I came to acknowledge the fact that many people want to make money online now, either in a passive or active form.

However, the major challenge is that they don’t have the capital to start a blog or an online investment, so I decided to do possible research and provide a solution to this problem.

There are many means to make money online without investments, but it just that you are yet to figure it out. 

In this guide am going to highlight some ways in which you can add some residual income to your earnings without you spending a penny.

This article will focus on the aspect of people wanting to get all they want with ease or at the comfort of their homes.

I will list various online open job opportunities that pay you while you work from home and with zero investment. Read on

6 make money online without investment

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Car delivery agents
  4. Real estate management
  5. Whatapp marketing
  6. Online task completion



Freelancing is the number way you can utilize to make money online without investment. It just all about having a digital skill, rendering this skills online as a service, and getting paid to do it.

The most easiest way to make money online through freelancing is by providing Freelance writing services.

Freelance Writing 

The easiest way to make online without investment is by writing, their lot of companies online, blogs, and surely they can’t provide as many articles for their audience, so they have to employ online freelance writers to be able to meet the demand of their audience.

If you are looking for how to make extra money online writing articles, then this article will guide you through, I will unveil the top websites that pay people to write quality content for them.

However, before I start, I will like to inform you that there are so many misleading pieces of information out there on this topic, and it can be very frustrating to find what you are searching for finally, but the discovery that the content differs from what the headlines present.

 Websites that pay for Freelance Writing 


What I want: I want a well-researched article on entrepreneurship, job opportunities, digital marketing, Bitcoin, Forex trading, Consultancy, and Blogging guide.

I only accept long articles ranging from 2,000 words to 2,500 words. And I pay based on the topic matter, and search intent.

Interested can send me samples of previous work via contactmitrobe@gmail.com and I will respond within 1-3 working days.

If you have any questions or need a piece of special information or guide kindly leave a comment, in the comment box, I will guide you. I am here to make you succeed.


What they want: They want stories about friends, dating, partying, class, studying, working, etc. anything that happens to you in college or why you didn’t go to college.

Story length 850
Pays ——-$100 per story

 E-commerce Insiders

What they want: They want original content articles targeted at online retailers and the e-commerce industries. Your articles can be educational coming to inform of tips or “How to” articles, or it can be a commenting on industry news or trends.

The $75 payment is for articles between 400 – 600 fits of rage and $125 are for articles that range above 600 words.


What they want: List based on articles, covering topics ranging from the bizarre to entertainment to science, they pay $100 per article.


What they want: They are looking for expert articles on all topics related to managing people.

Article Lenght: 1500 – 3500 words.
Pays. $115 – $195


What they want: They want articles on Graphic designing as the name implies. 

Pays $100 – $200 for every accepted articles or tutorial.


What they want: They accept news and opinion articles

Story Length: Long-form articles.
Pay: 310.68 GBP per 1000 words


What they want: They are looking for expert articles on Creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media, making money online Creating great content, Interviews with experts, Buying/Selling websites.

Story length: Any length
Pay: $200 per story


What they want: They want stories on positive news, social justice, original stories that support the mission of creating a better world

Pay: $0.23 to $0.35 per word

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

The second best way to make money online without investments is through affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing programs, you can be able to make money online without investment.

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission for marketing and successful driving sales for another person’s or company product or services. 

Almost every online firm has an affiliate program, so all you need to do is to sign up to any of your choices (like Amazon, Jumia) , and you will be provided with an affiliate link, and that the link you will be promoting alongside your marketing strategy.

So, anyone who clicks on that your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will get a commission as easy as that.

To get the step-by-step guide to making money with this method kindly read this Making money with affiliate marketing

3. Car Delivery Agents

Cars are one of the products with high demand in the country today. Just park a vehicle by the roadside and tag it “For Sale.” Surely many people will make an inquiry about it.

This means that the demand for cars is high. Whether it a brand-new car, it second new (Tokunbo).                                      

How can you make income from being a car sales dealer? 

Simple, you walk up to where they sell cars, walk up to the owners, and tell them you are an agent, and you have many buyers in need of cars.

So you make an inquiry of how much he sales minimum an how much commission in percentage he will render you for your services. And after the agreement, you go search for buyers, who buy and you get your commission. You see Zero investment.                                                  

4. Real Estate Management

This method to make money online without investments entails finding suitable accommodation over the internet. For who would-be tenant, a person who engages in this kind of business that requires zero investment will earn money from both the tenant and the landlord.

Very easy, you don’t need to own a house of your own to start this. But if you want to go pro in this field, all you need do is to rent a small shop which won’t cost much, and that where you will use to scouting for vacant accommodation within the city.     

Have you heard of Airbnb. I guess so, they have no real estate of their own but yet people troop into their site to secure a home for themselves.                                                                   

5. Whatsapp Marketing

Make money online without investment

This is a lucrative business that you can use to make money online now, I am also engaged in this, and I have made much money online with it without investing a penny. 

In this business, all you need do is to create and manage an active Whatsapp group. You can use the group for advertising and selling your product or promoting other product and get a commission for any sales you generate                

6. Online Tasks Completion

profitable business ideas

 Yes, it right that they are still trusted work from home websites that pays people who complete surveys or reviews.

It just that they are a lot of scam ones all over, and that is discouraging people from venturing into any paid survey system.

But for those who still have an interest in a paid survey, I will recommend a trusted website that pays for any completed tasks. Here are the 2 sites I recommend.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Swagbucks

 Final Thoughts 

Now that you have known how to make money online without investment, It good to share with others, and also it good to drop a comment of gratitude.

However, if my article didn’t answer your question you can also drop a comment on what type of article you want, so I can make research and provide you solutions.


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