Oriflame Nigeria | How Miss Joy Became a Successful Oriflame Fulltime Earner in 2020

Oriflame in Nigeria

Hello Dear, My name is Miss Joy, I have a very astonishing story to share with you about Oriflame in Nigeria.

  • What is Oriflame
  • The kinds of Oriflame products
  • How to make money from Oriflame and
  • How does Oriflame works.

Meanwhile, I guess ORIFLAME may not be a new thing to you, but then I don’t know if you see the life impact of Oriflame Business in Nigeria.

Because I am about to share my success story with you.

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Permit me to introduce this magnificent company Oriflame in Nigeria.

What is Oriflame in Nigeria

Oriflame is a beauty and wellness company from Sweden, started Operations in Nigeria on 2nd October 2014.

They have over 500,000 registered consultant and over 300,000 active sales force.

Through Oriflame, many young and old have experienced financial freedom.

Oriflame is the Only Swedish company selling direct in Nigeria.

They are in collaboration with the SOS children’s Village to help support the less privileged children’s.

Moreover, they are the youngest and fastest growing market in the Oriflame world.

Is Oriflame Products any good?

Oriflame products

Because Oriflame from SWEDEN, they believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and successful life, have beautiful skin, and the right to express their style.

Oriflame has a unique view of beauty. For them, beauty is more than how you look.

 It is also about what you do every day and how you feel inside.

Oriflame believes it’s about staying social, enjoying what we do, and living responsibly. 

This means caring about the world around us.

Because if you feel good, you look good.

Believe that starting a business should be affordable, low risk, and accessible to everyone who wants to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. 

Above all, Oriflame offers a low membership fee with absolutely no Risk, free training and support tools to help you grow and succeed

3 Major Brand Promise From Oriflame

Oriflame promises and ensures you get the following:


How I Joined Oriflame in Nigeria | Miss Joy

I was introduced to this wonderful company by my sister, honestly, I joined Oriflame in Nigeria because I wanted financial freedom and also to be able to help people with any sort of skin problems, and trust me it wasn’t a bad idea.

Yes I was scared oh that people won’t buy I had to be bold and walked up to some people and tell them about our products they liked it and bought some things and later referred their friends and family to come on board that was how business started.

It is never easy. But then, I owe allegiance to Oriflame company for providing such opportunity for Nigerians.

Meanwhile, as a lady I have always wanted to be a financial woman.

Yea, I hate nonsense, and lack of money bings nonsense, their by I have always wished to start-up a business all by my self.

I valued entrepreneurship, but then the capital to start a fully-fledged business makes the whole process a little but foggy.

Everyone wants to be financially free, but people dont give us this opportunity.

Oriflame will, it your era of financial freedom. I am not saying it is going to be easy just as you can read A, B, C.

But then, doing that which will make your life worthwhile is worth it. Give Oriflame a chance to help you

Benefits in and How Oriflame works in Nigeria

  • The first is looking good, and that’s a good business already
  • Help you start a fully-fledged business and be your own boss
  • Oriflame products help solve your skin issues.
  • Oriflame help you create a Financial Plan B for yourself.
  • Oriflame gives you the opportunity to socialize and lots more.

How to join Oriflame and make money from Oriflame

You can register with us as a User. In which case you get great and quality products at 23% discount.

You get to use good Products. Look healthy and young

You can also be a partner as a Retailer

Buy products at a 23% discount, sell and make a gain of 30%.

Let’s take a look at this

On every performance level, you climb you are entitled to salary (what we call Orialert)

So, even as you make a profit from your everyday sales, at the end of the month Oriflame still rewards you for (Orialert) partnering with them. 

One of the many perks of becoming an Oriflame consultant is having the opportunity to see the world and travel for free.

As you move forward in your business, you can qualify for international travel, participating in conferences that take place in destinations such as

  • USA
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • the Mediterranean,
  • and many other exciting places.

Now how do you become a partner with us??

How to register on Oriflame

  • To register and be a direct seller with Oriflame, you need 3k registration fee
  • After registering with N3,000, you also need N10,000 to buy products, N1,000 delivery fee, and N100 handling fee.
  • A total of N14,100 and you are good to go

Anyone can join Oriflame are you a full-time house wife or you need a side hustle, already employed..

This is for you there’s no crime in making money from different sources right….?

Oriflame accommodate any and every one.


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