Finger foods have recently find its way to the heart of Nigerians and have therefore become indispensable in typical Nigerian parties and ceremonies. They are usually identified as small chops and there are very many types of them. Small chops are appetizing snacks to prepare guests in view of the main dish.

List of Top Finger foods in Nigeria (Small Chops)

In the next line belows, We have listed out some of the top finger foods Nigerians love to eat in case you want to use them to soothe your guest in your next party.

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1. Asun

Asun means spiced up goat that is commonly served in ceremonies and evening parties. The alluring aroma of asun is irresistible. it is a collective ritual common to every Nigerian. More like it in the Nigerian Suya- You need not necessarily wait to attend a party to have a taste of the Nigerian beef kebab- Suya.

You will often find them in most of the streets in Nigeria. Suya is the most popular Nigerian street food, it is roasted beef spiced with a secret recipe called Yaji, enjoyable with slices of onion and cucumber.

2. Puff Puff

However different these names may be, they refer to a small ball of dough with yeast, fried with plenty of vegetable oil.
Something that sounds so simple has logically inspired creative spirits from around the world to hide inside all kinds of delicious surprises It is a sweet temptation made from flour, sugar, water, nutmeg, and then deep-fried to give the brownish inviting look.

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3. Samosa

The samosas are small masterpieces of Southeast Asian cuisine, small triangles of dough fried, with a filling that can vary, between meat and fish, but where vegetables and the classic Indian spices are never missing. ”, Including cumin, coriander and of course a touch of ginger.

The recipe is simple, the only difficulty is being able to manage the fried food without going crazy and plaguing the whole house. Because they should be thrown into a boiling sea of ​​steaming oil, not fried in a pan.
It is usually served at occasions alongside puff puff, spring rolls as small chops.

4. Peppered Snails

Nigerians can’t let go anything grilled, fried and peppered. Peppered Snails is a must have on the menu of top restaurants, bars and clubs in Nigeria due to the immense love Nigerians have for this small chop menu. Peppered snails have also become so popular that they are usually served as small chops in ceremonies, parties and events. Peppered snail easily prepared in as much the snails are thoroughly clean.

5. The spring rolls

Spring rolls is an easy and very tasty dish that is among the most identifiable with Asian cuisine but have become popular in Nigeria over the years. Traditionally they are prepared in China as part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, which usually takes place with the arrival of spring. The spring roll of pasta is stuffed with julienne vegetables and minced meat that is fried in abundant oil.

6. Sausage Roll

Sausage rolls, an easy recipe for birthdays, or any other event where you serve ‘snacks’ . Success assured because these rolls ‘slightly disappear’ as soon as they are tasted. They can be the solution for those endless afternoons, full of games and fun or as a cover for any party or gathering of friends in Nigeria.

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7. Meat Pie

Meat pie stuffed with melted cheese and cooked ham, a quick second course, rich and hearty! This mess will get everyone, young and old alright !! Prepare in a few minutes, easy and with guaranteed success!

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