Saving spare money may not be a habit you have long cultivated. But if you get to enjoy a platform that directly invests your saved funds and brings you returns, there’s the likelihood that you’ll want to save money again and again.

Interestingly, this is what PayDay Investor does.

Developed by ARM Group, PayDay Investor is an investment platform in form of an app that helps you accomplish savings targets.

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Beyond helping you to reach your savings goals, PayDay Investor avails you the opportunity of generating returns from your savings. This is to say that on one hand, the app lets you save ahead of a goal (such as vacation, school fee payment, etc.) and on the other hand, it guarantees some beneficial investment for your savings.

While this post comprehensively reviews PayDay Investor, rest assured that it will help you find out everything you may want to know about the investment platform.

How Does PayDay Investor Work?

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PayDay Investor works in such a way that permits you to save money towards a set goal. Basically, the investment platform operates through an app which you can easily link to your debit card. On one hand, this app lets you keep an eye on your investments and on the other hand, it automatically deducts funds from your bank account.

Notably, the app will make continuous deductions from the account depending on your scheduled period. While the period could be daily, weekly or monthly (just as stipulated by you), PayDay Investor comfortably allows you to save towards a goal you aim to accomplish in a specific future time.

Not only does the PayDay Investor app make regular deductions from your account (for savings purpose), it also helps you invest the deducted money. Prettily, the app invests your savings in a profitable mutual fund whose quarterly returns exceed those of a normal savings account.

Is PayDay Investor Really Legit?

It’s very likely that you want to know if PayDay Investor is a legit investment platform. Frankly, it’s very normal to question the legit status of PayDay Investor as there are dozens of fraudulent investment schemes across the Internet.

Fortunately however, PayDay Investor is far from any of the deceptive investment platforms you may have come across. According to reports, PayDay Investor is a brainchild of the ARM group which is an operative company established in 2004. With findings having shown that ARM is regulated by SEC (Security and Exchange Commission), anybody investing in PayDay Investor should rest assured that their investment is safe.

PayDay Investor Mobile App –How to Get Started with It

PayDay Investor - Apps on Google Play


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