there is an abundance of eateries from traditional African restaurants to modern international cuisine. For dinner, try some local fare such as pap (porridge) or paprika chicken stew served with rice or Dassies/Ossie rolls (cornmeal). If you still have room after dinner, head out to the beach.

#2. South Africans love New experience

South Africans are known for being welcoming to new experiences and people. They are always open to new people, new ideas, and even just a few minutes of conversation.

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South Africa’s position on the African continent has helped it develop a diverse culture with a focus on its many cultures and religions.

As the country is becoming more popular as an international travel destination, it is important that South Africans continue to open their doors to those who want to experience their country.

#3. Respect others

South Africans have always been known for their respect for others. This is one of the main reasons that South Africa was chosen to host the FIFA World Cup.

However, this form of respect is not limited to just people who are South African. It also extends to those who have come from other countries and cultures. Throughout the history of South Africa, there has been a strong sense of unity among all people regardless of where they originate from or what language they speak.

The majority of South Africans are respectful and polite because it is an ingrained part of their culture. They are also known for having good manners that are seen as an integral part of being a good human being in society.

#4. love adventure, fun, and city escape

South Africa is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, people, and adventure. The average South African enjoys outdoor activities like mountain climbing, bushwalking, and horse riding.

Adventure in South Africa can be found in almost any form: it is on the slopes of the mountains, in the savannahs, or on the beach thanks to its diverse topography and climate. But it can also be found in big cities with their exciting cultural events and nightlife.

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Adventure offers much more than just fun activities. It also gives you a chance to visit places that are otherwise hard to reach without transportation such as remote villages and game reserves.

#5. Bilingual

The history of South Africa can be traced back to 1652 when Dutch settlers landed in the Cape. Since then, there has been a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity among South Africans. More than 200 languages are spoken in this country, which is the largest multilingual nation on earth.

Many people are surprised at how many languages most South Africans speak. One of the main reasons for this is that most people learn at least one or two languages growing up. For example, a majority of people (about 85%) learn Ndebele as their first language before going to school and learning English as a second language from Grade 1 onwards.

According to Statistics SA’s 2010 Census data, about 4% of the population speaks Khoisan languages while another 10% speak one or more other indigenous African languages.

#6. Good cuisines and treat

The South African cuisine is a fusion of the cultural influences of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The diverse range of ingredients, spices, and styles help to make the South African dishes a unique culinary experience.

South Africa has many foods and treats specialties. Popsicles are one such favorite that has found their way into the hearts of both locals and tourists alike.

The country’s distinct flavors come out in dishes like boerewors, bobotie, bobotie patties, boerie roll as well as recipes for baked goods like yellow financier and clafoutis

South Africa is also known for its wine culture with many different varieties available in the country’s vineyard

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#7. Determined, dogged, and tough

South Africa is now a full member of the World Trade Organisation.

In spite of the country’s numerous setbacks, South Africans are resilient and determined to succeed in their goals. Because they have endured so much since the Apartheid era, they know how to handle crises.

South Africans are tough, determined, and dogged people who refuse to give up on their goals.

#8. Strong, inclusive family ties

South Africa is one of the most diverse and inclusive countries in the world. This is largely due to its large, significant family.

South African culture has long been based on family and kinship. This is evident in all aspects of the South African’s life, from language to religion and even the nation’s economy.

Roughly 48% of South Africans live with their parents into adulthood as compared to just 9% in the United States. 45% of South Africans get married before 30 years old, while only 37% of Americans do so.

It is no surprise that family remains one of the most important aspects in South Africa’s society.

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