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Million Money is an Ethereum blockchain based smart contract platform which adopts a unique DAPPS-oriented matrix system. Considered one of the trusted smart contract platforms based on Ethereum, Million Money is making great waves, making it a recommendable referral program.
You may have heard one or two things about Million Money being a referral program where you need just a startup cost of 0.03 ETH and only 2 committed direct referrals.
Well, the above is not far from the truth regarding how Million Money works but if you’d like to thoroughly find out how the smart contract platform works, you’ve got to read this article further.

Is Million Money Legit?

Million Money - My Honest Review | Teeanah
Of course, this is one question that many people willing to know about Million Money (or join the smart contract programme) often ask. To save you countless moments of doubt about Million Money’s legit status, we’ve conducted thorough research and come up with 7 proven reasons why Million Money is far from being a scam:

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  1. Payments on Million Money are directly made into individuals’ wallets, hence removing the need for withdrawal requests
  2. Million Money is absolutely decentralized and there aren’t any admins regulating the activities that take place on the platform
  3. The smart contract platform is not vulnerable to hacks
  4. Million Money supports direct member-to-member payments vis-à-vis smart contract
  5. Million Money is absolutely an open-source smart contract platform
  6. The smart contract platform is impossible to scam and neither does it pose any risk to members
  7. Million Money operates on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain

How to Make Money on Million Money Smart Contract Platform

To make money on Million Money, you must have registered with the platform by paying a fee in the tune of 0.03 ETH. Following your registration, your 0.03 ETH will be passed to your upline and you’ll be expected to draw in 2 referrals. Expectedly, each of your 2 referrals will register with 0.03 ETH and subsequently, your wallet will be holding 0.06 ETH.
After ascertaining that your wallet holds 0.06 ETH, you’ll have to move to a higher rank level. This is regarded as Level 2 and you’ll be charged 0.05 ETH to upgrade to it. Although you’ll be left with 0.01 ETH in your wallet after this upgrade, you’re sure to earn afterwards through the 2 partners at your disposal.
Subsequently, your 2 partners will each bring in two persons and each of these 4 persons (brought in by your initial 2 partners) will have to move to Level 2 at a fee of 0.05 ETH. The good thing here is that you’ll be paid the (0.05 x 4) 0.2 ETH earned through these 4 persons. Should this be the case, you can now safely upgrade to Level 3 at a fee of 0.1 ETH.

Want to know more about this?

Well, the Million Money smart contract platform adopts an operational structure that requires every member to have only 2 direct downlines. As a registered member with 2 direct downlines already, you have to be sure that your downlines each have two persons in their initial slots. This exactly is how the cycle is expected to continue for 100 days.
If your 2 direct downlines can have their slots filled with their own downlines further boasting 2 referrals each, you can expect to earn as much as 1600 ETH in three months’ time.
In essence, what is being implied is that you don’t have to assume everything will work out as expected after getting your two referrals. You have to ensure your direct downlines attract their own referrals and that all referrals (including your 2 direct downlines and the referrals tied to your downlines) upgrade as expected.


We hope this honest review article has shed enough light on Million Money and helped you reach a conclusion as to whether it is legit or not. Quite frankly, Million Money appears legit and it is one of the crypto-related referral programs you can always rely on.

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