Physical/Health Education Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students


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SUBJECT:    Physical/Health Education     


  1. The activities which is done for enjoyment during leisure hours and which involves competition is called ______ (a) physical education (b) sports (c) recreation
  2. Soccer, volleyball and rounders are called ________ sports (a) individual sports (b) team sports (c) players sports.
  3. Activities done for enjoyment and satisfaction during leisure periods are called _________ (a) recreation activities (b) pastime activities (c) sporting activities.
  4. All of the following are basic swimming strokes except _______ (a) back stroke (b) breast stroke (c) all the above
  5. Which of these increases water confidence in swimming (a) jelly fish float (b) turtle float (c) all the above
  6. Balancing activities, tumbling, headspring, cartroheel, vault and parallel bar activities. These are the basic skills for _________ (a) gymnastics (b) rope climbing (c) somersault
  7. Gymnastics activities includes the following except _________ (a) rope climbing (b) trampoline activities (c) flexibility activities.
  8. The officials of badminton are _______ in number (a) 3 (b) 6 (c) 4
  9. In the game of badminton, the _______ is the highest official of the game (a) service judges (b) umpire (c) the linesmen
  10. Which of this is not a basic stroke in badminton (a) forehand stroke (b) back stroke (c) hind stroke
  11. _________ is a basic skill in badminton? (a) cripping the racket (b) the serve (c) the smash
  12. The playing court, badminton posts, net, shuttle cock and racket are facilities and equipment of _______ gymnastics (b) badminton (c) hockey
  13. All of the these are the basic skills in wrestling except ________ (a) standing position (b) the take-down (c) escape
  14. Holding an opponent’s arm to the back in wrestling is called _______ (a) arm dog (b) hammerlock (c) pin
  15. __________ is not a type of wrestling (a) international wrestling (b) traditional wrestling (c) modern wrestling
  16. What type of wrestling is inculgated in our culture (a) modern wrestling (b) traditional wrestling (c) none of the above
  17. Gymnastics activities are performed in an indoor or outdoor space (a) true (b) false (c) not sure
  18. Balancing activities includes the following except _______ (a) the head balance (b) the hand balance (c) the leg balance

SECTION B – Answer any three questions from below all question carries equal marks.

1a.     List five safety rules that should be observed while swimming.

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  1. Enumerate the activities which can enhance water confidence.
  2. List the basic swimming stroke

2a.     What is gymnastic?

  1. Outline the activities that make up gymnastics
  2. List 4 benefits of participating in gymnastics

3a.     List the equipment and facilities used for badminton

  1. Name the officials in badminton game
  2. Mention 4 strokes in badminton

4a.     What is fault?

  1. Mention 4 faults in badminton
  2. When is a let called to replay?
  3. Enumerate the scoring systems (points) in wrestling.

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