Nigerian Customs Services Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know About Ncs Recruitment

Nigerian Customs Services Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know About Ncs Recruitment

Welcome to mitrobe network, today I will be revealing everything about Nigerian Customs Services Recruitment Process –including Everything You Need To Know About Ncs Recruitment

The Nigerian Customs Services (NCS) is an agency established with the aim of improving service delivery without disrupting Nigerian Government’s intervention control required for the effective and systematic maintenance of the agency.

Besides administering the cross-border transit of goods and clamping down on illegal international trade activities, NCS massively recruits Nigerians into its various job positions every year.

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Therefore in this article, you’ll find out every bit of information you need about NCS recruitment process including how to apply for the agency’s job positions.


General Requirements for NCS Recruitment

There are basic conditions that all persons interested in NCS job positions must fulfill before they can be successfully recruited. Described as the general requirements for NCS recruitment, these conditions are outlined as follows:

  • Possessing a proof of good health (both mentally and physically) obtained from certified government medical personnel
  • Possessing Nigerian citizenship acquired through descent or birth
  • Freedom from any instance of financial embarrassment
  • Possession of good character and freedom from criminal offences
  • Possession of a certificate of country of origin endorsed by local government –it isn’t permissible to tender a certificate certified by a liaison officer in place of this
  • (For males) having a chest measurement not below 0.87m
  • (For males) having a height measurement not below 1.7m and (for females) having a height measurement not below 1.64m

How to Apply for NCS Recruitment

Anybody who has duly fulfilled the earlier-listed conditions for NCS jobs can partake in the Service’s recruitment process by applying for the job that befits their qualifications. Before you get to see the instructions for applying into an NCS job position, you should note that the form you’ll fill during your online NCS application is divided into three parts namely:

  1. Parent/guardian consent form
  2. Acknowledgement form
  3. Local government attestation form

Also, you should note that having a valid national ID card is required of you before you’re able to carry out your NCS job application. Finally, below are the instructions for NCS job application:


Note that it is unacceptable for a single person to apply into two or more NCS job positions. NCS will declare an applicant with more than one application unqualified in the course of the recruitment process. Also, applicants are strongly advised to only submit the documents that pertain to their chosen NCS cadres. In other words, it’s inappropriate to present the wrong documents by probably submitting a bachelor’s degree for the NCS “inspector cadre”.

Lastly, we urge you to make all your necessary eligibility/certification declarations in the course of your NCS application as you won’t be permitted to make any additional certification declaration after the recruitment process.



We strongly believe that you have obtained all the information you need concerning the recruitment process of the Nigeria Customs Service. If you’re however in need of more information concerning NCS recruitment process or the eligibility requirements, you may visit the Service’s official website through

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