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Welcome to mitrobe Network, Today I will be reviewing Mexicowap, including  how to Download Free Mp3 Songs And Games without stress in 2020. Previously we’ve reviewed as well as other music download sites.

If you have constantly browsed the Internet for the sites to download Android games, Mp3 songs and even animations, you may reckon that there are hundreds and thousands of such sites. Unfortunately, this might leave you with the headache of deciding which is good for you.

In all probability, you’ll have heard of or even browsed Waptrick for the free download of games and Mp3 songs. But if Waptrick doesn’t fit into your liking or has disappointed you in one way or the other, Mexicowap is prettily one of such alternatives you can rely on.

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Therefore, this post reviews Mexicowap, spells out the pros and con(s) of the download site and provides the step-by-step guide for downloading files from it.

What Does Mexicowap Look Like?

What Does Mexicowap Look Like?

Mexicowap is a “wap” website with a decent layout of clearly arranged file categories including:

  1. Android apps
  2. Photos and pictures
  3. Free Android games and Java games
  4. Sound effects
  5. Free Sound FX Library
  6. Hilarious sounds
  7. Funny animation videos and images
  8. Amazing themes
  9. Free music videos and video clips.

Some of the benefits you stand to derive from using Mexicowap are free download of files and a swift download experience. Whether you’re a game addict, a movie enthusiast or somebody who needs animations and sound effects for professional purposes, you can always bank on Mexicowap.

Mexicowap is one of the sites integrated under the popular Waptrick. The other sites in this category are Zambo, Gratisindo, Wapdam,, Wapafull, Waphan and Zonkewap. Therefore, Mexicowap is one of the decent alternatives to Waptrick. If you’re experiencing hitches as regards using Waptrick for your favourite downloads, you may switch to Mexicowap in no time.

Pros of Using Mexicowap

  • It hosts all of Waptrick’s Mp3 files
  • It has a section for updated videos, songs and games added to the database on the current date
  • The site lets you watch TV series without paying a dime
  • It has a decent and easy-to-navigate layout

Con(s) of Using Mexicowap

  • There are many annoying ads on the site –you’re likely to see ad pop-ups on each page you load

Steps to Download Games, Songs, Apps, etc., from Mexicowap

  • Launch any reliable browser on your mobile phone or PC
  • Switch to the address bar and type
  • After entering the above URL, your web browser will take you to –you don’t have to fret over this, just select the category under which your search fits. Alternatively, type the name of your desired song, game or app in the search bar provided
  • Hit the icon representing your preferred file and wait for the browser to take you to the subsequent page
  • Click the download button on this page and wait for your file to completely download


We strongly believe that this review has captured everything that you wish to know about Mexicowap. While the site is notably a nice substitute to Waptrick, you may have to be wary of its con before finally choosing to use it. If downloading from Waptrick proves abortive on several occasions, you may switch to Mexicowap or consider any of the other integrated sites under Waptrick as mentioned earlier.

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