There are many types of businesses that can use sales and operations planning. If you operate in the medical marijuana industry, then you undoubtedly know why sales and operations planning is of the utmost importance. Not only can it help you with your customer satisfaction levels, but it’s also key to staying in compliance with the law. Keep reading to learn more about medical marijuana and why you need S&OP.

Understanding Hemp Oil and Drug Tests

Most people are well aware that smoking or ingesting medical marijuana will cause them to fail a drug test. What they don’t realize, though, is that consuming hemp oil will rarely produce the same effect. And best of all, hemp oil has a wide range of medicinal benefits, the same as medical marijuana. This isn’t to imply that the two are one and the same because they most certainly are not, but they both have their own advantages. Here’s a closer look at hemp oil and drug tests.

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Will consuming hemp oil ever make a person fail a drug test?

It’s safe to assume the answer is no, but then again, if the oil was to be concentrated with high amounts of THC, then yes, a positive drug test could occur. This is why it’s important for consumers to be well aware of the manufacturers that they are purchasing hemp oil through. More importantly, this is why you should be aware of whether your product causes people to fail drug tests. In knowing this, you can better plan for your future demands from customers.

It should also be noted that if a person turns up a bottle of hemp oil and swallows the entirety of the substance, then yes, failing a drug test is quite possible. The same could take place from eating handfuls of poppy seeds, which contain trace amounts of THC.

Hemp oil itself, when consumed appropriately — less than 2 tbsp. a day — will most likely not result in the failing of a drug test. However, it’s important that a person takes into consideration whether he or she smokes or ingests regular cannabis. If so, then a failed drug test is likely to occur.

Why won’t hemp oil cause a person to fail a drug test?

The only type of hemp oil that is allowed in North America contains very small trace amounts of THC if any at all. Drug tests test for THC at certain levels, with no regular drug tests testing for such small amounts as the amounts of THC found in hemp oil; this is why hemp oil doesn’t normally cause a person to fail a drug test.

Where should hemp oil be purchased from?

It’s of the utmost importance that hemp oil is purchased through a trusted manufacturer. The best place to buy it from is a producer/manufacturer that has taken part in TestPledge; this initiative ensures that the hemp oil products being distributed by those partaking in the pledge do not contain high amounts of THC.

Is there an exact answer to hemp oil and the failing of drug tests?

No, unfortunately, there is not. However, for the most part, if hemp oil is consumed in amounts of less than 2 tbsp. a day, then a drug test will likely not be failed for THC as long as no other THC products are being consumed.

The Takeaway

Because there is no definite answer, a person should always be cautious when consuming hemp oil. If failing a drug test will bring about negative consequences in a person’s life, then avoiding hemp oil, as well as other products that contain THC, is highly advisable.

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