World Cup 2022: it’s Time Football Stood up to Qatar

When FIFA first announced the 2022 World Cup would be held in Qatar, it’s fair to say the decision raised one or two eyebrows among the football...
Nigerian SEC Abondons Proposed Plan to Regulate Cryptocurrency in Nigeria after Central Bank Ban

SEC Abondons Proposed Plan to Regulate Cryptocurrency in Nigeria after Central Bank Ban

The security exchange commision in Nigeria have Abandon it's proposed plan to regulate Cryptocurrency in Nigeria after Central Bank Ban According to reports,the Nigerian market regulating  body was...

FG Partners with Tiimafrica to re-open portal for youths to assess $5,000 grant

FG, Tiimafrica to re-open a supplementary application process for youth to apply for a one time grant worth $5,000. Federal Government and Tiimafrica are set to re-open a...

Everyone Can Now Buy N5,000 Bitcoin With this Method

Obviously persuading an average Nigerian to invest in digital currencies has been quite the task in recent years and the last decade has witnessed many instances that...
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OTC Platform Finally Launches on Award-Winning Cryptocurrency Exchange Known as Coinsbit

OTC platform operates according to the B2P principle, thus in each country, an accredited partner will exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat (currency) of that country. Users will be...
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The Zoom App –Everything You Need to Know About It

There are chances that you’ve heard one or two things about Zoom app; provided that you’re familiar with software apps designed for videoconferencing. Whether you wish to...
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Zoom Vs Skype –Which Is Better?

Zoom Vs Skype –Which Is Better? Considering that there is a decent array of widely used videoconferencing apps in the software market, deciding the best platform for your...
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Facebook To Supply Faster Internet To Africans

The biggest social media platform, Facebook is having a laudable project for 16 counties in African. They will be collaborating with international telecoms companies to create a...
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Coronavirus: World Health Organization Insist that COVID-19 may never go away

"It is important to put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus may never go away," WHO officials tells virtual press conference.
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5G Network not connected to COVID-19 — CDD

The CDD, in a statement, said: “As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the world, fact-checkers at the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) have been on their toes, exposing unfounded claims over its origin, spread among many others.