Keyword Ideas: How To Hunt Down Low Competitive Keywords


In blogmosphere, keyword is a priority.

Every blogger’s dream is to target their audience keyword intent, to provide answers to their most burning questions and in return gain traffic and sell their products (if they have any). But the question still remains “how competitive is the keyword you’re targeting?”.

Some Keyword difficulty tools has made it less strenuous for us to detect low competitive keywords and rank for them easily but some of these stats aren’t 100% correct and may not be completely relied on. Therefore there are other potential ways you can track and hunt down low competitive keywords and rank for them effortlessly especially if your blog is new and has not gained authority yet.

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I have had a deep thought concerning hunting down low competitive keywords and having more keyword ideas at my disposal and some certain type of SEO technique sprout up in my head and I’ve been using this technique for the past few months and I can beat my chest and confidently tell you it’s really working for me. So, therefore i’ve decided to share.

Like I said, the idea is how to find low competitive keywords (keyword ideas) to enable you target them and rank higher on sERPs

We all know ways on how to find keywords to rank for right? But do we all know how to find low competitive keyword to rank for? I believe only few of us really knows this. But here’s my technique.

Technique 1:

The Brainstorming Technique.

I try to get into the head of my audiences by brainstorming ideas.

Let’s take an example:

Let’s assume you run a flower blog or store online.

Most flower store owners will focus on conventional keywords (e.g. “buy flowers online”, “best habbiscus flowers”, “cheap rose flowers”, etc.)

But, if you sit down and think about how real people may search online, you may come up with things like:

  • “best flowers to say sorry.”
  • “should I bring flowers on a first date.”
  • “best flowers to give a girl.”

That’s brainstorming and believe me you’ll definitely rank for these keyword (although they may have little search intent, but it all Worths it. You have absolutely nothing to lose).

To help with the brainstorming technique, pretend you have zero knowledge about your chosen industry/topic (this will help you to get inside the mind of the “ordinary” customer and how they may search);

Pretend your product/service doesn’t exist, then brainstorm how you’d describe it.

For example, many people aren’t aware that air humidifiers exist (solution) but they do know they have an issue with dry air (problem). These people will search for things like “dry air home remedies” rather than “buy air humidifier” or “best air humidifier“.

So, to target these set of audiences simply write content on “Best ways to fix dry air” or “Tips to fix dry air in your homes“. Then in the content you’ll mention air humidifier as one of the best ways to moisten your environment which gives solution to dry air. Then you can attach your affiliate links to sell your products 🙂.

With this content, you’ve solved or offered a solution to their problem, and at the same time generated sales. Infact they’ll be more than happy to buy through your affiliate links because you offered a solid-solution to them and quenched their taste of curiosity.


Technique 2:

The User-Generated Keywords.

I leverage users generated keywords at my disposal and rank for them.

When you take a tour to popular forums and Q&A (questions & answer) websites you’ll find alot of potential keywords that you could rank for. In this websites users ask their most burning questions, seeking for answers to quench their taste of curiosity. As a smart blogger tapping from these keywords isn’t a bad idea.

So the question is — how do I go about getting these keywords?

All you have to do is take your time and tour around these online communities to find questions which will make potential less-competitive keywords and keyword ideas.

I simply visit forums such as Warrior forum, Quora and Amazon’s (comment section) to hunt down keywords generated by users.

When I visit these online communities, I head over to their categories related to my niche while I make my keyword hunt. Like i mentioned earlier, these keywords may have lower search intent. But you have nothing to loose.

Below are examples of what I mean.

Low competitive keywords

Warrior forum has been a very powerful tool for me in hunting down less competitive keywords. Having thousands of registered online users, questions are been asked by users seeking for answers and guidelines. And when I find a juicy keyword (related to my niche) which is article-worthy, then I’ll definitely write on them with zero hesitation.

Low competitive keywords

On the other hand Quora has been also helpful to me too. This online question-and-answer community is where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users. With over 300 million monthly users, thousands of questions are asked on quora everyday, and as a smart blogger I took the advantage to find less competitive keywords for myself.

Low competitive keywords

And when it comes to hunting down less competitive keywords, I don’t limit my research with forums and online communities only. I’m versatile, so my research also extends to Amazon comment section. I glance through Amazon user-generated reviews for products or items related to my niche. I take my time to fish-out keywords.

If you’re an amazon affiliate marketer tapping keywords from amazon’s user-generated reviews may be an SEO-wise move towards achieving SEO success.


Technique 3:

Leverage Social Media.

A lot are discussed on social media pages. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).

It’s no doubt social media is a place where people turn to when they have questions and problems. The likes of Twitter, Facebook pages and groups can harbor a lot of keyword ideas generated by users. And what makes a smart blogger? It’s simply using the little leverage at your disposal.

Where I like to fish-out my keywords are from Facebook and Twitter.

Low competitive keywords

I join Facebook pages and groups related to my niche, follow them up from time to time to hunt down user-generated less competitive keywords and grab keyword ideas.

Low competitive keywords

I apply same technique on Twitter.
I follow many SEO specialists, keep up with their tweets to fish-out keyword ideas and user-generated Keywords from the comment section.

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