NNPC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2020/2021 See Full List

NNPC Recruitment

Welcome to mitrobe network, In today’s guide, I will be dropping helpful guide and tips on NNPC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates  for the 2020/2021 recruitment exercise.

See Full List of NNPC Shortlisted Candidates in 2020/2021 below: Are you among those aspiring to be employed to Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)? If yes, follow the lead below to check if you are shortlisted for the pre-screening exercise.

Here is the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Full List of Shortlisted Candidates 2020, Procedures on How to Check NNPC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2020 for Pre-screening is also available on this page. 

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NNPC Shortlisted Candidates

We are using this medium to formally inform all those that applied successfully that they should now get ready to check if their names are among those who have been shortlisted for the pre-screening exercise that would come up short in due time.

IMPORTANT! Currently, NNPC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates List 2020 for pre-screening is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC) has assured all applicants that the compilation of the list of successful/shortlisted candidates has already been concluded.

How to Check NNPC Shortlisted Candidates

Candidates who applied for the exercise can now check their names on the published list of shortlisted candidates for NNPC pre-screening test using the procedure provided below:

  • Log on to NNPC portal here https://careers.nnpcgroup.com/job_desc.
  • Login with your email address and password.
  • Navigate to your dashboard to check your status.
  • Another way entering your names or phone numbers

Warning! Don’t make any payment to anyone please.

N/B: NNPC management will never ask you to pay anything to get shortlisted.

What Should I Do After Checking My Names?

Those who have been able to see their names on the list of shortlisted/successful candidates will have to get prepared for the aptitude test that is coming up soon nationwide.

You are to bring all your documents to the venue alongside the following:

  1. Degree Certificates
  2. NYSC discharge certificate
  3. Date of birth certificate or affidavit.
  4. O level results.

N/B: The screening exercise will be conducted Nationwide.

IMPORTANT! Currently, NNPC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates List 2020 for pre-screening is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out

How to Access the Full List with Your Mobile Device

Remember that you can check your name using your mobile device or computer. Just make sure it is connected to the internet before you login to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC website.

  • Log on to http://careers.nnpcgroup.com
  • Navigate to the section that requires you to enter your phone number.
  • Click on the search button.

Note: Always check your mail and keep your lines open for SMS. The board will surely send out a directive via mail.

What’s the Next stage after NNPC List is Out?

Currently, you’re to note that NNPC will officially commence the next stage of the 2020 application after all successful candidates are done checking their names.

Ensure not to disclose your login details with anybody… Keep it safe.

NNPC Job Interview

Just like you’d normally prepare ahead of a job interview, you should note that an NNPC job interview demands a lot of preparation. Regardless of the job position you’ve applied for, do well to prepare ahead of the interview as there are many other people who will be interviewed on that same job position. Preparing ahead of an NNPC job interview gives you a likely edge of getting eventually employed after a successful application.

To aid your preparedness for a typical NNPC job interview, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 tips that should give you inkling of what the interview would look like.

The Interviewers May Want to Test Your Knowledge of NNPC

It’s essential that you have conducted in-depth research about a recruiting company before heading to any of its interviews. Of course, you wouldn’t like to find yourself in the awkward situation of flopping when asked the question “what do you know about NNPC Nigeria”.

Endeavor to thoroughly read about NNPC’s history, services and contributions to Nigeria’s oil sector. You’ll get to know a whole lot about NNPC by perusing its website’s category on public relations.

You’re Likely to Be Questioned on Why You Intend to Work with NNPC

As a job seeker with firm purpose, you shouldn’t think twice when asked why you wish to work with a particular company you’ve just applied to. In the same manner, you should be ready to command smartness, precision and confidence when questioned about what prompted you into applying for the oil company’s job position.

The Interviewers May Seek to Know Why You Chose a Particular Job Position

It is in the light of this possibility that you’re advised to only apply for an NNPC job position that suits your qualifications, credentials and competency. While the interviewers would like to test your knowledge of a chosen job position, you should be ready to tackle their question with a precise and succinct statement of those skills which qualify you for the job position.

List of States that Eligible for Screening Exercise

 FAQ’s About NNPC Recruitment Screening

Experience has thought us that in every recruitment exercise there will be an interview and also an examination that all applicants must sit for before they will be considered for employment. So, below are common frequently asked questions by the interviewer.

♦ What do you know about NNPC Nigeria?

This is a very simple question and believe me many will still fail this question because of tension.

Most will probably not remember the full meaning of NNPC not to talk about what the corporation stands for and it’s important to the nation.

To get the right answer to this question you need to check the mission statement by browsing through NNPC portal then navigating to public relations category.

♦ Why do you want to work with the NNPC?

If asked this question, an opportunity has presented itself for you to sell yourself to the interviewer. You should tell them why they should hire you and your past experience, what you have learned from it and what you are bringing to the table at the end of the day.

No single company will like to hire a liability, they need individuals with brain to help solve a problem in the organization.

♦ Why this job position?

This question is direct and requires a direct and short answer remember there is no time and no one wants their time to be wasted. Quickly list your skills, qualifications and above all your past experience.

♦ Why are you leaving your former place of work?

Most organizations through the interviewer they hire will like to find out why you left your previous job for them. Never you say anything bad about your previous job or the company you have worked for. Say good things and tell them what you have learnt and give a valid reason why you left.

For me, i would advise, you cite the problem of marriage, distance or not inline with your goal. Don’t ever talk about salary because if you do they will assume that you going to leave them soon when next you find a better paying job.

♦ Which of our business locations across Nigeria would you prefer?

Most times they would ask such questions just to find out if you know about the company in terms of their branches across Nigeria. Do your home work well, find out other branches, head offices, states branches etc about NNPC.


We strongly believe you’ve found this article useful for your information seeking on NNPC Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates for  2020/2021 calender year as well as  NNPC job recruitment process. If your NNPC application yields a successful result implying that you should appear for an interview, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with the NNPC job interview tips discussed earlier.


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