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OTC platform operates according to the B2P principle, thus in each country, an accredited partner will exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat (currency) of that country. Users will be able to make deposits in their local currencies through various payment systems; withdrawals are available on local bank cards.
Coinsbit is an Award-Winning Cryptocurrency Exchange, an as a result of that they seamlessly offer reliability. Maintaining confidence and trust is coinsbit ultimate priority.
As a result of the trust and confidence, Consbit became part of the  largest exchanges in the ranking of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
Furthermore, users are also presented with the opportunity to deposit and withdraw cash using our partner’s outlets collaborating with the OTC platform newly launched on the coinsbit platform.
The list of available countries and currencies will gradually expand! There are currently 55 currencies available for exchange on the platform until the end of 2020.
The main feature of OTC platform is developing its own token – Coinsbit OTC Token, which gives a lot of beneficial opportunities for users.
Coinsbit OTC Token (OTC) is developed by the Coinsbit team, to get discounts on trading commissions when buying or selling cryptocurrency on the Coinsbit OTC platform in the amount of 15%, 25% and 50% of the commission per transaction. The integration of OTC token will be done soon after the completion of all final check tests on the OTC platform.

Advantages of using COINSBIT OTC platform:

Convenience: Possibility to buy or sell cryptocurrency, using stock balance and complete operation with fiat currencies, the number of which will continuously grow.
Safety: transactions will be carried out according to the “escrow” principle, which will provide users with security and guarantee them the receipt of cryptocurrency or fiat money.
Stay tuned to get more updates and interesting information from Coinsbit!

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