How to get Page Financials Loan

How To Get Page Financials Loan

Page loan is a loan request service that is offered by Page financials a company that is based in Lagos with offices in all the states in Nigeria. If you are an individual or a business entity and you’re looking for access to loans then you can get that with a Page loan.

More than just giving easy and convenient loans page is also into competitive ROI investment, digital payment solution, funds transfer, and other financial products.

Page loan is a payday loan designed for salary earners in Lagos and Ibadan. So if you work in any of this to cities and you have a minimum monthly salary of 100000 then you can access a page loan.

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Loan offer

Page financials give loans offer up to 200k and 5 million for new customers. If you have an existing business in Lagos you can have access to a minimum of 500k to 20 million loans.

These loans can come in handy if you need to sort out some emergency issues or fund a new project. In the next lines below I’ll be showing you the requirements and process to apply for a page loan in Nigeria.

Page Financials requirements

Before you apply you want to make sure that you are able to meet up this requirement as stated by the company. One you must be a salary earner and must earn a minimum of 100000 monthly.

  • You must be able to present a salary account statement of up to 6 months
  • You must stay and work in Lagos or Ibadan
  • You are required to have a valid BVN number
  • Passport photograph
  • Valid id card from your workplace
  • The mobile number that is connected to your bank account and BVN.

In the process of applying for your page loan, it is possible for the company to get some of this information directly from your application.

If you feel you meet up with this requirement all you need to do is just start your application and follow through to have all the information required submitted.

How to Apply

To start your loan application visit page website using the link here.

Patiently supply all of the information data required from stage to stage this way the company can properly decide on the approval of your loan.

In the process of filling the form you will be required to upload some of the documents and it has stated under your requirement, you need not worry about your meeting up or sending files from one office to another as you can virtually do everything online.

Please note that you’ll be required to submit your correct BVN number this way the company can be able to verify your true financial standings.

once you successfully submit your application you just need to see the back and expect to the company to get back to you via your email or phone number.

As soon as all the details are correctly submitted,  the company your loan will be processed as soon as possible.

Your personal page financial account will be credited and then you can use the page card to withdraw money or use the page app to transfer the money from your page account to any other third party account.

You’re not charged any transaction fee. from your picture account, you can send money to friends and family is with zero charges.

So if the salary is taking longer than you expect on you have some money issues to attend to why not turn to page loan?

Page Loan Calculator

You can use the page loan calculator to analyze how much you can get and the repayment period.

Interest Rate

When we analyzed the page loan calculator for N200k loan to be paid back in 3 months, the loan calculator estimated that ₦77,723 will be paid back monthly, to make a total of ₦233,170 for 3 months. The interest rate is a little over 30% for 3 months.

Page Loan App

You can download and install the page financial loan app on your mobile from the Google play store using this link. 


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