Most Downloaded Ppsspp Games for Android Devices


Greetings guys, in today’s article, I will be discussing the Most Downloaded Ppsspp Games for Android Devices as well as PC devices PSP, which is the portable variant of the popular Play Station gaming console, is one lovely gaming device that has caught the fancies of many gamers for an immense time.

However, the technological drift to more portable devices (such as smartphones) is gradually infusing decline in the popularity of PSP.

As a result of the latter, many gamers who can’t just do without PSP games would be damn eager to play their favourite PSP games on their Android smartphones. As such people might wish to know the most downloaded PPSSPP games out there, we’ve taken time to thoroughly compile and present them as follows:

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PES 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is undoubtedly one of the most-loved PSP games available to Android users. Courtesy of the gamers’ attraction to this soccer game, PES 2019 has experienced tons of downloads, giving it a likely edge as the top choice of most soccer game addicts.

More to that, PES 2019 packs a whole lot of stunning features including its chic graphics, mind-blowing live commentary, player trading, enhanced playing techniques, improved goal tactics and player updates.

Assassin’s Creed –Bloodline

Bloodline is touted as the initial version of Assassin’s Creed on the PSP platform. By virtue of the affection many gamers have grown for PSP-based Assassin’s Creed, more and more Android-based downloads have been recorded for Bloodline.

In its ever adventurous feel, Bloodline features Altair who’s destined to traverse Cyprus and trace down the last Templars. Altair has to fight with a certain adversary under Templar leader Armand Bouchart’s mentorship.

God of War –Ghost of Sparta

God of War has constantly remained a top favourite among addicts of fighting games. Like it is on PSP, God of War is downloadable on Android devices and in recent times, the game’s Ghost of Sparta seems to have recorded a huge number of downloads.

Besides being God of War’s second-placed entry in the PSP gaming realm, Ghost of Sparta may be described as the link between God of War I and God of War II.

Metal Gear Solid –Peace Walker

Konami-produced Metal Gear has been a well-known franchise in the gaming industry. While PSP gamers can reckon that Metal Gear Solid subjects its player to a long fighting mission, Konami seems to have delighted gamers with Peace Walker which is the most recent Metal Gear entry.

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