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make money on fiverr

Well, about some time ago, I started playing around with the latest sensation to hit the freelancing work. So I can make money on

I started off using the platform exactly how it was meant to be used i.e., selling my skills and services for $5 a pop.

It worked (still does, of course), and I made some quite remarkable money from it. However, there was one big issue I had. It exhausted me! Seriously, I was working pretty much around the clock to fulfill my orders ( I got featured a couple of times, and it got hectic).

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The profit/time ratio was pathetic, and I immediately pulled all of my gigs!

My time was far more valuable! I started to look at how the system worked and started to see several holes/opportunities. I even released a product detailing a particular method I was using with success.

I won’t bother mentioning it here as I no longer sell it because of the element becoming redundant due to saturation/moving the goalposts.

I believe everyone reading this report already shows know Fiverr, they have been around for a long time, and many freelancers have been making some massive amount of money with it while others are still in search of a strategy that will work for them. 

Before I ride on if you find yourself having any difficulty or questions, use the box below to send a message to me. 

Life as a Fiverr freelancer, hoping to make money from is not quite easy because when it comes to acquiring clients, a lot of promotional strategies are required,

Because if you depend on Fiverr alone for your gig promotion to provide you, clients, it quite obvious you won’t be able to make money on Fiverr. 

What is

Fiverr is the leading marketplace where people buy and sell services starting at $5. At Fiverr, you can order services that range from social networking and advertisement, graphic design, and translations to business promotion, to mention just a few. 

How does Fiverr Work

These offered services on Fiverr are called “GIGS.” Fiverr has gone so digital that you can find anything you need. People from all over the world visit the site to offer their services and expertise.

However, on my quest to make money from Fiverr without much stress, I had to go the extra mile in search of a possible way I could use to earn money from Fiverr even while I sleep, and I discovered a technique, and I called it The Fiverr Force Technique.

What is the Fiverr force technique. 

The Fiverr force technique is a checklist that won’t just guide you on how to make money on Fiverr even without having any skills of your own. With it, anyone who doesn’t have a skill could also make money on Fiverr.

The Fiverr force technique checklist

fiverr force technique checlist
  1. Grab some plr reports 
  2. Look for the central problem the report address and solves.
  3. Create a gig listing promising to solve that same issue.
  4. Deliver the relevant report when a gig sells. 

Sounds too simple? Is it? But believe me, this works because if you set it up the step, we are about to go in.

1. Grab some plr reports 

I suggest you stick with reports based within the evergreen health, wealth, and relationship niches. Head over to to get some quality products.

2. Look for the central problem the report address and solves.

Browse within the relevant categories and buy reports that appear to have an answer to those problems.


A plr product picture

This reports discusses weight loss and healthy diet recipes. Weight loss is always a burning issue, and healthy eating is still in the news now.

3. Create a gig listing promising to solve that same issue.

You could quickly turn this report into a gig like:

“ I will provide you with dozens of tasty top SECRET food recipes that are guaranteed to help you lose weight fast for $5”

4. Deliver the relevant report when a gig sells. 

Gig sold? Great! Just attach the file within the Fiverr delivery screen, and you are done. 

Important Tip’s: To make The Fiverr force technique a success

  • The more gigs you have, the more gigs you will sell, the more money you will make. You are allowed up to 20 gigs. Make sure you use them. 
  • Having multiple accounts will explore the potential of this system. 5 accounts x 20 gigs = 20 gigs =100 live gigs. 
  • Make sure you always upload a video to your gigs. This is one of the more recent features that Fiverr have added. Having an informative video within your gig seriously ups your credibility and believability. It will allow you to pretty much talk people into buying your gig.
  • Use an original image — something that captures the central problem that your gig solves.
  • Never try to sell the book directly via a gig. Remember, you are selling answers to problems, not an ebook. 


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