Pixabay is an online platform for sourcing free images which anyone can use to their own satisfaction. Lots of photographers, bloggers and graphic artists use Pixabay. While many bloggers rely on Pixabay for free-to-download high-quality images, some photographers have leveraged the platform for the charitable distribution of their creative works.

If you’re one of the cheerful givers among photographers, you might want as many as possible people to use your works without paying a dime. This, of course, is why a platform like Pixabay pitches your images in front of people willing to use them for free.

Predictably, you’re reading this post just to find out how you can sign up for Pixabay. But before we show you the easy steps for creating a Pixabay account, here are some interesting things to know about Pixabay:

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Pixabay Is Safe for Image Download

If you’re safety-conscious enough, you’ll likely want to know if Pixabay is free from malware and viruses. Lots of exciting and top-quality images are available for download on Pixabay and there doesn’t seem to be any known virus alert concerning these images. Pixabay would not want to host virus-infected contents that might leave a blemish on the site’s enviable reputation. This, presumably, is one pretty reason to believe that Pixabay images are safe for download.

Pixabay Images Can Be Used for Commercial Purpose

To clear whatever doubt you have concerning the commercial use of Pixabay images, Pixabay officially indicates that anyone can use its images for commercial purposes. And in doing this, the stock photo site doesn’t mandate you to give credit to the original owners of the images.

There’s no need stressing that commercial use of copyrighted images can land you in trouble. You could get into a face-off with the owner of a copyrighted image you’ve used on your website. Given that you sourced your blog/website images from Pixabay, you can rest assured that you’re pretty safe from copyright issues.

According to Pixabay, any of its images can be distributed, modified and copied based on users’ volition. Tons of bloggers out there are in dire need of an excellent repository for sourcing non-copyrighted images they can use on their blogs. Not only does Pixabay host non-copyrighted images, the stock photo platform also boasts a truckload of top-quality images.

Tons of Pixabay Images Can Be Freely Edited

If you’re a blogger who loves tweaking downloaded images to their taste before using on blogs, Pixabay is probably your best bet for thousands of free-to-edit images. Both bloggers and website designers will find it fascinating to use these images.

How to Sign up for Pixabay

2.3 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere - Pixabay

  • Visit the website of Pixabay using this link
  • Navigate to the top right-hand side of the site’s page and select the Sign Up button
  • Provide your details –Username and Email Address –as required for the Pixabay account creation
  • After that, you’ll have to create a secure password
  • Select the Sign Up button after creating the password
  • You can as well link your Google or Facebook account for the signup process. To do that, simply click the Sign Up button that you see after landing on Pixabay’s page. Then, select either the Google icon or the Facebook icon, depending on which of Google and Facebook you’re linking up for the account creation

Some of the Questions You May Want to Ask about Pixabay

What Else Does Pixabay Offer?

You’ll be wrong if you ever think images –and nothing else –are all Pixabay can offer.

Pixabay might seem like a site best known for its imposing collection of free-to-use images but in reality, the site offers videos, illustrations and vectors in addition to those images.

Pixabay hosts a whole lot of 4k videos and you’ll likely find the platform pretty handy for the regular download of creative vectors and illustrations. Graphic artists who constantly need ready-made vector files for their creative works can always have recourse to Pixabay. And just like its images, Pixabay vectors and illustrations are free to download.

Does Pixabay Allow Me to Upload My Images?

Inasmuch as you can comfortably deal with the fact that anyone can use your images freely, nothing should stop you from uploading your excellent images to Pixabay.

Anyone can upload their content –videos and images –to Pixabay provided they deem it convenient to release such content for public use. Notably, you’re not getting any royalty for the uploaded images but you’ll become one of the “cheerful givers” contributing to the Pixabay community of photographers, artists and content creators.

Also in uploading your images to Pixabay, ensure the pictures are devoid of trademarks, copyrights or other rights-related restrictions. We already clarified that Pixabay lets anybody download and use its images freely and this is why we don’t recommend that you upload copyrighted images to the platform.

If you’re a photographer with images already sold to brands and other clients, it’s not advisable that you upload any of such images to Pixabay.

Are Pixabay Videos Also Free to Use?

Whether 4K or not, Pixabay videos can be downloaded for free. And prettily, you can exercise volition over the videos just as much as you do with Pixabay images.

Pixabay videos are suitable for various purposes including using them as YouTube video additions.

Can I Download Shutterstock Images for Free on Pixabay?

Shutterstock images can be found on Pixabay and if you’re already conversant with Shutterstock, we may only have to remind you that the site (Shutterstock) monetizes its photo content.

To download a Shutterstock image, you’ll either have to pay a monthly membership fee or pay a fee that varies depending on the image you’re downloading.

Shutterstock is more or less a platform for the resale of digital content and the platform is well admired for its imposing collection of mind-blowing images. Considering that Pixabay hosts Shutterstock images and directs users to the Shutterstock site (for the purchase of such images), it’s highly presumable that Pixabay generates affiliate revenue through partnership with Shutterstock.

You can download a Shutterstock image from Pixabay but as you must have guessed, you’ll be directed to the Shutterstock site where you’ll eventually have to pay for the Shutterstock image.

Is There Any Limitation on Where I Can Use Pixabay Images?

You’re free to use Pixabay images on any platforms including blogs, websites and social networks.

Does Pixabay Support Hotlinking?

As you might want to know, “hotlinking” is a situation whereby you directly link images to your blog/website rather than download them. After downloading a Pixabay image, you’d normally have to upload the image to your blog/website before you can have it on the website. But if you’re going the way of “hotlinking”, there’ll be no need for all that.

Pixabay, however, doesn’t support “hotlinking” and that aside, “hotlinking” isn’t a recommended idea for anyone willing to conform to the best of practices for placing images on their website. This is all because “hotlinking”, unlike the normal download-and-upload process, denies you the freedom to modify texts, descriptions, names and other features of the images you’re downloading for upload to your website.

Frankly, “hotlinking” is not a recommended practice for bloggers who are keen to push up their blogs in terms of SEO.

Few Restrictions Associated with Use of Pixabay Images

Although we earlier mentioned that Pixabay images are free from copyright “headaches”, your use of such images is still restricted. Therefore, here are some of the things you’re not allowed to do with Pixabay images:

Unethical Modification of Pixabay Images

Unethical modification, in this context, refers to the manipulation of a Pixabay image in a manner that portrays a negative impression about the owner or the personality conveyed in the image.

In other words, it is not permissible to devise editing/manipulation techniques for offending the sensibilities of the people, brands or characters connected to a Pixabay image.

Reselling Pixabay images

Pixabay lets you use its images based on your own volition but this freedom doesn’t give you the right to resell the images. Although free-to-use, such images belong to their owners and it is inappropriate to think you can trade them for money.

Also, it is not permissible that you sell the actual copy of a Pixabay image in any tangible product (such as printed material and poster).


There’s no denying that Pixabay is one of the best websites for unrestricted access to myriads of free-to-download images. As a plus, images on Pixabay are copyright-free, giving you the pretty assurance that using Pixabay images on your website should not land you in any trouble.

In the broadest sense, anyone can use Pixabay images without having to credit the original owners of the images. What this means is that if you need copyright-free images that you can readily use on your blog, Pixabay could be your best bet.

Even though Pixabay images can be used on other online platforms without any need for attributing them to their owners, we implore you to give some credit to these owners probably as a way of recognizing their invaluable effort.


Is Pixabay Safe To Download Pictures From? Best Practices And Rules To Follow.


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