Most Downloaded PSP Games for Android Phones 2020 (PPSSPP 2020)

Best PSP Games of All Time

Most Downloaded PSP Games for Android Phones 2020 (PPSSPP 2020)

PSP, which is the portable variant of the popular Play Station gaming console, is one lovely gaming device that has caught the fancies of many gamers for an immense time. However, the technological drift to more portable devices (such as smartphones) is gradually infusing decline in the popularity of PSP.

However, before listing the most downloaded PSP games in 2020, lets consider in brief steps to Download Playstation Portable (Psp Isos) Roms For Free


Have you ever imagined what it feels like to download free PSP ISOs? Would you like to know where you can download PSP ROMs without any hassle?

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If your answer to the above questions is yes, you may have to read this article further.

Frankly, the task of downloading working PSP ROMs might not be as easy as browsing the Internet. Sometimes, you may end up downloading from virus-loaded sites or platforms that hardly offer working PSP ROMs.

To save you any form of stress while looking for PSP ROMs that you can safely run using a PSP emulator on several OS platforms (including Mac, Android and Windows), we have helped you filtered out the most reliable sites.

In your previous search for free PSP ROMs (ISO), you may have observed that majority of the sites you browsed eventually offered you fake PSP games. This must have disappointed you extremely and to save you similar disappointment in future, we’ve compiled an honest list of the 5 best sites for the download of free PSP ROMs.

Although a comparatively low percentage of games on these sites might not work, you can rest assured that no less than 90% of the games you’ll find on them are working.

Top 5 Most-Trusted Sites for Free Download of PlayStation Portable (PSP ISOs) ROMs


This site boasts an array of decently arranged games and as you explore its vast collection of games, you’re certain to find PSP games that are playable on various operating systems including Android, Windows and Mac. It’s highly recommended you give Coolrom a try especially if you’re damn allergic to difficult-to-navigate sites.


As a game-centric site, Emuparadise hosts a whole lot of game ISOs suitable for a variety of consoles including Sega and PlayStation. If you’re keen to see numerous PSP ROMs, Emuparadise should be the site on your mind. In fact, Emuparadise happens to hold the largest database among the gaming sites in this post.


Just as its name implies, Romhustler is simply the go-to place for gamers in dire search for PSP ROMs. Whether it’s for playing on your PSP emulator or any other system, you’re sure to find lots of interesting PSP ISOs on Romhustler. Quite frankly, Romhustler is very safe to use and just like the other sites mentioned here, it hosts a whopping number of real PSP ROMs.


CDRomance doesn’t seem to host PSP ROMs as many as those hosted by the other sites in this post but of course, you can expect to get the most commonly played PSP ROMs from the site.

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