Mtn Nigeria Recruitment –How To Apply For Mtn Nigeria Job Vacancies


Looking for MTN Jobs?Here is a detailed guide on How To Apply For Mtn Nigeria Job Vacancies

MTN Nigeria is a subsidiary of MTN, a South Africa-owned telecom company which has been operating vibrantly in Nigeria since 2001. Irrefutably, MTN Nigeria maintains enviable prestige as the telecom company with the largest subscriber base in Nigeria.

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Both in Nigeria and West Africa, MTN has made its mark as the leading mobile network operator. Currently, MTN Nigeria boasts having more than 55 million subscribers.

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Besides playing a major role in Nigeria’s telecom industry, MTN Nigeria has contributed immensely to efforts intended to lessen the impact of unemployment in Nigeria. Year in year out, the telecom giant recruits a massive population of Nigerian graduates into its labour system.

If you’ve been browsing the Internet endlessly for useful information about applying for job vacancies at MTN Nigeria, rest assured that your search ends here. Verily, this article has got all you need to know about MTN Nigeria recruitment.

Applying for MTN Nigeria Job Vacancies

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MTN Nigeria runs a website “” which caters to the needs of people willing to apply for MTN Nigeria jobs online. In order to conveniently tender your application for a job vacancy at MTN Nigeria, you have to register on the website mentioned earlier. The registration doesn’t cost any amount of money and it can be completed within relatively few minutes.

Notably, you may have to submit your CV at the point of registration. At the same time, you’re allowed to apply for the advertised MTN vacancies on the website and keep a watchful eye on your application.

How to Apply for Available MTN Nigeria Jobs Online

To apply for an available MTN Nigeria job online, visit the official website of Careers at MTN Nigeria. Browse the website’s job page and then hit the APPLY button on the page. (Note that you must have registered on the website and submitted your CV before you’re able to apply for an available job)

After tapping the APPLY button, you should wait for the webpage to successfully load so that you can subsequently supply your details as would be requested. Do well to accurately input your details in the appropriate fields before tapping the provided SUBMIT button.

General Requirements for MTN Nigeria Recruitment

Although certain job positions have specific requirements, there are a number of conditions which anybody applying for MTN Nigeria jobs is expected to meet. These conditions are defined as the general MTN Nigeria recruitment requirements as outlined below:

  1. Fluent command of English language
  2. Minimum academic qualifications being any of B.Eng, B.Ed, BA, B.Arch, HND, B.Tech or B.Sc
  3. Applicants are required to have authentic NYSC exemption or discharge certificates
  4. Applicants must be in the age bracket of 18-45 years old
  5. Applicants must show the readiness to work

Below are some of the job positions MTN Nigeria is currently recruiting people into as of the time of writing this post:

  • Senior Manager, Business Intelligence and Geo Marketing
  • Specialist, Contracts
  • Analyst, CVM Operations
  • Analyst, Revenue Reports
  • Senior Officer, Sourcing
  • Graduate Administrator, Treasury Operations
  • Manager, Business Intelligence (Voice) –Marketing
  • Account Partner, Corporate
  • Auditor, IT Security Audit
  • Coordinator, Brand & Communication
  • Engineer, High Level Support
  • Planner, Material Resources
  • Senior Manager, RF Optimization
  • Graduate Representative, Sales & Trade Development

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