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Samsung has now recently joined a number of brands, to become one of those who have announced a smart phone this year. The South Korean company has just announced a number of epic phones, with the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra being among them. These devices were designed to blow your mind, and we doubt they wouldn’t succeed in doing that.


Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus


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The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the simplest among the three Galaxies announced of recent. This phone comes with a display of about 6.20 inches, and this display has got a remarkable pixel density. Among things making the device stand out, is its cameras. With a Galaxy S20, it is possible to take 8K pictures and videos. Such a capability is nothing you’d often come across in smart phones, and if this means anything to you, then S20 should be one of those phones you’d be taking into consideration, when buying a new one. And this ability to take 8K can be attributed to the 64 MP camera featured on the rear side of the device. But the title of this article says 108 MP? Yes, that’s true, but the S20 Ultra happens to the model coming with such a camera, and we’d be coming to that really soon.

And not only does the Galaxy S20 come with a massive 64 MP rear camera, the camera has also got the support of two other cameras. In other words, the phone has got three rear cameras and a flash light.

Galaxy S20 is furthermore one of the first set of smart devices to come with 5G support. In other words, when 5G becomes a thing, you’d be ready to take full advantage of this epic technology. This would usher in a new entertainment era. However, 5G support doesn’t mean the device has no support for 4G and the likes, it actually does. However, one thing we are not so sure about, is if the phone would work perfectly with 5G networks in Africa.


Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus


As regards storage, a build of the Galaxy S20 should come with about 512 GB of storage. However, people who demand more storage can take advantage of a micro SD card not having more than 1 TB of storage space. In other words, a user of the S20 can enjoy up to 1.5 TB of storage.

As you would expect, the battery powering the Galaxy S20 is far from disappointing. We have the phone coming with a battery of about 4,000 mAh. However, note that there are going to be some builds having a slightly lower or high capacity.

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 is an epic phone, people with more cash to spare, can even opt in for the more epic models. One of the more epic models is the S20 Plus (also known as S20+). The S20+ has got a design similar to that of the standard S20, although you can tell them apart with their display size. While the standard S20 comes with a display of about 6.20 inches, builds of the S20+ are promised to feature displays of about 6.70 inches.

Another major difference lies in their battery capacity. A typical Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is expected to come with a battery having a capacity of about 4,500 mAh. And just like a standard build of the phone, a Plus build might come with a battery having a slightly lower or higher capacity. With such a powerful battery, battery would be the last thing a user of this phone would have to complain about. You’d spend several hours playing heavy games, before having to recharge the smart phone. In short, the Galaxy S20 Plus scores 5/5 in this aspect.

Of the three Samsung Galaxy S20s announced, the S20 Ultra is the most astonishing. This device is unlike any Galaxy device we have ever seen. Starting from the display, the phone features a 6.90 inch display. The display furthermore has an epic pixel density. Also, while the two other S20s come with 33 MP front-facing cameras, we have a 40 MP camera as the selfie camera of the Ultra model.

Samsung has also promised that builds of this Ultra model would feature batteries of 5,000 mAh. And just like the two other models, some builds of the S20 Ultra may come with slightly lower or higher battery capacities.

The main rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the most impressive things about this device. The product features a main rear camera rated at 108 MP. With such an impressive peripheral, you are guaranteed to get nothing less than epic results, when the camera is used.

Samsung has only announced these phones, and they are yet to be available. However, they should be available by March 13, 2020. The devices should sell at prices between $1,040 and $1,690. In other words, get you cash ready, as we anticipate the availability of these epic machines.

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