Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know About NIS[]

Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment

Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know About Nis

Welcome to Mitrobe Network, In today’s review, you’ll learn everything about Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Process  including Everything You Need To Know About NIS

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) was set up in 1958 as a paramilitary establishment (headed by the Nigerian Chief Immigration Officer) and whose responsibility is to discharge core immigration duties.

It is worthy of note that recruitment into NIS occurs on a yearly basis and the paramilitary establishment maintains a functional online portal for its recruitment exercise.

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In this article, you’ll find out accurate information on all you may need to know about NIS including how to apply for its job positions.


Roles of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS)

The Nigerian Immigration Service plays essential roles intended to ensure safe and legal migration of people into and out of Nigeria. This is why the roles/functions performed by the NIS are outlined as follows:

  • Observance of patrols intended to protect Nigeria’s borders
  • Execution of investigation protocols as required for the appropriate regulation of Passport offices and the Nigerian Sea Ports
  • Detection of illegal immigration-related crimes such as the possession of fake travel documents

General Requirements for NIS Recruitment

The NIS stipulates conditions which all of its applicants must meet before they can be deemed eligible for its recruitment. These conditions are otherwise regarded as the “general requirements for NIS recruitment” and are outlined as follows:

  1. Applicants must show evidence of certification (as granted by a Government Medical Officer) indicating that they are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy for service in the NIS
  2. Height measurement for male applicants must not be less than 1.70m while that of female applicants must not be less than 1.64m
  3. Applicants with fractured bodily parts, flat feet and pregnancy shall not be accommodated
  4. Applicants must not be found guilty of or complicit in any kind of financial embarrassment
  5. Male applicants are expected to have at least 0.87m in chest measurement
  6. Applicants must not have fallen out/short of the age bracket “18-35 years”
  7. Applicants must be free from a pending court case or any record of criminal conviction
  8. Applicants must maintain Nigerian citizenship either by descent or birth

How to Apply for NIS Recruitment Process

  • Head on to the NIS recruitment portal by clicking here
  • After landing on the recruitment site, scroll to the site’s Immigration Recruitment Advertisement link and tap it
  • Then, tap the associated Apply button
  • Register with the recruitment website as required
  • After the registration, login with your details
  • Upload your documents provided you’re required to do so
  • Submit your application form and obtain a printout
  • Do well to click the Send button to have your application submitted successfully –Provided that you have duly complied with the preceding instructions, your application will be accurately submitted and you’ll be sent an automatic confirmation via email


Note that the NIS will conduct an assessment test on your application in order to evaluate your training, skills and experience. It’s possible for your assessment to involve a form of knowledge-based examination such as an aptitude test, computer-based test or written exam. You needn’t worry about the specifics of this assessment test as you’ll be notified about the duration, type and time of the test. NIS maintains a special commission saddled with the task of evaluating the results of its knowledge-based exam. And following the knowledge-based exam, NIS will let a candidate know whether they will be shortlisted for an NIS job interview or not.



We strongly believe that this review has shed enough light on the recruitment process of the Nigeria Immigration Service, how to apply for a job position in the Service and the general conditions for eligibility into its job positions. However if you wish to find out more about NIS recruitment, you may visit the official website of the Service through


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