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Power Of 2  Smart Contract  is a newly launched smart contract platform based on tron (TRX) blockchain. While several people are willing  and are very anxious to learn about this newly launched Power Of 2 Tron Smart Contract  , it’s fascinating that the newly launched platform maintains a risk-free and completely decentralized peer-to-peer system.

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Definitions of Concepts

Tron –Tron (symbolically denoted with TRX) is a cryptocurrency created in 2017. Admittedly, it has grown into a significant digital currency, making it one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies.

Decentralization –this refers to a system devoid of regulatory individuals (such as admins), project management or server monitoring. With Tron being a decentralized platform, all individuals (including Tron creators and investors) on the platform are equal, meaning one participant doesn’t stand the chance of modifying its smart contract.

Smart Contract –this refers to the algorithm lying within the blockchain cryptocurrency.

If you’re well conversant with the popular Forsage smart contract platform, you’ll quickly grasp what power of 2 is all about.

power of 2 smart contract

Power Of 2 Tron Smart Contract is;
✓ Decentralized
✓ Immutable
✓ Secure
✓ Tamper Proof
✓ Peer 2 Peer
✓ Risk Free
✓ Transparent


Power of two is the advanced way to network market professionally, using a decentralized networking system called smart contract.

A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. They will work strictly according to the established program, and no one can change it. They are uploaded to the blockchain network, and their work depends on millions of computers around the world!

In our case this is a Tron smart contract, one of the cryptocurrency among those on which it is possible to create smart contracts. It is transparent and impossible to hack, manipulate or delete. It will continue to work as far as the blockchain exist.

You register for free.

✅ 2 direct referrals are assigned to you – guaranteed,
✅ You immediately earn commission from the 2 referrals.
✅ You activate your account to cash what you earned.
✅ Automatically the system reinvests for you so that you earn again and again on same slot whether you recruit or not.
✅ We are given two registration options. It’s important to note the terms & conditions;
✅ register for free,
✅ register and pay immediately.

Option 1; Free Registration
All you need is like 3TRX in your wallet for gas fee (transaction fee), which doesn’t go to the P2 smart contract but into the Tron blockchain. The system then places 2 global downlines under you. This is the beauty of P2.

Note the condition for this option; you must make sure you pay for your account (activate/upgrade) within 24hrs after the system assigns 2 global down-lines to you. Failure to activate on time, you loose your 2 global down lines and your position.

The system then places you at the bottom of the powerline to wait again for 2 global down lines. That’s why i insist that everyone must prepare in advance. Preparing in advance is having your Tron ready in wallet.

How you Earn in (power of 2 smart contract P2)

P2 is a very powerful way to earn in Tron. Once you grasp the concept well, you’ll definitely see why you MUST be part of this great opportunity.

There are two ways to earn in P2 namely; X Factor and X Prime. Anyone who activates their account automatically is placed on both factors and have potential to earn in both.

How You Earn In X Factor
✅ Earnings are entirely from the global downlines. Global downlines are members that join the system when we share the P2 opportunity. They benefit us both – those who share the opportunity and those who don’t.
✅ You earn 100% of the activation fee of the global downline placed on your left leg.
✅ Action fee of the global downline placed on your right goes to the person above you on the system.
✅ You get 100% re-entry on the same slot to earn over and over again.
✅ After you’ve made money from slot 1 of the X Factor, you may upgrade the subsequent slots on both X Factor and X Prime to earn bigger money.

Please Note; you earn from X Factor every time the system places global downlines on every slot you have activated. Earnings on X Factor, therefore, DO NOT depend on your personal efforts. You earn whether you recruit or not as long as the system places downlines under you in any given slot.

All you need to keep doing is buying the subsequent slots all the way to slot 10 and earn over and over again on every active slot.

However, those who never refer anyone CAN ONLY earn on X Factor BUT NOT on X Prime. You are free to recruit or never recruit but this condition applies. Earnings on X Prime are purely from your personal DIRECT REFERRALS. The more direct referrals you get, the more money you make on X Prime.

Let’s check the benefits of upgrading to higher slots.

Therefore, to earn on both X Factor and X Prime, you MUST have a direct referral. P2 encourages us to get at least 2 directs in order to benefit from both systems. Please get your own directs and ride on both factors.

How You Earn In X Prime
As I said earlier, earning on X Prime is dependent on your personal effort. It’s from the people you personally refer to P2. Therefore, we can say; whereas X Factor pays you PASSIVE income, X Prime pays you RESIDUAL income.

There are 10 slots to activate in X Prime just as there are 10 slots to activate in X Factor.

✅ There are 10 levels in the X Prime.
✅ The first level comprise your personal directs.
✅ The 2nd to 10th level comprise indirect referrals from your personal directs.
✅ P2 pays you 10% bonus from activation fees when your directs and indirect referrals activate their slots on level 1 to 10.
✅ The only condition is that you MUST always be ahead of your team to activate any slot before anyone else does, otherwise you loose commissions from those who activate before you do.


-The cost to get started is only $10 and you pay after you get your 2 referrals.
-Each slot is purchased only 1 time and you receive an infinite number of re-entries.
Members earn the following…

Slot 1: Profit $15 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 2: Profit $30 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 3: Profit $60 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 4: Profit $120 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 5: Profit $240 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 6: Profit $480 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 7: Profit $960 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 8: Profit $1920 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 9: Profit $3840 over and over again to Infinity.
Slot 10: Profit $7860 over and over again to Infinity.


Follow the instructions below to begin your journey to your Financial Freedom.

Step By Step Start Up;

1) Step One: install TronWallet. Click on this link to download it from play store


2) Step Two: fund your TronWallet with at least $11 worth of Tron.

3) Step Three: invite a friend(s) if you may.

4) Step Four: be online at the time of launch so that you get joining link on time.

How Do I Register In P2?


🔹 Step 2: Fund your wallet TRX. (Keep 5 trx extra)

🔹 Step 3: Copy your sponsor’s referral link here [ https://p2smc.io/register.html?refcode=D60okE0Y], open Dapps browser on your wallet and paste the link on it and search.

🔹 Step 4: Check your inviter ID( THE LINK ABOVE) and Click To Register.

🔹 Step 5: Approve or Confirm your payment to register on the website.

🔹 Step 6: Wait for a second to receive all confirmations from the website. Till you see “Smart Contract Call”

🔹 Step 7: You have registered successfully. Take note of your ID for login purposes and also copy your referral or affiliate link to share to your teams.


Is Power of Two (2 )Smart Contract Really Legit?

For the fact that nobody reserves the power to delete, modify or tweak power of 2 Tron Smart Contract , it’s pretty certain that P2 Tron Smart Contract is a reliable and legit scheme. With its smart contract uploaded to the TRON blockchain, P2 Tron Smart Contract is regulated automatically and is based on blockchain.

In all sincerity, there are no administrators (or specific individuals) vested with the power of influencing the autonomous operation of Power of 2 Tron Smart Contract. Also, by means of the smart contract, dividends on Power of two Tron Smart Contract are paid automatically.


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