Top 10 Most Beautiful Beach Resorts In Nigeria

Beaches not only add to the natural beauty of the environment, but it also serves as a place of relaxation, and a center for tourism.

In this article, I will be making the list of top 10 beach resorts in Nigeria you might want to visit.

1. Lagos bar beach

The Lagos bar beach can be found along Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island in Lagos state. It is not only one of the oldest, but it’s also one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria.

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Lagos Bar beach used to be a place where convicted criminals are publicly executed in the 1970s. Convicted criminals like Babatunde Folorunsho, Joseph Ilobo, Williams Alders Otazino, Lawrence Anini, and Dr. Oyenusi were executed in these bar beaches.

Lagos Bar beach resort which used to be a popular place for relaxation and tourism has now over the years lost its popularity due to the several developments going on there. Lagos Bar beach no doubt is still a lovely place to visit.

2. La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Champagne Tropicana beach resort is one of the best and most visited beaches in the country, and it is situated Ikegan, Ibeju, in lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

La Campagne Tropicana beach offers vacationers and tourist recreational activities like swimming, canoeing, fishing, etc.

La Champagne Tropicana beach resort is one of the best beaches in Nigeria because it is decked with a blend of natural environments such as the lakes, mangrove forests, Savannah, Sandy Beach, and the Atlantic sea.

It also offers its visitors the beauty of Africa by the display of cultural dance. It offers services like spa treatments, massage therapy.

It also has a view that is quite intriguing.

3. Coconut beach

It is situated at Lagos-Badagry expressway in Lagos, and it is distinctly beautiful as it is situated in an area surrounded by coconut trees.

Apart from the fact that this bar beach is shrouded by coconut trees, vacationers also tend to enjoy the tropical sun if the beach.

The bar beach also shares the same features with bar beaches in Lagos state. It is located 20 miles towards the Nigerian border and the republic of Benin.

It is a beautiful place to visit whenever you want to be alone due to the calmness of the environment as well as the fresh air you will enjoy. It amuses its visitors with music and a serene environment.

4. Tarkwa Bay Beach

It is an artificial sheltered beach situated at Tarkwa bay in victoria island. It’s a haven away from the hustles and bustles of life, particularly in the state where it is situated.

If you need private time alone, you can go for Tarkwa bay beach because of the serenity of its environment and the calmness it brings.  It can only be accessed by boats and water taxis due to its island level.

5. Lekki Beach Resort

Lekki beach is one of the best beaches in Nigeria situated at Lekki-Epe, expressway, Lekki in Lagos state. It catches the attention of foreign tourists due to its beautiful sight.

It features an array of Artificial beach shelters made of palm fronds and umbrellas surrounding it. It is a must-visit.

6. Eleko Beach Resort

Eleko Beach is at Km 56, Lekki-Epe expressway Lagos and it isn’t far from the La Campagne tropical beach. It was opened in 1989, and it is situated down the Lekki peninsula, 30 miles away from Lagos.

For those who want private time with their family and friends, I would advise you to go for the Eleko beach because it is known for its peace and calmness, and it’s also void of distractions.

It is advised that you visit the place during the weekdays when there are few people there.

7. Akodo Beach Resort

It is one of the newest beaches situated at Ileju, Lekki’s local government off Lekki-Epe expressway, Akodo, Lagos.

More than being one of the beautiful beaches Nigeria is blessed with, it also equipped with modern facilities such as chalets and a swimming beach.

8. Kuramo Beach Resort

Kuramo is a Sandy Beach situated at the Southside of Victoria Island, east of the Lagos bar beach and south of the Kuramo waterside

It uses to be the center for illegal practice such as prostitution, music entertainment, etc. Visitors are as well-advised not to launch too deep into the sea.

Kuramo beach is a place you can visit to take a break from the hustles and bustles of life. The Kuramo beach resort was hit by a surge from the Atlantic ocean in August 2012, which led to its demolition.

9. Ibeno Beach Resort

Ibeno Beach is one of the top beach resorts in Nigeria. The beach is located at Eket, in Akwa Ibom. It is a beautiful sand beach that provides recreational facilities for water sporting. It is said to be the longest beach in West Africa covering about 2km.

The beach resort covers a part of the west border of the Atlantic ocean. One distinct thing about the beach is that it has had stable sand over the years inspire the tides.

Ibeno is also one of the oldest and loveliest beaches in Nigeria and it was said to have been occupied by the Ibeno tribe around 1200-1500BC.

The beach is decked with a glamorous coastline and a boundless bank of white sand. Its beauty shows the sovereignty of the creator.

The Ibeno Beach resort attracts visitors, vacationers from the eastern, western, southern and northern parts of the country. It provides tourist and vacationers recreational activities such as fishing, water for sporting. It’s definitely a lovely place to visit.

10. Ifoko Beach Resort

The Ifoko beach is one of the popular tourist attractions and top beach resorts in Nigeria, Ifoko is located in Portharcourt and also in Nigeria. The beach is unique because it is natural and not man-made.

It is renowned for its natural peculiarities and as it stands, the Ifoko beach is the only natural beach in Nigeria

It also features wild-life in its rainforest, vacationers and tourists have access to freshly prepared seafood at the local restaurant.

It is also known for its cleanliness due to its maintenance by the local resident and it also a means of livelihood for the local residents.

How many Beaches are there in Nigeria?

Nigeria In its southwestern and southeastern parts boasts of enormous coastal plains. Typically, these areas are beaches which encourage visitors to enjoy relaxing places and tourist spots. Up to six or 7 states in Nigeria habor the most beautiful beaches of Nigeria and some of the most spectacular ones in Nigeria that you would dream to see.

How to Dress to the Beach in Nigeria?

For Kids

On the beach you can see girls in different clothes. Some moms dress girls in full swimsuits, others – in shorts and T-shirt, and someone generally lets the child run without anything.

The choice is now good, you can find something decent, not the first to be found. Do not like the top of the swimsuit, which on the little ones sometimes looks out of place? There are excellent versions of one-piece swimsuits.

For Adults

With adults everything is very clear: put on a swimsuit – and relax satisfied.

Another common way mid-age people dress to the beach in Nigeria is wearing a sundress and playsuits.

Sundresses, it’s easy for me to reveal my favorite way to beaches / parties. A stylish light dress, relaxed with loose fit is still a briliant idea.

My preference for a short version of a jumpsuit is a playsuit. Playsuits are a fashionable and simple choice for the ideal beach trip.

Maxi skirts and maxi robes are not something I fancy so much to wear to the beach as aperson, but I can’t argue that they look pretty, bright and sunny on the beach. Don’ t skip packing your tank top, sunscreen, bathrobe, sunglasses, and beach hat into this stylish beach travel bag.

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