Login and Signup to Doodle for Google in 2021|How Does it Work?

A Google Doodle, or quite simply Doodle, is a specialised temporary modification of the Google logo presented during a day on the home page of the engine. They are created to celebrate special events such as national holidays, birthdays of famous people or other events like the Olympic and the US presidential elections.

The first of the Google Doodles was designed in 1998 for the Burning Man festival: the founders of Google wanted to signal their presence at this festival by including a silhouette in flames in the logo of the time. The tradition has continued to this day, with more than a thousand logos produced in this period.

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A Doodle usually appears on a single day, but more rarely Doodles can form a series over several days in a row. Depending on the considered scope of the event, Google Doodles are visible either simultaneously in a large number of countries, or in a specific country.

Each Doodle carries a hyperlink that leads to the results page obtained for a search on a string of characters describing the topic being celebrated. This generates curiosity among visitors, and leads to a significant increase in traffic to the best referenced sites for this search reason.

Who Designs Doodles for Google?

The majority of the Doodles were made by Dennis Hwang. The first that he fully realized was that of the French National Day in 2000. Some Doodles were created by other artists such as Scott Adams. A Google creative team of graphic designers and illustrators called “The Doodlers” is artistically responsible for the design.

Over the years, Google Doodles have been designed to be more graphically complex and imaginative.

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Since 2008, Google Doodles are today also selected through a contest held every year.

How to Send Doodle to Google?

As Google itself explains, the themes of the doodles are chosen by a specialized group within the company. But while it is this team of “doodlers” who ultimately decides what we will see in the search engine, the ideas that inspire them come from different sources.

The doodlers receive ideas both from other workers in the company and from the platform users themselves , who can suggest topics for future doodles via the email proposals@google.com. Although the company ensures that not all proposals will be materialized or answered, they promise that they will at least read the suggestions sent by their users.

How are Google Doodles Created?

Once the hundreds of ideas that could give rise to a doodle have been compiled, the team in charge of materializing these tributes meets in quarterly meetings in order to deliberate what will be commemorated in a doodle and how it will take shape.

To do this, the illustrators and engineers that make up the team of doodlers resort to various techniques to spark creativity, ranging from brainstorming to activities such as the collective creation of a comic.

In that sense, the main filter for doodles goes through the guidelines that Google establishes for tributes on its home page. Above all, the company indicates that these should “commemorate anniversaries and interesting events that reflect the personality of Google and its passion for innovation.” So celebrations like “Squidward Piss off Day” probably don’t rank among the values Google plans to honor.

In addition to that, the company has proposed that its doodles always include different countries, ethnicities and genders, in order to represent a wide spectrum of users.

Google Doogle Creation Process

Once the themes have been established, the main team is divided into smaller units, generally composed of an illustrator and an engineer, who will have the mission of creating the assigned doodle based on the premises established by the group, but always contributing with their own creativity.

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In this stage, the work begins with the illustrator, who has the task of looking for ideas, information and all the material that serves as inspiration for the Google Doodle that he intends to create. For this process you only have as a guide the basic guidelines established by the group of doodlers, everything else is left to your imagination.

Obviously, this stage includes the entire traditional process of creating an illustration, to which are added other particular challenges that can come hand in hand with the additional characteristics of the doodle, such as animation, interactivity, etc.

In that sense, another element that makes doodles so attractive is music. Although some already include iconic themes for the event they commemorate, such as the dooodle for the 65th anniversary of the birth of Freddie Mercury that was accompanied by the unmistakable melody of “Don’t Stop Me Now” , others require a special creation .

This music for Google Doodles is usually done by composer and engineer Adam Ever-Hadani, who has worked on various doodles to create something appropriate to the theme and that users will remember.

Once the illustration and the other traditional creative aspects are finished, it is the turn of the engineer in charge of the doodle, who must translate all the illustrator’s work into code. This process starts from the most basic mechanical functions of animation to the most complex elements that allow you to fully capture the original idea of the illustrator.

And finally, the doodle is ready! But before being published, it must pass into the hands of Google’s legal team, which must ensure that all the intellectual property corresponding to third parties is in order.

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Although, in most cases the process of creating a doodle is done by these small teams, in some cases the team expands. For example, for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Google used 32 international illustrators to do the doodles for each participating team.

This whole process, which we see in a few seconds when we open the search engine, takes about a year of work, from when the idea is conceived until the world knows the doodle.

Doodle for Google Scholarship 2021/2022-Everything You Need to Know

Doodle4Google is an annual icon design competition organized by Google. It collects original Doodle icons from elementary and middle school students all over the world to replace the standard icons on the Google search homepage on various anniversaries or festivals. The competition started in Sweden in 2008.

This internationally renowned art design competition has been successfully held in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.

Google doodle doodle 4 Google


The 2021 Doodle4Google contest was won by Milo from Kentucky with a Doodle titled “Finding Hope.” He was honoured with a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology award for his school.

To find out the eligibility requirements, as well as how to apply for the 2021/2022 Doodle4Google contest, click here.

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