Power of 2 Smart Contract Honest Review 2020

power of 2 smart contract review


Power of 2 Smart Contract – The SAFE and RISK-FREE way to EARN PASSIVE and RESIDUAL INCOME from your SMARTPHONE and from the COMFORT of your BEDROOM.

The World’s First-Ever FASTEST 1×2 Matrix Decentralised TRX Smart Contract, Passive Earning & Residual Earning Opportunity.

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Some awesome features of the Power of 2 Smart Contract:

  • Free Registration
  • Free 2 Referrals Automatically assigned to you as you register.
  • Earn 100% capital back on first partner assigned by the system
  • Earn 10% referral rewards up 10 levels deep.
  • Pass up commissions
  • Fully Decentralised
  • Uneraseable, 100% Durable
  • Complete transparency as all transactions are traceable and verifiable on Tronscan
  • Scam free because no one can close or stop the program for as long as Cryptocurrency exists
  • Fully Verified by Tronscan

For proper understanding, here is how it works;

How To Register ?


🔹 Step 2: Fund your wallet TRX. (Keep 5 trx extra)

🔹 Step 3: Open Dapps browser on your wallet and paste this link [ https://p2smc.io/register.html?refcode=D60okE0Y]

on it and search.

🔹 Step 4: Check your inviter ID and Click To Register. Join my group here on Whatsapp to get your ID (Here is it [ https://p2smc.io/register.html?refcode=D60okE0Y]

🔹 Step 5: Approve or Confirm your payment to register on the website.

🔹 Step 6: Wait for a second to receive all confirmations from the website. Till you see “Smart Contract Call”

🔹 Step 7: You have registered successfully. Take note of your ID for login purposes and also copy your referral or affiliate link to share to your teams


POWER OF 2 is 100% Passive and 100% Residual.

It’s accessible and completely free to join and affordable to upgrade by all, as you can upgrade with as little as 518.6 TRX (approx $10).

power of 2 smart contract review

Read how the Power of 2 smart contact works below to begin your journey to your Financial Freedom.

What is Power of 2 Smart Contract?

Power of two is the advanced way to network market professionally, using a decentralized networking system called a smart contract.

A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control, or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.

They will work strictly according to the established program, and no one can change it.

They are uploaded to the blockchain network, and their work depends on millions of computers around the world!

In our case, this is a Tron smart contract, one of the cryptocurrencies among those on which it is possible to create smart contracts.

It is transparent and impossible to hack, manipulate, or delete. It will continue to work as far as the blockchain exists.

Concepts of Power of 2 Smart Contract

concept of power of 2 smart contract

Power of two is unlike other smart contracts, it protocol uses a powerline network of a 1 x 2 matrix structure and a unilevel network.

It pays 100% commissions through its fast moving 1 x 2 matrix and 10%
commission on each level of the unilevel network to above sponsors on 10 levels deep.

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Commissions are paid daily and directly to members wallets! There is no more waiting for a week or a month.

As soon as you cycle, you get paid that day upon confirmation of the transaction! The matrix model involves the most active people. And models by the type of unilevel attract precisely masses of people. Each model has its pros and cons.

We combined them so that the cons are completely leveled, there are only pluses.

How Does Power of 2 smart contract works?

how does power of 2 works

The matrix, unlike the unilevel, is a closed system, without deadlines. With a limited number of places and an unlimited number of reinvests.

Another key difference is the presence of the powerline network, which more encourages every active action.

Two programs work at the same time, parallel In the X-Factor program is the 1 x 2 matrix (1 line, and 2 places).

In the X-Prime program is the unilevel network which is an unlimited width plan, that allows you to sponsor only one line of distributors, so everyone you invite is on your frontline (i.e no spillover).

As there is no further restriction, you can build a stronger and longer (length) network down the line.

Commissions are paid to above previously joined users or to the line of sponsors on 10 levels deep.

When you activate Power of 2, you open both programs simultaneously.

X Factor How it works

Power of 2 Smart Contract Honest Review 2020 1

When you invite partners, they take places in the powerline and system automatically positions qualified members under you.

The distribution of payments when taking out the matrix automatically occurs as follows:

  • The 1st partner takes the 1st place in your slot. A 100% payment is immediately credited to your wallet.
  • The 2nd partner closes the 2nd place below you. You again receive 100% income but in the form of reinvesting.

Reinvest opens this slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Without reinvestment, this slot would close, and that’s it.

Reopening the slot, you take up an empty place to the SUPREME PARTNER. Accordingly, 100% for reinvestment is transferred to him.

Similarly, your invited partners and others will have reinvestments, and you will instantly receive income from them per every reinvest.

XFactor Upgrade

In order for your income to grow, you need to activate (buy) the next level of the slot, that is, to UPGRADE.

If the next slot is not purchased from you, then you will lose commissions. Those commissions would be passed up to your supreme partner until you upgrade.

Qualification to upgrade to the next level, once the system gets you two (2)partners it will notify you to upgrade to the next level within 24 hours time period.

The choice is yours! Develop business and earn more, or take the money and see how others earn.

Thanks to this rule, most of your partners will increase the slots, and your business will grow.

If you made an Upgrade (bought the next slot), then you have a new slot of the current level, and a more expensive slot opens.

You take up a free place with a supreme partner in the respective slots. At the same time, you do not have to wait for the reinvest, you can upgrade by collecting two payments so that you do not miss any commissions.

For example, you have 1 slot active, and the 2nd – not yet. The system finds you two (2)free users/partners to qualify you for an upgrade, you receive payments and you upgrade to the 2nd slot. There is a reinvest, 1st slot is reopened, and now an upgrade from here will no longer be needed. Next, you will need to upgrade from the 2nd slot, acquiring the 3rd. Etc

Your partners are following you. And as soon as all two places are closed under them, a reinvest occurs, 100% of which immediately comes to you.

Thus, a chain reaction occurs, and your partners immediately stand under you again! And again, you get paid directly to your wallet! This principle is one of the advantages of decentralized projects in general.

Absolutely all payments, 100% goes to your wallet, and you do not even need to worry about withdrawing funds! The profit is already on your Tron wallet!

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Xprime factor how it works

Power of 2 Smart Contract Honest Review 2020 2

Once your invited members in the powerline upgrades or activates X-Prime, you as the supreme partner or sponsor receive 10% commissions paid directly into your wallet.

Commissions are distributed according to smart contract protocols up to 10 levels above the joined users according to the line of sponsors.

This is based on timestamp, first come first served protocol. The example shown above indicates ID# 15 one line of distribution.

The same applies to the following IDs # 8, 21, 11, to infinity.

If a partner of your invite upgrades or activates X-Prime before their sponsor.

The sponsor loses both the commission and the partner to the supreme partner. The commission is therefore passed up to the supreme partner.

Xprime Slots

In each of these two programs, “X-Factor” and “X-Prime” have slots. All similar but works in 2 different ways.

Each subsequent slot is 2 times more expensive than the previous one. And, as a result, the income and profits from them are twice as high!

How many slots can be activated immediately? You can open as many slots as you want! At least all ten at once!

They have no expiration date, so you can not be afraid that they will burn. All active slots move and bring you revenue in parallel.

The 1st slot of each program costs 259.3 trx. They are bought together; separately, the 1st slot cannot be taken.

Accordingly, the input to the matrix is generally 518.6 TRX. You can purchase all further slots separately, in order from the smaller to the larger.

It is impossible to buy a 3rd slot without having an open 2nd.

This symbiosis of marketing allows absolutely every participant to earn money and rightly bears the title of a national project because the interests of not the creator, but ordinary participants are more fully realized.

With the smallest actions! Where you have the opportunity to earn the most money! And that’s not all!

How are the levels of the slot developing

Power of 2 Smart Contract Honest Review 2020 3

There is enough income from each slot to reinvest in a slot of the same level and buy a slot of the next level. You decide whether to purchase the next level slot!

There Are no violent factors such as auto upgrades, which would lead to the need to centrally accumulate funds.

You can overtake your sponsor by acquiring slots to which he has not yet purchased. In this case, you get up to his supreme partner/sponsor, the closest who has such a slot, and the income goes to him.

When your sponsor finally reaches the same slot, then, after reinvesting, you will take an empty seat from him, and again bring the payment to him.

Thus retained personally invited partners forever.

Xprime how the levels developing

Earn an active income as a participant on X-Prime for life. You will earn enough income from each slot you purchase or upgrade, deep down to 10 levels.

You decide whether to purchase the next level slot! There are no violent factors such as auto upgrades, which would lead to the need to centrally accumulate funds.

You can overtake your sponsor by acquiring slots to which he has not yet purchased.

In this case, you get up to his supreme partner/sponsor, the closest who has such a slot, and the income goes to him.

When you overtake sponsor on a certain slot to which he has not yet purchased, makes him lose you as a partner and the income he is supposed to receive from you and your network.

Until your sponsor upgrades ahead of you, he will continue to lose you as a partner whenever you overtake him.



As Power of Two(P2) Smart Contract will be launched soonest, I urge you to set target for yourselves.

As a leader, joining this opportunity with me, you shouldn’t have any reason not to earn at least 500,000 TRX in a space of 45days.

500,000 Trons is about $14,500 (N7,000,000+).

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With my calculations, it’s a simple task to achieve in P2 giving the many ways to earn massively and easily.

A leader who bought upto 5 Slots within 24hours of launch and who also have about 10 Downlines who bought atleast 3 Slots within same 24hours will hit this 500,000TRX in about 6 weeks.

Smart Contract is the only current online business that still turns a beggar to a millionaire overnight and if you’re business minded, you should seize this opportunity to liberate yourself forever from financial difficulty.

I know a young man who borrowed $17 (N8,700) to participate in a Smart Contract and in 24days later, he made over $22,000 (N11,000,000). In same project, I made over double that amount in 30days with same $17(N8,700). Similar stories abound.

So, what you’ve got in your hands is Goldmine; while others are mining satisfactorily, some who lack vision would be complaining.

Don’t be among Complainants and to ACHIEVE that, you need to begin to do the necessary work now.

Take this business with both hands, shun the Poverty mentality that urges you to say “I can’t recruit”. This is a serious business that has the potential of changing your story overnight. So do all you can within the courtyard of legality to ensure you succeed.

Every leader under me shouldn’t go below 500,000 TRX in 30days. I have seen it, it’s easily achievable and we’re going to do it. I would do it in 4weeks or less, do it too in 6weeks or less.


BREAK DOWN COSTS for slots( 1 – 10 ) of X – Factor and X-Prime

Bear in mind that the Total Cost Splits by half of the Cost going to X-Factor; and the other half of the Total Costs goes to X-Prime

X-Factor: $5.00
X-Prime: $5.00
Total Cost is $10.00

X-Factor: $10.00
X- Prime: $10.00
Total Cost is $20.00

X-Factor: $20.00 X-Prime: $20.00
Total Cost is $40.00

X-Factor: $40.00
X-Prime: $40.00
Total Cost is $80.00

X-Factor: $80.00
X- Prime: $80.00
Total Cost is $160.00

X-Factor: $160.00
X-Prime: $160.00
Total Cost is $320.00

X-Factor: $320.00
X-Prime: $320.00
Total Cost is $640.00

X-Factor: $320.00
X-Prime: $320.00
Total Cost is $640.00

X-Factor: $640.00
X-Prime: $640.00
Total Cost is $1,280.00

X-Factor: $1,280.00 X-Prime: $1,280.00
Total Cost is $2,560.00

X-Factor: $2,560.00
X-Prime: $2,560.00
Total Cost is: $5,120.00

X-FACTOR = $5,115.00
= $5,115.000
ALL TOTALS = $10,230.00


☑️The cost to get started is only $10 and you pay after you get your 2 FREE referrals.

☑️Each slot is purchased only 1 time and you receive an infinite number of re-entries/reinvests


Slot 1: Profit $15 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 2: Profit $30 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 3: Profit $60 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 4: Profit $120 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 5: Profit $240 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 6: Profit $480 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 7: Profit $960 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 8: Profit $1920 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 9: Profit $3840 over and over again to Infinity.

Slot 10: Profit $7860 over and over again to Infinity.

Quick Analysis of Earning/Reinvestments
Taking Slot 1 X-factor, for example;

You earn $5 once you get your 2 referrals. The other $5 is paid to your upline in form of re-investment.

And once those two cycle out and re-enter again, you earn $5 each from them as form of re-investment and this continue over and over and over again till infinity times, for life. Amazing earnings!

To Register and get started Immediately chat me up via My Whatsapp group Here

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