In our quest to find the next winning cryptocurrency, our eyes and ears are always peeled for any mention of a new token. Today many artists have found a way to earn revenue using the various NFTs available in the cryptoverse. This article discusses everything you need to know about the fast rising NFT Art Finance (NFTART).

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What is NFT Art Finance?

NFT Art Finance (NFTART) is a cryptocurrency implemented on the Binance Smart Contract, from which it executes its code. The currency’s goal is to create a trading platform for artists to mint and sell Non Fungible tokens.

The token began trading around $0.0000000010 on April 22nd. It began at this low price due to ots enormous maximum supply of 10 quadrillion tokens.

How to buy NFT Art Finance?

The procedure involved in buying NFT Art Finance (NFTART) is not at all simple. This is because NFTART is not listed, so it cannot be purchased normally on exchange platforms such as Binance, Coinbase and others. Due to this, it requires a slightly complex procedure to purchase NFTArt.

Don’t fret, however, in this comprehensive guide we will see how to buy NFT Art Finance (NFTART) in a few simple steps:

  • 1. Download “Trust Wallet ” to your device
  • 2. Buy a BNB in the Wallet or register on Binance
  • 3. Convert BNB to Smart Chain
  • 4. In the Browser section of the Wallet, click on Pancake Swap
  • 5. Trade BNBs for NFT Art Finance
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Step 1

1. To purchase NFT Art Finance (NFTART), first you need to get on the Android or iOS version of Trust Wallet and create your Wallet.

Step 2

2. The second step is to buy the BNB (Binance Coin) cryptocurrency because it will allow you to exchange the value you will buy, with the equivalent in NFT Art Finance (NFTART).

If you buy BNB (Binance Coins) on the Binance platform , you will need to purchase at least 0.5 BNB which will be equivalent to a value of at least 110 euros based on the value. (recommended, for less tax)

Furthermore, by registering at the following link, you will receive 10% discount on all future commissions on BINANCE. If you are a casual investor, this opportunity might just be for you.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have enough money and you want to invest a few euros, just buy the BNB directly from the Wallet.

In fact, by clicking on “BNB” and then on “buy” it will be possible to buy them. The minimum amount is $50, which is approximately 42 euros.

This payment method will require a non-percentage fee, but a fixed fee of $ 3.99, about 3 euros. So the best option is to buy on Binance where the fees are slightly lower, especially on large capital.

NB: Taking into account the high demand for BNB, there may be moments of maintenance. Don’t worry, just pass the coins not in the BNB section of your wallet, but in the Smart Chain (BSC) section, the commission will be slightly higher but it will allow you to do the same thing you would have done in the next step.

ATTENTION: In this particular case select the link to receive Binance Smart Chain, not Binance Coin. If you miss the link of the coins, they will be lost forever.

How to Send Cryptocurrency into The Wallet?

The process is very simple, just select the crypto you want to receive on your wallet, then click on receive and then on copy. Paste the link obtained in the Binance address.

Keep in mind that the simple BNB coin and the Smart Chain coin are two different things, sending a coin to the wrong address would mean losing the sum forever.

Step 3 

3. Once the BNBs have been purchased, it is necessary to switch to Smart Chain. In this case, click on BNB and the icon in the top right of the three dots.

A menu will then open, click on Swap to Smart Chain and select all the BNBs you own. All of this requires a fee of approximately $1.

NB: If you have them directly in BNB Smart Chain you can skip this step. 

Step 4

4. After doing this in the Browser section, click on PancakeSwap. Once inside, click on Connect at the top right to connect your Wallet and click on Trust Wallet .

Step 5

5. Select the maximum amount of BNB you own and enter the slip percentage which must be 11%. (if it doesn’t work input 12%).

Finally, in the arrival section of the Coins enter the code you find on the NFT Art Finance (NFTART) website, that is: 0xF7844CB890F4C339c497aeAb599aBDc3c874B67A (this code is used to find the crypto, which is not yet well known).

Then click on Swap, and then on Confirm Swap. In a short time the new NFT Art Finance token will be credited to your Wallet. 

NB: This article is not intended as financial advice and should not be regarded as such , it is for information only.

Price of NFTART

As at the time of writing, NFT Art Finance was trading at $0.0000000016, an 11.02 percent low in the past 24 hours.

Its market capitalisation stood at $51,828,597, while its circulating supply totalled 32,390,646.00B NFTART.

What are NFTs?

NFT, short for non-fungible token, are digital tokens which can be considered as certificates of ownership, made inviolable by blockchain technology, and which are sold or bought like any other good, but without having their own tangible form. The Metakovan buyer will just have to type in his line of code to access the work and its certificate of authenticity.

While bitcoin is a fungible asset, NFTs work in a totally different way.

They are non-fungible tokens, and therefore by definition unique. Their value is defined by their rarity: NFTs are non-replicable. Each of these non-fungible tokens have a digital identification number that serves as a certificate of authenticity. To do this, blockchain technology is used; it is also the technology used to record transactions of all crypto-currencies on the market such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

NFTs are currently enjoying unprecedented success. The movement began to gain momentum when Jack Dorsey, creator of the social network, Twitter, put his first tweet on the platform for sale for the tidy sum of $2.9 million.

Its acquirer, Sina Estavi, received a digital certificate signed and verified by the creator of Twitter in exchange for his purchase. More and more atypical projects are participating in the recent craze for non-fungible tokens.

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