RCN Review 2021: Internet and TV Service

RCN, the short form of Residential Communication Network. Located in Princeton, New Jersey. RCN Corporation is a cable TV provider that also offer or give internet and telephone services. RCN doesn’t claim as much of the market share as the larger internet providers. However, this medium-sized internet provider is popular in Massachusetts, Illinois, and a few other metropolitan areas.

It is a telecommunication company that provides high speed internet, digital TV, and phone services for residential, small and medium enterprises and business customers. This internet company is rated as one of the largest internet providers in the United States as well as in the entire world. RCN is YouTube HD verified and also a Netflix open connect partner.

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RCN is an aggressive competitor when comes to internet pricing and speeds against the large companies like AT&T and Comcast. Customers are benefiting from the competition. RCN is increasing the fiber network to offer gigabit service of 1,000 Mbps. These changes are mainly occurring in the Chicago, NYC, and DC metropolitan area.

The pricing for RCN’s basic daily plan is competitive with service that’s in 50 Mbps range. As of now, all of RCN’s plans come with unlimited streaming. For this reason, RCN is a good service for people seeking to cut the cord.

The Pros and Cons of RCN


  • Super-fast and reliable internet: RCN allows users to test their internet speed and provide or recommend ways to help them optimize their connection for the best and fastest internet performance possible. It offers Ethernet, data, voice and video solutions to large and small businesses.
  • Affordable pricing system: RCN pricing is competitive when compared to other internet providers and that has made it a very good or the best option for people who are looking for good prices. With RCN, customers can pay for their services on a month to month basis. It is good for people who do not also want to commit to a yearly or multi-yearly contracts.
  • High customer satisfaction rate: RCN is highly rated for customer’s overall satisfaction.it is also rated high in three individual categories which include installation and setup, monthly bill, and tech support. RCN maintains a more consistent service quality compared to other network providers.
  • World class fiber optic quality: RCN’s gigabit plans gives users upload speed of about 940 Mbps which allows internet services to work very well. The corporation is still working to increase the gigabit network to 1000Mbps and these changes have started happening in some cities where RCN is operative. RCN’s internet is fast, stable and reliable
  • Has a good and improved digital programming
  • Community support
  • No limit on the amount of steaming
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Cons of RCN

RCN has some limitations as regards to its internet services and other services.

  • Has a small service area: RCN offers internet services to a few states in the USA and it therefore does not have as many channels as its competitors in the USA. People who do not live in or near major cities are not likely to have this internet service provider as an option.
  • Secrete pricing: RCN goes a greater height to hide its prices thereby making it frustrating as it is impossible to know exactly what all the charges are on a RCN internet account.
  • The company has a poor track record
  • It does not enjoy an exclusive coverage area
  • With RCN, not all speed are available in every service area.

RCN is popularly known to have very low prices and these low prices has made it very competitive as the company uses hidden extras and misleading prices to publish low headline prices. RCN is operative in Pennsylvania, Boston, Chicago, Illinois, Washington, New York City, Massachusetts, Allentown, and Philadelphia all in the United States of America.  RCN business offers a full suite of communications products and services to businesses of all sizes including internet, voice, video, and network solution. The company also offer the following services

  • Quality customer services
  • 100% digital programming
  • A provider that supports the community
  • Free video on demand
  • World class fiber-optic quality
  • Super-fast and reliable internet

RCN is a three times winner of the PCMag’s Readers Choice Awards for best ISP as a result of its high rating in customer satisfaction, reliability and technical support. This award winning high speed internet provider has become the premier destination for 4k contents that allows customers to enjoy super clear pictures for sport, shows and movies.

RCN provides seamless user’s experiences and offers nothing less than reliable and affordable internet services with gigabit internet speed of up to 940 Mbps. RCN delivers seamless Wi-Fi for homes and video streaming through a blazing fast and secured network.

RCN Network Performance and Speeds

RCN, just like the majority of cable providers, use coaxial and fiber cables in their network. So, what does this mean? Essentially, it means RCN is investing in faster internet speeds to compete with companies like Verizon Fios and Google Fiber.

It’s expensive to upgrade a network, therefore the rollout process isn’t getting to happen quickly. the bulk of RCN customers will have a hybrid cable/fiber service. While the service will deliver faster internet speeds, it isn’t getting to be as fast as a 100% fiber-optic network.

What Upload Speeds Will Customers Get with RCN GIG Internet?

RCN’s Gigabit plans give customers upload speeds between 20-50 Mbps. this is often much slower than the 1,000 Mbps provided by a real fiber optic internet, but it is a considerable improvement from DSL and traditional cable. By having a hybrid fiber-coaxial service, RCN is in a position to supply competitive pricing and therefore the best speed-to-price value in their service areas.

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Most internet activities (using Facebook, watching YouTube videos, etc.) requires more download bandwidth than upload bandwidth. While RCN may have a slower upload bandwidth, it still provides a top quality experience as compared to traditional cable tv. RCN doesn’t compare to fiber optic service when doing activities like streaming on Twitch or chatting via Skype. However, having around 20 Mbps remains allows these internet services to figure fairly well. Customers won’t need to affect buffering issues or packet loss unless the web is employed by an outsized household.

Is RCN an honest Internet Provider for Watching Netflix and Streaming?

Because RCN does have data caps, it is a good selection to stream. Many of the larger internet service providers, like Comcast, have placed data limitations on their residential plans. RCN decided to require a special approach. the corporate encourages their customers to binge watch tv showing using sites like Netflix.

Promoting binge-watching isn’t an excellent thanks to get people to use RCN’s TV service. However, their position has garnered the corporate a positive response and increased their customer approval rating. tons of cord cutters have made the switch to their service.

RCN’s Network Technology: DSL vs Cable vs Fiber

The main problem RCN customers have with the service may be a common issue for cable providers. While RCN’s speeds are faster than DSL, it can vary throughout the day. The variations in speed are caused by bandwidth sharing in neighborhoods. The speed variations occur when the fiber line ends at a central node then switches to an older coax before it reaches the subscriber’s home.

Because of the recognition of Netflix and similar streaming services, it’s difficult for cable providers to handle the demand for increased video streaming bandwidth. During the high-usage periods during the late afternoon and evening, the rise in demand can cause speeds to decrease. While this typically doesn’t affect the image quality, it’ll cause downloading files and gaming to experience a decrease in speed.

Where Can People check in for RCN?

RCN may be a great provider. Unfortunately, the corporate doesn’t have a high availability. Anyone who doesn’t sleep in , or near, a serious city isn’t likely to possess this service provider as an option. RCN’s topographic point includes Philadelphia, Boston, Lehigh Valley, DC Metro, New York, and Chicago.

RCN’s focus is on installing their fiber-optic network. It is sensible that their efforts are concentrated in major cities where they will get a better number of consumers .

Anyone who wants to understand if RCN is out there in their area should visit the company’s website for more information.

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RCN’s Installation Fees and Options

Anyone whose house is already a neighborhood of RCN’s network can install their own equipment. Not employing a professional technician to put in the equipment does economize . However, anyone who isn’t a neighborhood of the RCN network or isn’t comfortable installing their own equipment will need knowledgeable technician. Compared to other cable companies, RCN’s installation process isn’t aggravating.

Customers who have used the service say that the company’s technicians gave them a 2-hour window to put in the service. The technicians actually arrived during that timetable. RCN will give customers a $20 credit if the technician arrives at the appointment late.

What are RCN’s Equipment Options?

The gateway that comes with RCN service depends on the plan customers select. RCN has options for standalone modems and routers, a mixture modem/router, and a combo that’s for RCN’s Gigabit internet.

It’s hard to urge details on the RCN’s equipment because they need many various leases, routers, and modems counting on the customer’s locations and plan. Anyone who chooses to use their own router will need one that’s a DOCSIS 3.0 device with 24 downstream channels for speeds that are but 1 Gbps. A DOCSIS 3.1 device with 31 downstream channels is important for RCN’s Gigabit internet. people that want to use their own modem should read RCN’s guide to urge more details.

The Perks and Features of RCN

Affordable Monthly Pricing

RCN doesn’t require their customers to enter into a contract. Customers pays for RCN’s services on a month-to-month basis. Going contract-free is right for people that don’t need to plan to a service plan that needs a multi-year commitment. Not having a contract may be a positive thing, service contracts aren’t necessarily a nasty idea. Service contracts sometimes allow users to require advantage of lower prices and other perks because they decide to be long-term customers.

Even without a contract , RCN still offers excellent pricing. However, the company’s competitors may offer better deals for creating a commitment.

RCN is sweet for Cord Cutters

Anyone who seeks to save lots of money on traditional cable TV service might want to think about RCN. In some areas, speeds are up to 1000 Mbps, making the network capable of handling HD streaming. RCN is superb for watching Netflix, streaming audio, and YouTube. Subscribers can enjoy their favorite streaming activity and economize on their monthly bill.

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