MEXICO’S Third Richest Man, Ricardo Pliego, Joins Elites To Endorse Bitcoin




The third richest man in Mexico and one of just twelve billionaires in the South American nation has quietly endorsed the trading of Bitcoins via his official Twitter page.

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The 65-year-old subtly endorsed it by boldy inserting it into his ‘Bio’ on the social media platform, just days after investing 10 percent of his liquid portfolio in the currency.

This comes following news that Mexican companies are looking to imitate the landmark accomplishment and footsteps of their North American brothers, USA, who have made notable strides in promoting the growth of the currency.

Championed by several billionaires, the last few days have witnessed US business men, Jay-Z, Jack Dorsey and most notably Elon Musk, invest a combined total of $1.73 billion dollars to acquire Bitcoin, skyrocketing it to its highest price of all time.

Managing partner of PwC Mexico, Mauricio Hurtado, was quoted in Mexican paper, El Economist, as having his interest in Bitcoin “raised” by the endeavours of several of the industry’s top players including Micro Strategy, Square, Deutsche Bank and Tesla.

Mauricio expressed optimism that “this is transmitting to companies not only confidence, but also the need to plan their businesses based on the variable that they cannot stay out of what is happening.”

In full quotes, Mauricio said,

“This occurs because there is a significant number of players who are seeing in these currencies a transaction mechanism that is reliable and therefore, businesses adjust to market realities in order to prevail and have an advantage over their competitors; So we are seeing an important change in this aspect.”

“The technological changes that we are experiencing have made many entrepreneurs, such as Tesla, have a greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in commercial transactions. It is a trend that is there and we as a firm, PwC, are very attentive in not neglecting the trajectory of all traditional currencies, but in giving the attention that corresponds to all the changes in terms of even market consumption patterns in the matter technology and employment patterns of the workforce, which has a direct correlation with currencies like this.”

This timely endorsement from the world’s 11th largest economy by purchasing power parity arrives at perfect timing, as Bitcoin fell from its record-high value of $49,716 to $47, 845 on Monday for the first time this month, following a consistent appreciation in value in the past few days.

The token is still expected to shoot above the golden $50,000 mark, as it reaches it most stable curve ever.


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