PayPal To Soon Allow Transfer of Crypto

Cryptocurrency fans around the world were excited to hear last October that PayPal would soon allow users to buy and store cryptocurrencies through the trading platform. Additionally, PayPal said it was about to allow customers to pay for goods and services with digital currencies.

This sent the market into a frenzy and the bitcoin boom finally began, although a this came with a catch as users soon began to discover the ‘darker side’ of the company’s crypto operations.

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While the digital assets they bought and stored were in their name, PayPal users were unable to move their cryptocurrencies to other platforms, nor were they given the private keys that would have granted them access to these coins.This did not sit well with users, who felt that ownership of the digital currency was what was needed to maintain full financial freedom.

Over the weekend, it appears that PayPal has heard these complaints and is changing its operations a bit. The company has announced that in the near future, users will be able to transfer their crypto assets to third-party wallets.

This is a huge step forward in that all PayPal users who were using the company to store their cryptocurrencies now officially own what they bought. The news was confirmed by José Fernández de Ponte, vice president of the company’s blockchain division, and while he did not confirm a date when this service will be ready and available, he has mentioned that users can expect this feature relatively soon.

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WhatsApp Backs Down Once Again on its Terms of Use 

WhatsApp’s new terms of service has been setting the social media world on flames of controversy. As of May 15, the application, owned by Facebook, was to start limiting the functionality of WhatsApp users who have not yet accepted the famous new policy. So far, no one has noticed the slightest restriction.

Twist over the weekend: WhatsApp explained in a press release that there is no longer any question of limiting the functionality of those who have not accepted the new T & Cs. Enforcement officials cite “recent discussions” with “various authorities and privacy experts” .

Flight Attendant Becomes Millionaire after Bitcoin Investment

A UAE-based flight attendant, Andrew Dawood, has become a millionaire after some worthwhile investments in Bitcoin.

Born in Egypt, Dawood moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with some $ 50,000 to his name, a solid amount for someone so young. However, he was ready to make his move and turn that small fortune into something huge.

Naturally, he turned his attention to bitcoin, a popular bandwagon for youths in recent years.

For 48 months, he accumulated his money in the world’s number one digital currency by market capitalization. He also invested in GameStop and NIO, a China-based vehicle manufacturer.

The investment has paid off, as he now has about $1.7 million located in various accounts, although he is still looking to take even more risks in the near future. His goal is to turn this money into a whopping $3 million by 2025, over 1 billion in Nigerian naira.

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LinkedIn’s Anti-scam Strategy Beginning to Bear fruit

In its latest Transparency Report, LinkedIn detailed its various strategies to discourage and actively fight against false profiles, scams and fraud that have increased on the social network in recent years.

Between automated defenses and the removal of violent content, promoting harassment or spreading disinformation, the social network shows, with supporting figures, that its strategy is starting to bear fruit.

OnePlus Launches WellPaper to Reduce Smartphone Addiction

OnePlus announced the launch of WellPaper, a new well-being application that shows you visually, by means of well-design wallpapers, the time you waste every day consulting the different applications on your smartphone.

This is not the first time that the brand has cared about the well-being of its customers: recent versions of OxygenOS, the company’s overlay, for example offer Zen mode which cuts off most of the smartphone’s functionality, including access to most applications or your messages, for a given period.

But the advantage of WellPaper is that the app is on the Play Store, so you can install it on any smartphone, regardless of the brand.

Video Games Bad for School Success

We regularly hear contradictory studies on the effect of video games on academic success. The latest of such is concerned about a trend among children and its impact on academic success: the increase in the time spent in front of screens since the implementation of measures to fight COVID-19.

Their conclusion? It’s all about moderation, as always. In the case of children, it is advisable in all cases to limit exposure to screens to less than an hour per day. A tolerance of up to 4 hours for playing video games may however be accepted, but only on weekends

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